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Where can I purchase Cedarcide products?

Check our registered retailers to find a store near you, order online, or simply call us to place an order at (800) 842-1464

Differences Between Products


Tickshield is an all natural, extra strength insecticide and repellent—think of it as a double strength version of Cedarcide Original (it contain 20% cedar oil, Cedarcide Original contains 10%)). Tickshield is our strongest and longest-lasting formula, making it an ideal choice for hikers, campers and other outdoorsmen. Like Cedarcide Original, Tickshield dries quickly and will not stain. It’s safe for people of all ages and larger animals (20+ lbs.). (We do NOT recommend using Tickshield on cats or smaller dogs). Tickshield kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites, ants, chiggers, flies, moths and more. (Tickshield is not a lawn & garden product—Do NOT use it on grass or other plant life).

Tickshield Vs. Cedarcide Original: Tickshield is simply an extra strength version of all natural Cedarcide Original insecticide & repellent.


PCO Choice is an all natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly concentrate designed for outdoor pest control. PCO is engineered to devastate unwanted insect populations without adversely impacting soil or the environment—it kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, grubs, mites, chiggers, ants flies, moths and many other pests. PCO contains 85% cedar oil.

Dilute PCO Choice With Water For Use On:

  • Lawns & Gardens
  • Trees & Shrubbery
  • Pet Spaces
  • Sports Fields
  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Agricultural Land
  • Trash Cans
  • Foundation Barriers
  • Fence Lines

Dilution Instructions

  • Dilute PCO with warm/hot water; shake to mix until milky white
  • For Hose End SprayersAdd 4 oz. of PCO per 20 gallons of sprayed water (treats up to 5,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space).
  • For Tank Sprayers: Add 2 oz. per 1 gallon of water
  • PCO can be diluted down to 1:1000 for larger, agricultural use

Did you know PCO Choice can also be used for laundry? Here’s 6 Ways to Use PCO Choice in the Laundry.

PCO Choice Vs. Yardsafe: 
Yardsafe is simply a ready-to-use, pre-diluted version of all natural PCO Choice outdoor concentrate. PCO contains 85% cedar oil; Yardsafe contains 15% cedar oil.


Vet’s Choice is an extra strength, all natural and highly versatile concentrate designed to control insects and parasites commonly found on pets and livestock. Vet’s Choice eliminates and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, mites, gnats, ear mites and dozens of other biting insects. Vet’s Choice can be mixed with water for use as a bath, spray or dip. Vet’s Choice can be used in stables, barns and kennels to reduce flying insects, or used as a treatment for mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders.

Vet’s Choice Vs. DAS: DAS is simply a ready-to-use, pre-diluted version of Vet’s Choice. Vet’s Choice contains 90% cedar oil; DAS contains 3% cedar oil.

Dilution Instructions

  • Dilute Vet’s Choice with warm/hot water; shake to mix until milky white
  • For Direct Spray: Add 4 oz. of Vet’s Choice per 1 gallon of water
  • For A Bath: Add 2 oz. per 1 gallon of water
  • For A Dip 1:200 ratio of Vet’s Choice to water



PHL (Pet, Horse & Livestock) is an extra strength, all natural and highly versatile concentrate designed to control insects and parasites commonly found on pets and livestock. Safe for your family and the environment, PHL eliminates and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, mites, gnats, ear mites and dozens of other biting insects. Mix PHL with water for use as a bath, spray or dip. PHL can be used in stables, barns and kennels to reduce flying insects, or used as a treatment for mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders.

For a direct spray, use 4 oz. of PHL per each gallon of water. For a bath, use 2 oz. of Vet’s Choice per each gallon of water. For a dip, use a 1:200 ratio of PHL to water.

PHL Vs. Vet’s Choice: PHL is most similar to Vet’s Choice, with Vet’s Choice containing 90% cedar oil and PHL containing 50% cedar oil.



Our most popular solution, Cedarcide Original is an all natural, non-toxic insecticide & repellent for personal, pet and home use. Quick-drying and non-staining, Cedarcide Original’s 10% cedar oil formula is fast and effective on everything from general insect control to major infestations. It’s safe for people and pets of all ages, and can be applied directly to human skin or pet fur. Cedarcide Original kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, mites, chiggers, ants, flies, moths and more. (Cedarcide Original is not a lawn & garden product—Do NOT use it on grass or other plant life). For more tips on how to use Cedarcide Original, check out the instruction sheet on the Cedarcide Original product page.

