Cedarcide Original Insect Control for People + Pets + Homes

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Designed for People, Pets and Home use, Cedarcide Original protects against Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes, Mites and Ants

  • For Use on People, Pets & Around Homes
  • Kills and Repels Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Mosquitoes and Mites
  • Handcrafted in small batches since 1998
  • Ready-to-use
  • Formerly called Best Yet

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156 reviews for Cedarcide Original Insect Control for People + Pets + Homes

  1. Satisfied Customer

    I live in Oklahoma, THE Tick capitol of the World (my opinion), and every year I have a horrid time with these guys. I have one kitty, Grape, who is a tick magnet, I have seen him literally covered with ticks of all shapes and sizes. I do not care to use the chemicals that are used in the making of the “spot” remedies, as I have been hearing a lot about the side effects, so i used to hand pick them off daily, quite a chore. So when I came across cedarcide, I was excited. I bought a quart bottle of their “BestYet” for people and pets. Well, being the skeptic that I am, I wasn’t going to apply to anyone till I tested it. We have these huge (2″) red wasps that you can not kill with a swatter, it only gets em’ madder. One got into the house and I sprayed it one time with this stuff and that dude IMMEDIATLY fell to the floor and died! I was very amazed, as even the wasp poison doesn’t do that good of a job! So my dear little Grape got all the ticks removed and sprayed him (it scared him, so I sprayed it on my hands then rubbed it in) with cedarcide. It didn’t seem to make him annoyed (the smell) and although I have to reapply every other day, the ticks have FINALLY decided Grape isn’t so tasty any more! I have seen no unusual side effects and I can tell Grape is a happy cat without the ticks eating him alive! So for a recommendation for ticks and big red wasps that laugh at swatters, I give 2 thumbs up. Grape and I will continue buying and using cedarcide, as it works, and so far no adverse reactions for us personally.

  2. Bo

    This has been the BEST pesticide to actually give us a good nights sleep in MONTHS, and has worked in ways other pesticides have not. We have wasted so much money until we found this. Highly recommended!

  3. Mark

    I use the spray bottle on my dogs- we have never had a flea problem, and I use it around my house occasionally because I used to have a water cockroach problem in my garage and house (they are great for my garden, but I want to keep them out of my house). It has eliminated the problem. An added bonus, it eliminated my silver fish problem in my house as well. I saw a water cockroach the other day and sprayed the cockroach directly with the spray. The spray paralyzed it immediately and killed it. I am thrilled to have found an organic solution to household pests!!!!!!! I am looking forward to using it on me and my children when we go on hikes and camp.

  4. Wally Dow

    I previously had ordered a 32oz spray bottle of this product directly from cedarcide. It works. And I mean kills all bugs that I have on this property. So … I found this gallon of the product on Amazon and ordered it. It shipped exactly as I was told and arrived on the date they told me it would. In my opinion cedarcide has the absolute best organic non toxic bug killer and pest control products available these days. No need for Orkin or Terminix to charge me large rates to spray the most dangerous toxins on earth and killing my pets my wife or me. has a great outdoor odor to it to. Cedar.

  5. Claudie F. Bagley

    I started being bitten a few months after I bought brand new beds. It kept waking up with bites and soon found out I had bedbugs. I bought different BB killers but nun of them were affective for long. My sanity was starting to slip when I discover Best Yet. It was non toxic to people but it killed on contact. I sprayed down my house over the next few days and I immediately stopped getting bit. It’s the best I’m found, and tho’ pricy, it’s worth every bit. Now I have my peace of mind back, and am sleeping through the night.

  6. BryanB.

    After working in the hospitality industry for 10 years , I have come to conclusion that bed bugs are a nightmare. I first tried this product in desperation since nothing else seemed to work, and what a surprise when I saw the results! The bed bugs were dying within 4 minutes of treatment! I was told by my pest control company that this was unheard of. This is also a all natural product, so you don’t have to wait for days before you can go back into your home( there is a 4 hour turn over time for treatment}. This is also a cheaper solution to a the traditional treatment if you have a fogger. All and all this is by far the best money I have ever spent for the treatment of bed bugs period!

  7. L. Armistead

    I can’t believe how effective this product is. The person who gave it one star either works for one of the pesticide companies, didn’t know how to properly use the stuff and spray their home….or has some weird strain of alien bugs IMO.

    We got an infestation of fleas that were resistant to the traditional advantage/frontline (which I hate to use but use ocassionaly and sparingly). So we got this stuff. We washed their bedding…sprayed the dog beds, underneath the furniture in the dark spaces….bottom of closets etc…and have not seen another flea etc in a year. We’ve serviced four dogs and two households in 1/2 year and still have a 1/2 bottle left to begin this years season. At the first sign of scratching we spray the animals well do a light spray of the bedding and where they like to lay (sofa chair) and no problems.

    PLUS….we aren’t feeding our animals any horrible pills or putting any awful chemicals on their bodies.

    My neighbor’s dogs are always running in the woods….he says the tick just drop off when he applies this stuff.

    I give this product my greatest praise! (and I have no financial interest in this product).

  8. zmkr788

    Best Yet works, I got it to fight a tick, flea, and mite infestation, we tried frontline, but it just made our dog sick and I got the frontline all over my hands, probably got some neurological damage from using fronline, so I was using diatomaceous earth to control the bugs, it works for fleas and mites, but the ticks seemed invincible, I got the cedarcide cause we are desperate for relief from ticks and fleas and we don’t want to use poison, I sprayed bet yet all over myself as soon as I got my gallon jug, closed my eyes and sprayed my face, hair and ears, it smells great, I love it, but it fades quickly, I sprayed it all over my dog, I did not need to wait to see the results on my dog, I could tell the mites were dying right away, there are no miracles, you won’t be able to kill every flea and every tick with one application, but if you are consistent, I think you can wipe them out with best yet, there are millions of little eggs that hatch daily, but after only my second day, itching has decreased dramatically, and I can pet my dog without worrying about the ticks, I will write an update in a few weeks but after only two days I can already say I’m glad the folks at cedarcide, came up with best yet, it is worth every penny.

  9. Arthur Hammonsmythe

    This is the second time I ordered this product, because it worked so well, I didnt really have enough for full treatment with one gallon. I even sprayed my dog with it. It is safe to use around pets and children as it is cedar….and your home smells wonderful. What’s great about this this product is you can spray it directly on any type fabric and it will not stain. I spray it directly on my sheets and suede pillow shams. I highly recommend this product, and I will be ordering another gallon to keep on hand, just in case those nasty, disgusting bed bugs decide to make a repeat appearance. Thanks Best Yet!

  10. Carol Shenkenberger

    We wanted a clean scent, no ‘pesticides’ and no more bugs. This concentration works and does not damage any carpet, sofas, bedding or other items we used it on.

  11. Rebecca Woodward

    This product is wonderful for remove fleas and other parasites from you homes and pets. It is great. thank you

  12. V. Pillsbury

    Worked like a charm and smells good too. Fleas died as soon as I sprayed it on the dogs. I used it on them several times and no more fleas

  13. Andy Samples

    I was having this invasion of bugs at my new home I used cedarcide terrible name for the product its’ not a pesticide, it will not kill things on the spot, a good thing. But that bug will die and key not reproduce. If you don’t like cedar smell this is not the product for you, I love the smell of cedar. I sprayed the house down good around the perimeter. in a few days to a week no more bugs. I did a lite spray a month later, now it’s just monthly maintenance. In all this I haven’t used a gallon on 1,100 sq house.

  14. JustinJuk

    We had a crazy flea infestation in the driveway from a stray cat or something. I threw every chemical know to man at the problem but this infestation on the concrete seemed unbeatable. My brother-in-law owns a pest control company in another state, recommended Best Yet. End of fleas. End of story.

  15. UH34D

    I wouldn’t use anything else on my Olde English Bulldogs to keep ticks, fleas, mosquito’s and insects away from them. Forget the drops on the dogs neck (useless in my opinion, the tick has already biten your dog, damage done), collars that irritate, etc. Just a lite spray every 3 or 4 days of the Cedarcide and you’re all set. I even use the product on my family and myself to keep bugs away. I’ve even used it as an air freshner when one of our dogs has had an accident in the house!

  16. Connie Andrews

    I have been a customer of Best Yet for several years now and when I am low, I buy another gallon. It has many more uses than
    just killing fleas. It makes cleaning wood furniture much easier. Believe it or not, it shines stainless steel products better than any other product i have tried.

    The fact that you can de-lice children quickly and without hurting them and to de-flea your pets without harming them, as well, was a real plus to me.

    I could make a Cedarcide commercial. I simply will not be without it.

  17. Deborah

    I just wanted to thank you for having such an awesome product. I have fought flies for a good while and have tried some many different things. I have brought him to the vet and they gave him something that cleared it up but will not give me anymore unless I bring him for a visit. My dog is allergic to the flies so it causes his skin to redden and he loses the dog hair off his back side and he looks terrible and always scratching. Well I am just about done with the gallon I bought because I shared it with someone.

    My dog has grown all his hair back, no more spots and even when the ear mites start with him I just spray his ear and rub it in and waw-la he is clear and looking good. He even just sits there when I go to get the bottle. I can’t wait to order some more and even getting the one for my patio will be great! Again thank you so much.

  18. Nalu

    Works for all insects. Kills flies in mid air. Keeps fleas off my dogs. The smell is pleasant. Keeps ants away.

  19. M. Holton

    This product does work very well and has a pleasant cedar scent. It kills the fleas on contact. Thank you

  20. Mary

    I treat 35 to 50 children in an orphanage and win the lice battle until the next outbreak
    It’s nontoxic and works netter and faster than all the others including the toxic products

  21. bucknky

    I have 3 dogs and take them out a lot have not had 1 flea in many years,also use it on myself when going fishing ! no ticks no bug bites! I highly recommend this product. its all natural no harmful chemicals, and doesn’t smell bad. like cedar! just spray there feet and belly before going to dog park kills spiders, bed bugs and just for fun while in the woods found a scorpion!!! didn’t kill him but, it did repel him wouldn’t come any closer where I sprayed the ground?

  22. Om

    Bought for a friend who was very satisfied with product. I myself have used it very satisfactorily. Thanks so much

  23. Bruce Luske

    Excellent product that is totally safe and non-toxic to people and pets and yet kills fleas, ticks, and bedbugs, while deterring other larger insects.

    Had some problem with delivery, but seller was very responsive and promptly replaced the first shipment which never arrived.

  24. Juan A. Henriquez

    First a brief history: I ordered a recliner (not from Amazon) on sale back in mid 2011 and i remember i started getting itching on my feet then legs. Doctor exams and everything determined i have some allergies (which i never had before) and was put on medications. Regardless of the meds the itching was so bad that i went and bought some long knee high socks Browning Hosiery Men’s Merino Wool Wader Sock (which you can still see the review i wrote back then).
    Anyways, the itching moved up to my arms and i noticed it was most intense at night. The last draw was one night i tried to sleep in my bed without my long socks on and it was a complete itching nightmare.
    Next night i decided to stay up in my recliner in the silent dark to see what was going on and about 2am i start to feel some itching on my arm, i quickly turn the lights on and there it was. A pesky bed bug!
    To my surprise i thoroughly inspect my recliner and there they was hiding with very few on my bed too.

    After an extensive research online i found that using chemicals and other methods would be very tough to near impossible to apply so i stumbled upon this Best Yet product from CederCide.
    I sprayed down the recliner and threw it out (marked of course) then sprayed down the whole apartment.
    Let me tell you that this thing works! I am now off meds and no longer wear them long wader socks to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

    It is not over yet though. I intend to do a more thorough job to help prevent this from coming back.
    This stuff works great but i only wish it was a bit cheaper instead of $99 a gallon but i can’t complain much since it gets the job done.