Tips for Using Cedarcide Original On Cats: While Cedarcide Original is non-toxic and cat-safe, on rare occasions smaller cats and kittens have found the natural cedar scent of Cedarcide Original too strong for their liking. For this reason, we recommend testing for sensitivity with a light initial application. For more info on cedar oil and cats, click here.

Cedarcide Original Vs. Tickshield: Tickshield is simply an extra strength version of all natural Cedarcide Original insecticide & repellent.

Best Yet

What happened to Best Yet?

We changed the name of Best Yet to Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray. But don’t worry—It’s the same great formula!


Does Tickshield Kill ________? If ______ is a flying, biting, non-beneficial insect then the answer is almost definitely Yes!

Can I spray Tickshield on my animals? Larger animals over 20 lbs. like medium to big dogs or horses, yes. Tickshield is usually too strong for smaller animals (we do not recommend using Tickshield on cats of any size, for example). Remember, Tickshield is a topical treatment so if you see any negative side-effects simply wash it off with soap and water or a wet cloth.

Do you have proof Tickshield kills bed bugs? Yes, refer to the independent lab study on Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray (Tickshield is just an extra strength version of Cedarcide Original)

What ingredients are in Tickshield? Cedar oil and Hydrated silica, which is essentially melted down quartz rock.

PCO Choice

Can I use PCO on my organic garden? YES, PCO is 100% natural. It is made of food grade cedar oil and solvents. Just rinse fruit or veggies off with water before consumption.

Can PCO be used on pets/people/indoors? PCO is formulated for outdoor use only. Although it will not necessarily harm the people or pets it’s sprayed on, that’s not what it was formulated for. PCO should not be used indoors, either, as it’s water based and will saturate any surface it’s sprayed on.

How long should I wait before allowing my pets/kids back into the treated area? After you have sprayed with PCO, there is no need to keep pets or kids away from the area. PCO is totally safe!


Does this work on old wood? Yes, it cannot repair damage, but it can prevent the damage from getting worse.

How long does it last? CedarShield will last for roughly 5-10 years, depending on weather conditions.

What if the wood is already treated? CedarShield will soak in through fresh or older stains and paints. However, it works best if it’s not fresh.

Is it necessary to clean or power wash the wood before treating? No, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Can I paint/stain on top of Cedarshield? Yes, wait 72 hours after applying Cedarshield so it has time to fully cure first.

Does Cedarshield change the color of the wood? No, the wood will look the same before and after treatment. However, Cedarshield does not protect against UV rays so if you’re treating an outdoor structure and you don’t use a stain or paint, the wood will eventually be washed out by the sun.

Is CedarShield harmful to other plants? Yes, Cedarshield will kill other plants if it comes into contact with it so be cautious around grass or flower beds.

Can you use CedarShield on treated wood? Yes, it will have no adverse effects.

Vet’s Choice

Does Vet’s Choice kill ________? Vet’s Choice can kill flying and/or biting insects like fleas, mites or ticks on contact in a dip form, but after it has dried on the animal it will work as a repellent only.

What is Vet’s Choice made of? Vet’s Choice is made of 90% Cedar Oil and 10% Ethyl Lactate which is a natural solvent derived from corn. The Ethyl Lactate allows the Cedar Oil to be diluted with water.


Does PHL kill ________? PHL can kill flying and/or biting insects like fleas, mites or ticks on contact in a dip form, after it has dried on the animal it will work only as a repellent.

What is PHL made of? PHL is made of 50% Cedar Oil and 50% Ethyl Lactate which is a natural solvent derived from corn. The Ethyl Lactate allows the Cedar Oil to be diluted with water.


Does DAS kill ________? DAS can potentially kill flying and/or biting insects like fleas, mites or ticks on contact, after it has dried on the animal it will work as a repellent only.

What is DAS made of? DAS is made of 3% Cedar Oil and Ethyl Lactate which is a natural solvent derived from corn and water. The Ethyl Lactate allows the Cedar Oil to be diluted with water.