  25. A. Sumpter

    This product did exactly what it said it would. We had bed bugs, we had caught them early, so our infestation was limited to one room of the house and in the very early stages. We treated with this product and it killed them on contact. The smell was VERY strong. But it did fade after a day or so and was not unpleasant.

    Note – This product did not prevent the bed bugs from coming back. We did have to re-treat to eliminate the live bugs.

    We treated every day just what we could find on the mattress without taking it apart for a week, then we did the entire room, mattress, box springs one time. It’s been a week and so far we have seen nothing.

    We happen to also have a cat and we used this product around the couch and other areas where the cat stays. Although we already treat our animal for fleas, we have also seen a decrease in the frequency we need to treat the cat for fleas.

    Compared to other do it yourself products and what an exterminator would charge to put harmful chemicals into my home this product was reasonable and did what it said.

  26. Jane G

    Even fleas fear its power, and it’s natural as well. What more is there to say about a product that works except, thanks.

  27. Terry Doman

    CedarCide’s Best Yet worked so well for me I ordered some for my Daughter. It has actually saved the life of their pet pig Wilber. The fly problem was that bad! Best Yet took care of that problem.
    I have other stories too… but now just want to say I am bringing you customers because I believe in your Product.

  28. MrsAvalon

    We live in Phoenix with a lot of roaches and scorpions and other bugs. After finding two scorpions in the house, a friend came over and sprayed the outside of our house with a very strong spray that made our dog sick. He’s OK now but I didn’t want that experience again, so I checked for non-toxic sprays and came across BEST YET. Sprayed all the baseboards and haven’t see any bugs since. This company also makes an outside spray that Amazon carries. That will be my next purchase!

  29. Campbell

    My mini-schnauzer loved to snuggle with me – until she became flea-ridden. It was horrible! All dogs have to do to get tape worms is eat ONE flea. I tried everything – much of it made Molly so sick. I felt as badly as she did. Then I found the Cedarcide company. I sprayed my house and yard – it didn’t hurt anything. I sprayed her bedclothes and mine! No stains. In a few weeks – no fleas!! Now, Molly does NOT like it at all. I think it smells great. She disagrees. BUT it does not make her sick like the one-drop stuff the vet sold me; so I make her endure it, and we get rid of the fleas. I’ve noticed that when I work at our undeveloped farm land, using a walk -behind brush mower in high grass, I need that Cedarcide on my clothing to keep ticks off me. If one does get on me, he’s usually trying to crawl off.

    When I get my U-Pick-It orchard up and running, I’ll stock this on my shelves for resell – I love it!!

    And negatives . . . well, mail order takes time. We all know that. Expensive – yeah, it is. But have you noticed that everything else that really works is usually more expensive that the stuff that doesn’t? I imagine that the process for getting this oil out of the heart of cedar trees is pretty costly and troublesome. Otherwise, I’d be getting the oil out of the cedar on my own land.

  30. Shar

    This is the most effective natural flea and tick and mite product.
    BEST YET IS ALL THEY CLAIM AND MORE. I USE IT ON MY CAT AND IT WORKS FOR PEOPLE and the rugs…MATERIAL things. (They have other stuff for plants too.) I JUST CALLED TO ORDER MY SUPPLY OF THE QUART SIZE. THEY TOLD ME THAT “YES …it will be manufactured by them for Amazon customers.” Thank you Amazon

    Highly recommended by this pet owner. It smells like the great outdoors as clean and cedar scented. Pets like it too. Mist and rub it on skin…can do enviorment too. Have used it several years now with good and safe result

  31. Richard David Grey

    And doesn’t stain clothing or furniture. If you spray it on thick in your bedroom the odor may overwhelm you for a few days!!

  32. Chris

    Works exactly as advertised. I have not used Frontline or Off! in almost 2 years. Yes, this product is a little expensive, but the cost is justified because it works – and it smells wonderful! I have used a few different products from this company, in both a professional and private capacity, and their products do what they say.

  33. Robert L Goetz

    this stuff works it is the best out there!!!!!! however its not cheap.
    best yet smells like cedar and is natural.it kills bedbugs dead in there tracks.
    and other insects.just get it .trust me!!!!!

  34. Connie Cat Mom

    I learned of this product from our Vet. We have four indoor “cat~children”. They have access to our 35’x15’x12’high deck & below the deck on the ground level latticed in. We have “designed” a “turtle of grass” in one of the green plastic sand-box turtles for children. The “kids” love it! We have struggled the last couple of years with chiggers & fleas/gnats swarming/gathering outside on the turtle & in the grass itself. Our Vet recommended this product because it is safe for everyone. We have no children. This afternoon I was out on the deck to bring the kids in & noticed there were massive chiggers on the deck railings & some post damage. I grabbed this product & just like it says on the bottle & the literature, THIS KILLS ON CONTACT!!!! Stopped those chiggers & a few fleas DEAD in their tracks! I literally took this quart bottle with spray & went right down the deck’s top railings & posts & then went right back & sprayed the bottom railings & the “trutle of grass” around the outside & inside the rim. KILLED EVERYTHING IN ITS TRACK…I SAID THAT ALREADY, DIDN’T I? I’M SO EXCITED THAT A PRODUCT DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS IT WILL DO!!! WELL, I JUST ORDERED A GALLON JUG…THIS PRODUCT IS LIKE GOLD!!! THANKS CEDARCIDE, A CHEMICAL OIL SOLUTIONS, LLC COMPANY & AMAZON.COM FOR OFFERING THIS PRODUCT. I could buy direct & believe me, even ordering from Amazon.com, I got my quart bottle in 3 days…3 days! I’m a customer of this product for life! We may not even have to spray the kids since I’ve only seen the fleas outside. I AM ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER!

  35. Linda J. Mintz

    works great for fleas without a lot of harsh chemicals! Can be sprayed on dog, carpets, furniture, beddings, even in the car!

  36. Karen

    I have used this product on my dogs for fleas. On my house for spiders. On my yard for random other pests. On myself for mosquito. WORKS WELL! AWESOME!!! I need to get another order in soon! It smells good too!

  37. david p (verified owner)

    I have used this product exclusively to battle those little pests, I have been sold on it since seeing reports on other products which are essentially poisoning your pets aka family members. I have recommended this to every pet owner I know and the organization I used to adopt my kids.

  38. Vicki

    You guys rock.. I am thrilled to have finally found a worthy product for my dog (tick and flea control, was my biggest worry but it covers everything).. and for me too. It’s been a god send as we’ve been infested with all sorts, but not bit since I received my shipment. I was also pleased to see the smell isn’t overwhelming- in about a 1/2 hour can barely smell it but it is still very active. A huge weight of worry lifted from me!! TY

  39. Daisy

    I am SO impressed with this product. The testimonials are all true! I couldn’t believe it! Plus….it smells good.
    Thank you for offering this natural product.

  40. Mary Negowski

    I love this product. Follow the instructions properly and it kills the fleas on your dog. It is easy and safe to use. I spray it on myself and the bugs stay away. It smells good without an overpowering smell. The best part is that it contains no dangerous chemicals. I spray it directly on my skin. I spray my hands and rub it on my face. It does much more than kill bugs. Read the information that comes with it and you will be amazed. I have been using this product for about 3 years. I needed to find a flea solution for one of my dogs. She has seizures when I use the other chemical flea products that are available. Since I started using CedarCide, her seizures have stopped and she has flea relief. No, it is not a product you spray on once a month, but it does work. And it doesn’t take the whole bottle at once to solve your problem. One bottle lasts a long time, at least for me and my dogs. I am glad I found it.

  41. Bridget

    I have been using this product for 4 yrs now, and it works better than any tick or flea treatment I have used. The ticks actually die on quick contact.

  42. Lisa Seaman

    Kid come home from school with lice? Get rid of them the first time with a natural, non toxic product and it smells great! Other bugs….gone! Safe for humans and pets. Traveling? Worried about bed bugs….do not worry a few squirts of cedarcide and you are good to go!

  43. Steve Cooper

    This product does just what it says it will: Kills and repels insects with a totally biodegradable and natural ingredient. Best Yet uses cedar oil, harmless to pets and persons, to rid your house, car, property of pests from ants to cockroaches. Crawley critters that are sprayed directly give up the ghost in seconds, and the repellent action lasts several weeks after. The only drawback….the sweet smell of natural cedar that lingers for a couple of days. And a little bit goes a long way. When I travel, with the threat of bed bugs so prevalent today, a couple of spritzes into my luggage a couple of days before I go, and I don’t worry about the pests following me home. I give it five stars and two thumbs up! And it is an American company that produces the product…another plus!

  44. Girlygeek

    I used this on flies and ants and it works like a charm, both were dead after a few sprays within seconds, and the best part is that it’s completely safe for humans and pets. The only downer is that the scent is quite pungent which upsets my mom. However, I’m used to the scent so I would buy this again.

  45. Adolfo Nevarez

    I’ve used this product before and have had great results. Fleas die instantly after spraying them. Frontline, Adams, etc., have much to worry with an instant, all natural, spray like this one. Highly recommended!!!!

  46. sally shaffer

    works great on ants too. kills them on contact and they won’t return to the same spot again. I don’t have to worry about my cats getting sick from it and it smells great!

  47. lillie durelle

    We had an unusually horrible attack of fleas. I had professionals to
    my home three times – still fleas. We ordered your product and it
    finished them off for good. No more fleas. I love cedarcide and will
    always have it on hand. It is wonderful to have products that will
    not harm pets or humans – thank you!

  48. Jhana.Chi (verified owner)

    This is THE product to use for fleas — do NOT use toxic products on your pets — they are NOT safe. Vets are afraid of being sued by the big powerful spot-on companies — so they don’t tell you all the negative stuff. But think about it! Those things are are poisons. I have had two cats die after several years of the spot-ons, one from neurological problems, the other from organ failure….. this is so common. And few people make the long-term connection to the spot-on and other toxic flea control measures, but the data is growing.

    Apply Cedarcide regularly (learn to love the natural cedar aroma and remember when you are getting used to it — it is not toxic!) — wash bedding every week, vacuum frequently, use diatomaceous earth if you can (a natural substance in the form of a white powder that has microscopic sharp edges that cut the fleas hard shells) in the carpet and on the lawn, etc. Brush and comb your animal friends, add garlic and brewer’s yeast to their food. With regular use of Cedarcide your family members will be both comfortable and SAFE! — I live in the woods with 6 felines! So — I have been through this. I have tried everything. This is the best — and the only safe thing I have found that actually works. It also heals hot spot allergy rashes that one cat gets regularly — you wouldn’t think so, but it does amazingly well. Thank you Cedarcide…. — Jhana-Chi in Washington State

  49. Wendy Baughman

    I will never poison my pets with spot on products again. My animals deserve the BEST and that is what they will get forever. Thank you for saving their lives and killing the nasty pest.

  50. Christal Pepe

    My husband and I have a summer home in the Adirondacks. I can’t even begin to tell you how many different kinds of biting insects there are, and how we have always come home looking like we have some kind of pox! We used the “best yet” cedercide repellant this year and have not gotten one bite from any of the numerous bugs that live to make your life miserable. This is by far the best insect repellant we have ever used, and the greatest thing about it is that is is a natural product. The ceder smell is a little strong when first applied, but it dissapates quickly and is really quite pleasant.

  51. Gail Evans

    This is the second time I’ve bought Cedarcide. I have never found a tick on my dogs since I started using it. In fact, this year, since the mosquitos have been so bad, I started dabbing it around my neck, and spraying my legs. Keeps those away too.