Ridaweed Weed & Spider Killer

Can Ridaweed be used indoors? Yes, however it does have a strong vinegar scent, so use it in a well ventilated area. We do not recommend spraying it on furniture or carpet, but door frames and window sills are ok (test a small area first, though). This product is primarily meant for outdoor use.

Will Ridaweed kill my grass/flowers? Yes, Ridaweed will not differentiate between weeds and other plant life. Rinse any accidentally sprayed areas.

Will Ridaweed both kill and deter spiders? Yes, Ridaweed kills spiders on contact and will help repel them from treated areas.

Indoor / Outdoor


We recommend using Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray or Tickshield when spraying for insects indoors. Neither will stain fabrics, carpets or upholstery and are safe on hardwood and counter tops. They will both kill insects that are sprayed directly. The cedar scent will deter insects for up to 2 weeks. Both of these products are also safe to spray directly on your skin to deter ticks and mosquitoes.


The products we recommend for outdoor use are PCO Choice, Yardsafe of the Cedar mulch granules. PCO is a concentrate that’s meant to be diluted with water—it works by soaking the cedar oil into the soil, killing insects on contact and leaving a strong residual deterrent for flying and biting insects. PCO is safe to spray anywhere outdoors, including lawns, flower beds, organic gardens, siding, and barns. The Cedar granules can be broadcast all over the yard, in flower beds or potted plants to deter insects.

Personal Protection

To protect yourself and others against insects, we recommend using Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray or Tickshield.

Animal Protection

We recommend the following products: Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray, PHL, Vet’s Choice and DAS.

My question isn’t here. How can I contact you?

Give us a call at (800) 842-1464 or email us at questions@cedarcide.com.

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144 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Is Cedarcide Biting insect spray in the 1 quart size the same stuff that is in the travel bedbug spray? I was thinking of just using my own travel spray bottle when I travel.
    Thank you

    1. Cedar oil isn’t harmful to people, so you don’t need to wait at all. Just don’t spray them directly or let them drink from the hose while the YardSafe bottle is connected and you’ll be fine.

  2. Can the Tick Shield be used in conjunction with Advantic or Frontline? At times my dog is in heavily infested tick area and would like to use Tick Shield as a repelent and the other stuff to kill anything that gets through.

  3. Hello,
    I’m assuming an answer in the affirmative, but I was wondering whether one might effectively employ your original Cedarcide in a fogger for indoor eradication of fleas?

  4. my cat has mucusy spit coming out of his mouth and it sounds like he is having trouble breathing after i applied the Best Yet! insect spray what do i do?

    1. That happened to my cat also. She acted weird for a whole day. It didn’t harm her. We read online that cats can be more sensitive to it due to the fact they lick themselves so much. Ultimately harmless reaction…just felt bad for kitty. Now I don’t spray her so heavily and she doesn’t have that reaction

  5. Error in last email: Need product to safely handle ticks in yard (& hopefully other pests, mosquitos, etc). Must be safe for domestic animals, birds AND safe to apply in area with septic, wells and wetland in Connecticut

      1. It sure does. Mine went off when I fogged and I had to unplug it and take the battery out. I tried using it again a few weeks after fogging, and it still goes off. I’m guessing the oil got inside it, so it is likely unusable. It is a 5 1/2 year old Kidde model.

        1. I would unplug the CO detector and wrap it up in a plastic bag, and if not fogging the whole house, put it in a different room before fogging. Or if fogging the whole house, at least unplug it and wrap it up in a plastic bag so that nothing can get into the bag. Probably even better is to store it at someone else’s place while fogging yours if fogging the whole house at once.

          Your CO detector probably was unusable. I would try taking it to Household Hazardous Wastes.

  6. I have a 4 oz bottle of your Vet’s Choice. The back label is not readable.
    To use this as a spray what mixture do I use.
    I can read for the spray use 1 once …………
    Thank you,
    Dan Brian

    1. Here are the directions to use Vet’s Choice as a spray: mix 1 ounce Vet’s Choice per quart of water. Feel free to give us a call if you have more questions.