  52. BigE1970

    This stuff is amazing. It does exactly what it says. Somewhere along the way, we picked up the dreaded bed bug! We contacted some exterminators & were quoted prices well above $600. I did some research & found Cedarcide. Thank God I did. This product wiped them out within a day. It’s also a great mosquito repellent. Sure, it may not be the best smelling stuff out there, but it’s super effective & 100% safe! This product has honestly changed our lives. We have our house & patio back!

  53. Alexandria

    This is the only pest control product I will use! Safe around my daughter, my cats, and me, and smells like cedar oil! I use it inside and outside, and even on myself for going on walks. Bugs don’t stand a chance. DON’T use harsh chemicals on yourself or your family. Cedarcide is superior in performance and safety! Our main issue is earwigs (eew!) and mosquitoes. Cedarcide takes care of both, but tackles a wide range of other pests also.

  54. Jackson

    This BEST YET cedar oil product beats everything I have ever used to control fleas. I have used it on the dogs, their beds, on the yard and I have even sprayed it on myself to deter biting insects. I highly, highly recommend BEST YET. I now use it in place of Front Line or any of the other spot-on flea control medicines I previously used.

  55. emhampton

    This stuff is terrific when it comes to safe sprays for people or pets, but deadly to insects. Thanks so much.

  56. Kathy Bilski

    I had adopted a kitten last year that someone dumped on my friends organic farm in Indiana.

    Last year I had taken her out on my patio in Oct. 09 with a leash on, to get fresh air, & to get familiar with her new surroundings. Well low & behold, (Babie) started scratching, & I found one flea, & we all know one flea leads to many fleas. My 1st thought was to go to Pets mart Veterinary being on a Sunday, & spoke with Pets mart staff about a remedy, was advised to get FrontLine, & it lasts 30 days. Well 30 days come & go, & Babie was still scratching more & more. I even tried flea collars with no help. So I started searching the Internet for an effective product. Makes sense that people that have cedar chests, will not have bugs. I came across your web site & ordered 2 personal size CedarCide to try. I was amazed & truly happy to see the results, & Babie was even happier to have relief.

    I am Happy to inform you, that I purchased a gallon of CedarCide. Now I have passed your website to my friends.

  57. Roger Berkheiser

    Kills bed bugs on contact, although the fragrance is a little hard to get used to. I found no skin irritation and it makes your skin soft. I just wish they could alter the smell., it’s rather pungent and our 6 yr.old was bothered by it.

  58. PTex11

    I am a mosquito magnet and this product does work. The mosquitoes find me less enticing. The smell is OK.

  59. Kelly

    I use this on my dog and myself. The product works great. The gnats scatter and don’t come back. Love this stuff.

  60. Sherry Key, Artist

    I bought some of this last year and it IS the best yet. I spritz it on to go to the mailbox or anywhere out in my yard. Chiggers were eating me up til I got this!! I spritz my pillow with it and my sheets. I spritz my ankles, arms and neck and lightly rub it in before going to bed to be mosquito free at night. I live in the country and they come in every time the door is open.

    I spray it on a couple of cloth chairs I sit in to work on my art because something was biting my ankles there, probably fleas, anyway it works. I haven’t found anything that it has stained either.

    If I know I have been where there is ankle biters and I forget to spray I use it as soon as I come in and I am fine. It helps the itch from bug bites too. It has an oily feel when it goes on but it dries quickly and is no oily residue…it smells good too.

    Can you tell I like it? Sherry

  61. Carmen

    We had a tick infestation in our house. It seemed nothing would kill them until I used a combination of BEST YET and Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) all over the house, animals and yard. BEST YET has been a life saver ever since. Living in South Florida we are used to our fare share of bugs. BEST YET is by far the only product I found that I can spray on my dogs and the pest literally falls off. I’m not kidding – even ticks can be wiped off with a paper towel. The spray smells great, non toxic, safe as a personal bug spray, makes my dogs coats so shiny,…did I mention it smells great?

  62. Donald N. Moorehouse

    Had bed bugs in one room. Professional exterminator wanted $1500.00 to process one room with no guarantee. Cleaned room, washed linen, vacuumed, then sprayed. Bugs gone, never returned, with one application. Smells good, no chemical odor. I would highly recommend this product.

  63. james j kane

    Great product for fleas, we have a kennel, this is the first year we have not had a flea problem, thanks to CederCide.

  64. M. Conanan “moco”

    ive tried other brands and i was just disappointed. i saw the review of this and so i bought it although it was a little expensive than the other brands. i use it everyday and it does work, it kills the bugs on contact and my family was not bothered bout the smell. i tried the bedbug patrol and it drove the bugs crazy, fhey were crawling everywhere but did not kill or eliminate them and the smell made us sick! thanks to cedar’s best yet, this is my 2nd bottlle and i just kept spraying eventhough i don’t see the little vampires anymore. i am planning to order some more. i will just keep spraying. bedbugs are nightmares!

  65. nightstomper

    This has been my second summer using Best Yet Cedarcide. I have 10 domestic cats, and most of them are indoor/outdoor; it has kept my house and cats free of fleas and all other biting insects. My wife has lung tumors, and her breathing is difficult with most aromatics, but this product doesn’t seem to affect her in any bad way; she even likes the cedar sent; it smells like a cedar forest! I highly recomend this product….

  66. Graham C Andoe “Overbore”

    We have a former mosquito farm where we were the food. This spray kept them off theri favorite food, my wife, and the sensitive visitors as well. Recommend.

  67. Amy Ward

    Just sent in my second order. I just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful product. Some of my dogs are already suffering from skin tumors from years of spot treatments because I didn’t know what they were doing to my friends. I just wish I’d known ya’ll sooner and my 2 eleven year olds and my 10 year old dogs would have been allot healthier and happier but perhaps my youngsters will do better with Cedarcide’s helping me to fight the fleas. I am from Oklahoma. Not far from you guys so I know you understand the frustration that fleas cause around here.
    And I love the prices and the variety of products you carry to help fight vermin safely.
    Just wanted to say Thanks. Please don’t stop the wonderful work your doing.
    So grateful here in Oklahoma.

  68. Creighton B HO

    Meets all its claims, My second bottle. Gave some to friends and they ordered their own. Kills and keeps the bugs away.

  69. Kineala

    I bought a spray bottle of the “Best Yet Cedarcide” in May 2013 because I was looking for a non-toxic chemical free insect killer and repellant. Since I bought the first bottle, I’ve used it on myself, my cats, my house… etc… I am mosquito candy. & I can say that this has been effective at keeping the mosquitos off of me. I use 2 sprays on my arms and I have no bites – which is amazing for me. It’s a very good mosquito repellant. I think it’s done a good job at keeping fleas away from my cats. But as a note – it is important to test it on pets in a small patch beforehand. I have one cat that seems to be a bit allergic/sensitive to it. I’ve also used the Cedarcide as an ant repellant spray – in the summer I often get ants invading my kitchen. I sprayed the Cedarcide in the basement where they enter the house and they were very noticeably diminished. Though, I had to spray very regularly to keep them away. I liked the Cedarcide so much as a mosquito and home ant repellant that I bought a gallon of it in August.

    But… I am now 100% completely and totally sold on this product. I’m definitely going to be buying it in the GALLON size in the future.

    ‘Tis STINKBUG season! The stupid stink bugs have completely swarmed my house during the past 2 days. & This morning, I did a little experiment where I sprayed a stink bug with one shot of the Cedarcide smack in the face. When I got home from work, Mr. stinky was still there… but he was DEAD. This stuff kills stink bugs! Awesome! Nothing kills stink bugs. This evening I sprayed my windowsills because I think the Cedarcide will also probably be a good stink bug repellant. Well… here’s to hoping.

  70. Christine Dahl

    We love this product!! We use it on our dog every 2 weeks as a natural tick/flea and other biting insect repellent and since we have used it we have not seen a tick on him! Previously we used Frontline Plus but pulled 8 ticks off our dog during that time. We even use it on ourselves when we are going into a wooded area.

  71. Jason Schuck

    I use this product around my house and business. It is great at controlling pests, but it is also human, pet and food safe, as it is a natural product. A bit pricey but well worth it. Always fast shipping, I’ve been using it for a couple of years.

  72. RN

    With natural or alternative products like this you never expect them to work as quickly as something toxic like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution. I had my doubts whether this product was legit until I tested it today on a flea I found on my pet. One light spray over the area where a flea was scurrying and that flea was dead within 10 seconds. It was that fast. I’ve also found dead fleas on my pet after applying this product. It works!!

    Have tried many different alternative flea products, including diatomaceous earth, vinegar, essential oils, nothing has been as effective as this.

    I’m ordering again, this time a 1 gallon container. Tend to go through this fairly quickly on a large animal because treatment calls for getting the fur fairly wet, not just a light misting.

  73. Caleb Clement

    Works great for any situation, even hunting! I would recommend this product for anyone who loves to be outdoors but hates the pesky insects.

  74. Robert C. Ingalls “ringalls51”

    wife and i love the smell and it kills bugs very well have a neighbor who has bugs and they come over every and now and then and don’t want them to get started at my home

  75. Cybil Winter

    We use this to spot spray for bugs. Will always keep on hand. Works GREAT with CedarCidePCO outdoor pest control.

  76. ReaderNels

    This stuff is safe enough to spray on your skin – (although i wouldn’t much…) but insects cannot live with this kind of treated cedar oil which is designed to kill the sand fleas in Iraq. Works great. Treat pet, pet’s bedding, floor and home. Use frequently during fleas infestation. Great materials to read came along with my order. This stuff is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal! Toxic only to insects, although expect a fairly strong cedar fragrance that dissipates overnight.

  77. junebug

    I purchased the gallon & sprayed my entire apartment. Even talked my family into buying it. If you have bedbugs & you spray them directly I heard from someone it will kill them. But if you are like me & was hoping for a preventive spray for the sofa & lugguage I’m not sure this is the right spray. Unless you spray them directly you might be wasting your $. I wanted something that if bedbug fell off a vistor it would be killed without seeing it face to face. .

  78. Michael Ravitsky

    It really killed the fleas in the rugs of my rental properties without a chemical odor. I now use it at home.

  79. Good Shopper

    Works, safe, smells great, easy to use, lasts a long time, worth the money. Some areas may require doing twice.

  80. L. Castro “bogeys friend”

    Best Yet cedar oil is the best non toxic flea and tick deterrent ever. Spray your dog or cat’s bedding, your bedding if they stay on your bed, living room furniture, it’s really great. They stop scratching and you will feel better for it.

    Thank you,

    Linda Castro

  81. Darrell Patton

    Works better than they say it will. We had a flea infestation in the carpeting of our
    RV One simple treatment got rid of the fleas, killed the flea eggs and/or larvae. Safe to use around kids, pets etc. All natural all good

  82. Babargreen

    I have used so many organic sprays for my kitchen ant invasions and although they initially kill the sprayed ants, in the morning there’s a new invasion! No so with this. My ants come through an electrical outlet, so I can’t seal it off. The first spray did what the others do and then I got the second invasion like always but smaller,BUT for weeks now I haven’t seen another ant! They got the message! I sprayed outside near the foundation on the back porch which was ant haven and they are GONE (first time I haven’t seen them in years). I tried an experiment and left food out and dirty dishes in the sink. Not one cockroach or ant. Definitely worth the price for “FREEDOM”! Great product.