    1. Tickshield will never ‘go bad’ or become dangerous to use. As long as it smells like cedar it will be at least somewhat effective no matter how old it is. We make sure to always have new product on our shelves so you can be sure the products you get will last as long as possible. We recommend storing product in a temperature controlled environment with the cap tightly sealed to get the longest life out of your product.

  7. You have to get this product available to Canada. The shipping fees are going to bankrupt me. Have you thought about having a Canadian distributor?

    1. We were working with someone from Canada but the deal fell through. The problem is that cedar oil is not registered for use as an insecticide in Canada and the registration process is expensive. In the USA, our insecticides don’t need to be registered nationally.

    1. Our products are safe to use around birds but not directly on them. You can feel free to spray furniture, baseboards, and floors in a room the bird is in but avoid spraying the bird or the cage. Thank you for the question.

    1. Use Cedarcide Original for cats. Just spray it on your hands or a brush and rub a little bit all over they cats fur and skin.

    1. No, cedar oil currently isn’t an approved active ingredient in an insecticide in Canada. We’ve looked into the registration process with the PMRA but it’s too expensive at the moment.

    1. If you are at all unsatisfied with the product, call us and we will take care of you. 800.842.1464. Thank you!

  8. Which is your best product to kill chiggers in the yard? Are they considered a mite? I live a wooded area and they are terrible.

  9. Just tried to oder this on Amazon, I’m being told I cannot import this product into Canada, is this true? Do you have any retailers up here? Will you mail it to Canada if I order directly from your site?

    1. Canada has different regulations than the US. Please give us a call at (800) 842-1464 and we can discuss options.

  10. I purchased the Yard Spray but my hose doesn’t reach the entire yard. Is it possible to mix it in a garden pump sprayer with water and use it that way?

    1. You can treat exposed wood with Cedarshield to guard against wood boring insects like carpenter bees, and/or you can treat the yard and spray your siding with PCO Choice to keep bugs at bay. For a carpenter bee issue I would most recommend the cedarshield.

  11. Hello, live in the San Francisco Bay Area – three problems – head lice for human;
    dog has flea problem, after rains ants come into house, small black ones. Do you have one product that could be used on all
    safely? Indoors and outdoors? Thank you.

  12. My Vet said that Cedar Oil doesn’t kill fleas and ticks and I should use Frontline or a Seresto collar instead. I thought it does kill them?

    1. It absolutely does kill them. We’ve had independent testing done to prove it. We’re not going to sell you something that doesn’t work. Your vet is almost a walking encyclopedia when it comes to pets, but they probably haven’t done much studying on insects. We’re happy to send you and your vet a copy of the report.

  13. Is there an expiration date on these products? I ask because I was going to purchase the Travel Spritzer but might not use it for a year or more.

    1. It will be fine after a year. We usually say that they’re good for three years but some people have been able to use CedarCide Original five and six years later with 100% effectiveness.

    1. I assuming you’re asking about PCO Choice, which is our best outdoor solution. Yes, it’s water-based and isn’t much different than rain.

  14. Hello! I clicked on your moth link and nothing came up. I searched for it via the search button but it only led to me to a picture of a moth and a description thereof. Can I use cedarcide for this and will it kill the larvae also. My moth issue is getting worse every year and my clothes are taking a beating.

    Thank you. Evagelia

    1. Thanks for the question. Use Cedarcide Original to kill and repel all stages of moths in the home. It is safe for all indoor surfaces, including your clothing and other upholstered items. Use heavily in areas you know there are moths, it helps kill them on direct contact so you will want to be thorough.

    1. That should be fine and not hurt the plant I would think. Just don’t spray too heavily and definitely avoid spraying the plant directly.

  15. I have a lot of geckos in my yard and i like them for their insect eating nature. Will cedarside kill them?

    1. Use either PCO or Yardsafe to spray your yard. Both are safe for lizards as long as you avoid dousing them in the product. You may see fewer of them when you have fewer insects.

    1. It will depend on the product you are inquiring about. Give us a call for more information, 800.842.1464. Thanks!

  16. Can I apply a stain to my new fence after treating it with your CedarShield product? Do I need to wait any amount of time after the CedarShield application before staining?