  83. Marina S. Cheney

    I somehow managed to acquire an infestation of lice (still have no idea how I have NEVER had lice before in my life — but there’s a reason why their a pest in EVERY country in the world not to mention they are immune to many of the common pesticides used to treat them) — it was simply hell on earth. Don’t know what was worse, the constant itching (cause they bite) or the rash/dry skin I gave myself with the endless amount of otc and home cures that don’t work. I swear the majority of them are designed to see if someone will actually try them, like a hiccup cure… lol… At one point I think I heard the lice asking for more, this time with lime. lol. It’s no laughing matter though, I’m just trying to keep a sense of humor through it all. After throwing out my bed, my bedding, my bed frame, my blankets, my pillows, my towels, and even some of my clothes I was about ready to just throw everything I ever owned in the trash… That was until I stumbled across Best Yet on the internet… I started to read about it, and more specifically cedar oil, and became quite hopeful. I bought it (gallon bottle), spent the extra $$$ (which wasn’t as much as I thought it would be) for overnight delivery. It got here bright and early Saturday morning Halloween weekend (ordered it early afternoon on Friday)… Well I was all prepared for battle… I opened the bottle and it does smell a bit strong, but like cedar wood — not anything truly objectionable or unpleasant. Armed with the spray bottle I bought the night before I poured some of it into it and proceeded to coat everything in my apartment with it… Every room, every nook and cranny… The corners, the computer, the carpet, the baseboards, the furniture, the tv, etc. Yes, I know lice crawl they do not jump or fly — but I do have cats and their fur are like a magnet for everything so they had been carrying the eggs on the very tips of their fur (wonderful, right?) and then when they would shake or scratch those eggs would go flying… So to be safe I just coating everything. Anyway… That took about an hour or so — again a bit strong of a smell, but it really did dissipate in a few hours… I also gave all my kitties a coating (boy they hated that), washed all my clothes and set them aside (for 2 weeks to make sure anything there dies), then finally gave myself a coating head to toe (including my hair), then jumped in the shower to hose off… All I can say is that did the trick. NO MORE LICE! I can’t say a single other product did what this one did — and I had tried a good majority of them. Best Yet is safe — won’t give you cancer (unlike a lot of the other products I tried). Safe to use on yourself, your pets, and all your belongings — I am proof of that. My skin is a little on the dry side from it but then that could be from all the washing, scrubbing, and other products I have been using the past 3 weeks to get rid of these pests… I’m just going to moisturize a lot to resolve that… But again if you have ANY insect problem (it does get rid of over 70 different types of biting/flying/etc insects) USE THIS PRODUCT FIRST! I hope my walk through a nightmare can save others from having to live through what I did for the past 3 weeks. It was awful! But this product is the beginning and end to any search you may have… Thumbs up to it! Although you can buy a lesser quantity, I would recommend buying the gallon bottle — cause you want to use as much as you have to to coat everything, don’t dilute it. Better to spend $99 now and be done with the buggers that are making your life hell — rather than live with them for as long as I did (again 3 weeks) or worse yet, longer! If you don’t use it all up, it stores just fine and unfortunately at some other point in life you will have to battle some other kind of insect so you can use it then too… It’s totally worth it! Wish you the best with getting rid of whatever little buggers ail you. lol!

  84. HSU973

    This has helped me from getting killed and eaten by mosquitoes during the Summer Rainy Season here in Naples, FL. They do not like this oil and I use it on my skin liberally because it doesn’t go into my bloodstream unlike most insect repellents. Not everyone enjoy the cedar wood scent esp. biting insects. I can spray in on my bed, floor, rug, to get rid of fleas. I introduced it to my family, and while not everyone likes the scent, they appreciate not getting bit by mosquitoes!

  85. Marseena Sandberg

    Have used this product before… You Have to use enough to do the job and keep at it ritualisticly. When I used it I had to spray in the morning/ afternoon/ & at night before bad… Yep! Three times a day & sometimes in between. Like it though… It took me a while to get rid of the resistent little demons (fleas) but it worked thank goodness.

  86. C Moore

    Works great will recommend to my friends product smells great and took care of my flea problem my cat felt better immediately

  87. J R STARR

    It did what it is advertised to do. I’ve been using it for over a couple of years. and my friends use it also. and are very Pleased.

    J R STARR. Happy Customer.

  88. Dreaming

    I had a flea infestation in my house when my grandbabies were living with me. They were only in my bedroom thank God, and I went on line to find something that would not be hazardous for the babies and found this. Within 2 weeks the fleas were gone.

    I moved into a home where the seller had hundreds of those bait traps in the house and all the cabinets. I thought I was in trouble so I discarded all the traps and sprayed the Best Yet everywhere. The only bugs I saw after that were a few dead ones. My new property is about 1/4 acre so we do get bugs here. I spray around the baseboards and doors and windows about once a month and that keeps all the bugs away. I’ve been using this product for about 10 years now, and for approximately $80.00 a year. I am bug free; even on my enclosed porch!

  89. P. Burke “Neelys Mum”

    Friends put me onto this product and it has been a lifesaver for my pets, especially my dog who cannot tolerate chemicals and she is a flea magnet, let me tell you. My original order for this gallon size did not arrive, although the tracking information stated that the package was delivered. Never got it and I was very disappointed about it and left a low rating for the seller … Organic Pest Control Solutions. The gentleman contacted me and stood by his promise to provide excellent customer service by overnighting another package to me. I want to state here that it was tremendously appreciated and he deserves a 5 Star rating. I removed the negative feedback from his sight but was not able to leave another feedback … this time a positive one … that is why I included it in this review. I know he lost money on this transaction and I can only hope FedEx might be able to locate the missing package and forward it back to him … or, perhaps …refund him for the package they lost or mis-delivered? Because the seller worked to make this situation right for me I will continue to order Best Yet Cedarcide products when needed.

  90. Lilly S

    Best Yet is the Best! I spray a light coating around my door jambs resulting in no more conga lines of ants marching inside my house to get to pet food dishes! You can spray this on, around, over pets, kids -no poisons to worry about. So effective, a must have for people interested in controlling pests in a way that is safe and organic.

  91. Paula

    Very effective at pest control, without the concern for harsh chemical interaction. Great for spraying on the dogs for flea protection and as a spray for mosquitoes on myself.