  17. I have just planted my first (in over 40 years) vegetable and herb garden and am trying to keep it organic. I have just realized that I have a huge amount of ants, and something has been chewing on the leaves… could be ant, aphids, or otherwise. I live in Spring and am coming over to your store tomorrow, but was wondering what will be the best product to kill off current and repel any future insects. Please help ASAP!!

    1. Hi Kathryn, congrats on your garden! We are no longer located in Spring, however Sprinkler Warehouse in Houston carries our products. Or you can always order online or by phone. Look for PCO Choice to treat you garden for all of the suspected bugs. Thanks!

  18. are the cedar granules safe to use in the grass areas around a garden pond with frogs, fish, plants, etc.?

    1. They are absolutely safe. All the granules are is finely chopped up cedar tree. There are no chemicals or anything for your aquatic life to fear. It will only help keep bugs away.

    1. We only accept USD. Generally when you pay via credit card it will automatically take into account the exchange rate and use the payee’s denomination. You can reach us at 800.842.1464. Thanks!

  19. What is the % of Cedar oil in the outdoors yard and landscape products?

    I take it that you could spray home foundations, also.?

  20. Can a little bit of PCO Choice be used in a carrier oil and sprayed on the skin to repel and kill biting bugs, in addition to its normal usage outside for plants/lawns, etc? I realize you make personal products, but if I’m reading the ingredient list correctly, PCO Choice is 85% cedar oil, which is really just a super-super concentrated percentage of the exact same cedar oil you use in all your products. Is that correct?

    1. PCO is cedar oil with a solvent added so that it can be diluted with water and made to be plant safe for outdoor spraying. You should be able to mix PCO with another oil with no problem, however I can’t recommend any advice on using products in a way that is not directed. I don’t see how it would be harmful necessarily, but always be cautious if using a product in a manner not recommended. Thank you.

      1. i used 2 small capfulls of cedarcide pco in full bath of water..is this ok..i slept for the first night in 1 yr.
        then i sprayed with the ticksheild, before bed, for collembola.
        should i be concerned about toxicity?

        1. I think we spoke via chat a little while ago. Glad to hear you were able to get some sleep! Although PCO is not recommended for that use, it is non-toxic and at that rate of dilution I cannot imagine you would have any problems. Thank you.

  21. Which if any of your products are effective on head lice? We have an urgent situation with one of the kids. Please advise asap.

    1. Cedarcide Original kills bugs on contact and it is safe to spray on skin including the scalp and hair. Give us a call to find out more detailed information. 800.842.1464 Thank you!

  22. How long after spraying Cedarcide original in my home can we go back in? With the strong after smell is it safe to breath? And one last question is it OK to spray directly on wood flooring?

    1. If you have fogged your home with cedarcide original, wait 3 hours before re-entering to allow the fog to settle. If you are spraying by hand then there is no need to leave the house at all. The cedar scent is strong but it will fade and poses no dangers. It is safe to spray cedarcide original on all indoor surfaces including wood floors. It will dry without leaving a stain or residue, but the floor will be very slippery until it dries so be careful. Thank you.

  23. We are planning on having an indoor garden in our garage again this year. We live in Alaska and the growing season is so incredibly short. It also takes quite some time to ship the veggies up here, so by the time the “fresh” stuff gets here it really isn’t all that fresh, not to mention all the GMO use. So the past few years we have done this with pretty good success, but we have had bad spider mites issues. Disgusting! It really grosses me out! So, I read about the PCO yard stuff for outside, but what do you suggest on an indoor garden, like a greenhouse, but indoors with vegetables you will be eating?
    Also, I am curious, I read your SDS and it says the chemical name is Ethyl Lactate 687-47-8. Is your product from “Cedrus atlantica” or is it from “Juniperus virginiana” (where the essential oils come from)?

    1. Growing your own vegetables sounds like a great way to get fresh vegetables in Alaska. If you’re trying to kill mites that are on the plants, then you’ll need to use PCO Choice or YardSafe. If you’re trying to prevent the mites from getting into the greenhouse, Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray and some Cedar Granules will be a great solution. Give us a call at (800) 842-1464 and someone will help you figure out what the proper product is.

      We use refractionated Texas cedar oil from the Juniperus ashei species. Cedar oil is not listed on SDS sheets. This is the correct way to do it according to our chemist, but personally I’m not sure why.

    1. Yes, our product is generally safe even for animals suffering CHF or other illnesses. Of course it is always wise if you and your pet are new to a product to introduce a small amount to a small area of the dog just to be sure there isn’t a sensitivity to the scent. We recommend Cedarcide Original to repel and kill fleas from dogs.

  24. How long does the bedbug repellent last after spraying and fogging your home? I sprayed 3 weeks again but I have cause to believe my neighbor has bedbugs. Should I fog again?

    1. Thank you for the question. In apartment/condo/duplex situations where you suspect your neighbor may have bed bugs, you should spray about once every week or two. You don’t necessarily have to do a complete fogging of the home if you do not believe you currently have any bed bugs in your home. You can simply spray any baseboards, vents, and outlets (or any other areas bugs may enter) that border your neighbors unit. The cedar scent left behind will help deter the bugs from wanting to come in and explore your home. Of course, if you do suspect bed bugs have infiltrated your home, fogging with cedarcide original is the best way to ensure you eradicate them fully.

    1. Yes, it is safe for both the mothers and puppies. Just try to avoid having the puppies ingest the Cedarcide Original.

    1. For those we recommend PCO choice. It is our concentrated outdoor product that is mixed with water and safe to spray on all of your plants and outdoor spaces to help kill and repel insects. For box elders, you may try a stronger solution than is typically recommended. Use an additional ounce or so of PCO per the amount of water.

  25. Does your products kill fire ants? Do you dilute it or spray directly on mound? Which product would work best? We have approximately 1.5 acres.

    1. For 1.5 acres and fire ants, I recommend PCO Choice. It is a concentrated solution that you will dilute with water using either a compression sprayer or hose end attachment. You will want to thoroughly douse the mounds themselves to kill as many as possible, then continue to spray your whole property (all areas the fire ants cause issues at the least). Each quart of PCO is enough to cover about 1 acre, so the gallon would be your best value. PCO comes with a hose end attachment. Thank you!

  26. I am interested in the yardsafe product that attaches to the hose. We have found lots of ticks in our yard, but I really do not want to harm the bee population. Is this product harmful or repellent to bees?

    1. Yardsafe leaves a cedar scent barrier that will NOT deter bees, but please avoid spraying the bees directly with the product if possible. It will help deter and kill ticks, fleas, mites and other non-beneficial insects.

    1. We do not recommend using our products directly on birds, however it would be safe to use either Vet’s Choice or PCO Choice to treat around the coop and yard to kill and repel mites and other insects. Great question!

  27. Is it a problem if I spray PCO in my yard and it rains shortly afterwards? Also, if it drizzled the night and day before should I wait before spraying PCO in the yard?

    1. That is not a problem unless you get a heavy rain that washes away topsoil. Make sure the soil isn’t too saturated with water that it will not be able to absorb the product. If it is, wait for it to dry out a bit and then apply PCO. A little rain or watering is good for the product. Thanks!

    1. Cedarcide Original will kill them on direct contact. The cedar scent will not deter them from coming back though. It WILL help repel the insects they are coming to eat, so you will have fewer spiders with no prey around. For spiders you can also try our ridaweed vinegar to kill and repel them.

      1. I sprayed my house with the original and used PCO outside this past weekend. Once the product dries, is it still effective at killing spiders or does it just eliminate their food, thus eliminating the spiders? We live next to woods and the spiders were biting us (I highly suspect wolf spiders). The bites caused me to take action!

        1. You are correct. Once the product dries it will help to repel the food source and make your yard and home less attractive to the spiders. You will kill most spiders if you spray them directly with the product, but the cedar scent left behind does not really repel the spiders themselves. Thanks!

  28. If I spray my yard, what happens to worms, bees, butterflies, and all the insects I need for my flowers and garden? Is this different for them than other insects?

    1. Thank you for the question! We recommend trying to avoid spraying your beneficial insects directly with the product, but as long as they don’t get a direct hit they will not be harmed or deterred by either PCO or the Yardsafe. These are great options for flower beds and gardens.

  29. I have a dog that is about to drop a litter and everything I have looked at to deal with fleas indicates that it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating animals. I have a bottle of cedarwood essential oil which also says the same thing. I’ve asked a few people what the difference is between one cedarwood oil and another (e.g. the Mexican vs. the Virginian etc.), and I’ve been told that there is no difference. Is your product safe to use on a pregnant, lactating dog?

    1. Our products are totally safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, human and animal! Choose the Cedarcide Original ready-to-use or the vet’s choice concentrate for your pup. The Cedarwood oil in our products is diluted to a rate that is safe for pets like dogs and cats. Thank you for the question!

    1. Yup! Avoid spraying or soaking the chickens themselves directly, but there is no danger spraying their yard.

  30. I was spraying the yard with the hose sprayer attachment container and there is a lot of solution left. Will the solution keep now that it has been mixed with water? Also, what is the best solution for deterring mice from our attic? I was going to apply the liquid on the beams and insulation in a pump sprayer.

    1. The solution will keep, however you may want to store it in a separate container as your sprayer may become clogged. Our products will have minimal effect on mice unfortunately. Thanks for the questions!

  31. How often do I need to spray the inside of my House for maintenance? Yard? Dog? Daily, weekly, Monthly? Thank you.

    1. Our products are mostly used on an as needed basis. Here are the rules of thumb. For indoors, use once every couple of weeks. On pets, use about once a week or so, more often if you go hiking or to the dog park. Treat the yard about once a month. Again, these are basic guidelines and you may find you can use the products more often to be effective or less often depending on your individual situation. Thanks!

  32. We have been using PCO for our yard bi-monthly, now we have a couple feral cats frequent our backyard do we need to spray more often? So far no bites but we are sure the stray cats have fleas. Our dog is on Triflexis so he is safe

    1. We recommend using PCO about once a month, but if you are getting good results using it less often that is great! There is no danger in applying too much. Thanks!

  33. Your “Best Yet” says it contains “Cedar Oil”. Is this cedar essential oil, and if so, what is the LATIN name of the “cedar”
    used. Thank you!

  34. I have some PCO that I left in my garden shed. It has frozen thru the winter. Is it still good to use or did the freezing ruin it?

    1. Your PCO should still be at least somewhat effective and is certainly not at all dangerous to still use. Be sure to shake it up well and use warm/hot water for your initial dilution in your spray applicator. Thanks!

  35. Hi again,
    I was reading some of your research and you claim effectiveness on brown dog ticks, but what about black legged ticks (ones that carry Lyme disease)? If you haven’t tested your product on these are you planning to? Thanks.

    1. While we don’t have laboratory testing on that specific tick, we can make the very educated assertion from our 20 years in business that our product will certainly kill and deter any kind of tick. Thank you!

  36. My cats have a severe flea infestation, and have broken skin from scratching. Is it safe to use the CedarCide on their broken skin?

    1. Yes it is. It should have a soothing effect on the sores and encourage healing through increased blood flow. Use the Cedarcide Original, a small amount all over rubbed down onto the skin about once every other day is all you need. Cats should look shiny but not wet. Your kitties should experience relief in the first few days and you will see great results in the first couple of weeks. Also use the spray all around the inside of your home to kill fleas and eggs that have fallen off the cats. Thanks!

  37. Can cedarcide be used to kill carpenter ants in one’s house? If so what formula should I use? Should I use a sprayer, or a fogger and how often should I reapply?

    1. You will likely use a combination of Cedarcide Original, PCO Choice and Cedarshield to treat for a severe carpenter ant infestation. Give us a call 800-842-1464 to get a detailed explanation on how to treat for carpenter ants. Depending on your specific situation, your options and recommendations could vary. Thanks!

  38. I would like to fog my attic for silverfish – but the heater and water heater are located in the attic and both have gas flame units. Is there a risk of fogging with the gas flames? Is the fogging material flammable? Thank you.

  39. If my dogs are picking up fleas from our back yard, how often can I be spraying them with the Original spray. We typically find one or two fleas on them every two or three days, but no infestation yet. Just brought this spray as a recommendation from out vet. We do not like to use chemicals so our dogs do not have any protection except for this spray.


    1. You can very safely use the Cedarcide Original daily for your dogs. It will help to repel fleas and you can use it to kill them on contact too. We offer yard sprays that are safe and non-toxic, check out PCO Choice or the ready to use Yardsafe under Outdoor Protection. Thanks!

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