  92. Bluejeanbugga

    Noticed a carpet beetle crawling on my carpet one day. Cleaned everything and vacuumed three times over. My parents had a flea problem a few years ago and this stuff worked wonders! Plus it has a very nice smell. I live in a cabin so for a while it smelled like I lived in a cedar log home instead of spruce. Worth your money.

  93. WH7QQ

    Best for keeping black ants down we have found but not perfect…still get ants but much fewer than before. Nothing else works at all.

  94. Lana Sappa

    Works really well to deter pests. Beware the stuff is really strong! Be prepared to air out your home unless you really, really enjoy cedar oil. I did a few sprays in my bedroom and my boyfriend was complaining about the whole house. WARNING: Could be a boyfriend deterrent. 😉

  95. Cathie Simpson “Auntie Cathie”

    This product was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so glad. Before I started using it, I might find up to 10 ticks a week on my two dogs. Now I find maybe one a month. And it smells good both to me and people who are around my dogs. It just happens to suffocate fleas and ticks, so my dogs don’t bring them into the house after our walks anymore.

  96. Minimus forever

    Have been using this for years. I like that it is natural and safe. Not a better product on the market.

  97. Chris L. James

    It does what they say it does. Fleas are gone Ticks are gone and if I use it on the cats they don’t get sick.

  98. Pat Fontaine

    Rocky had been treated one yr. with steroid injections oral medication Predisone etc.. nothing worked.

    My husband and I went to the Home Show here in Daytona Beach and this young guy selling the Product promised me Rocky would stop chewing, scratching and most important he would not be in pain any longer and not even 3 months later his hair is back and most important Rocky is not and has not gone through such pain again.

    I will not run out of the Best Yet spray. The 35.00 I spent that day has lasted me 4 months and saved me at least 3 vet. visits.

  99. Donald Jenkin

    I tried everything to relieve the itching on my dogs and cats and nothing worked. After spraying them and rubbing it in, the itching stopped immediately. Excellent results.

  100. Leslie Johns

    We had a bug, still unknown ..that came in with our cat..we assume . Tried everything ..2 exterminators were worthless.bug bombs strays .. We were gong crazy. not to meation all the chemicles we were afraid of ….Found this and got a cold sprayer from this co.. Worked in no time .. It’s costly but much cheaper than things that don’t work ! Thanks

  101. Marika

    Kills bed bugs and roaches on contact. Excellent product. It’s been an indispensible tool in our fight against these household pests. We use this for its repellent properties as well.

  102. Miss Bov

    Even though everyone thinks I am crazy not to use Raid or other chemicals, I really swear by this stuff. We had a major ant invasion as soon as it got really hot last summer and they just kept coming and coming – even though there was no food left out or any other attraction. Sprayed this every place they seemed to be coming in, and they stayed away. But I had to do it every few days for July and August. If I stopped for more than a few days , they came back. Still better than chemicals any day. And made my wood floors clean and shiny.

  103. Pasgil

    Excellent product. We have ordered it three times now and have ordered it for our church facilities as well. Pleasant cedar smell which quickly dissipates after a day or two, but still continues to work.

  104. cmitchell

    We purchased this after our cat brought a mouse with fleas into the house. (YUCK!) We de-flead the cat, but couldn’t seem to get rid of the fleas in the house. We heard about the Best Yet Cedarcide product and decided to order it. It worked exactly as described. We sprayed EVERYTHING with it and the fleas were gone within 24 hours and we haven’t seen any since. In some areas the cedar smell can be overwhelming, so you might want to spray and then leave the area for a few hours. From time to time, I spray some of the Cedarcide on my hands and rub it on the pets. The cat hates it, but the dog doesn’t seem to mind.

  105. D. M. Kimura “dmk”

    We have used this for years and have never had fleas, ticks or heartworm problems with the dogs. They go to a sitter daily and play with a lot of other dogs and have yet to come home with anything.

    We found this when one of the dogs and I developed a severe skin reaction to the flea and tick repellent from the Vet. We also order the stronger solution to spray the yard to keep the ants and insects in check and use the Cedarcide outdoors to prevent spiders from making webs in the storage and in the perimeter of the garage.

  106. Catherine A Bires

    Great product for repelling insects and making the room smell great. This item is safe for my pets and can be sprayed directly on them.

  107. SCHERRY S.


  108. David

    As an apartment manager I’ve tried everything to mediate this terrible bed bug issue. Nothing has worked better for my communities than Best Yet Cedarcide! Whatever route you take trying to erradicate bed bugs is costly, but this treatment is the best choice in my opinion.

  109. Bee “Bee”

    Kills on contact for roaches but not that they die completely by walking through. Have not treated outside areas yet only inside.

  110. Sonia Belliveau

    I first used this product when my cat got fleas for the first time. We had moved to a new home that had indoor/outdoor animals and they both had fleas too. I groomed all of them, sprayed the house (all hardwood flooring) and got everyone flea-free. I love the smell, I love that its non-toxic and all-natural. Great for people who hate using synthetic chemicals on their pets.

  111. Sharon Jones

    The smell of the product. Must use multiple times for product to work. But worked once you sprayed it more than once

  112. Helen

    I have used Best Yet for almost 2 years and it has worked for my dog. No more pesticides for him. I have also recommended it to several friends who love it too. Down side… it is expensive and it doesn’t kill spiders–I just verified that with Sarah at Cedarcide.

  113. Joe

    I tried Raid, Hot Shot, and other brands still those dirty buggers still kept coming back. I used a fogger–set it up in the morning, came back in the afternoon and found two of them camping out a foot away from the bottle. Finally, I tried Best Yet and discovered that this is the ONLY bug spray I have used that will kill those suckers stone dead the minute you spray it on them. I do a lot of hotel travel so I’m carrying a bottle of this stuff wherever I go. It’s SO comforting to sleep a night without them feasting on my arms!

  114. Kimra Plaisance

    We live in the country in a 20+ year old log house, in the middle of Texas.
    Recently my son saw a HUGE Centipede in his room. We tried to catch it but it squeezed between the logs and disappeared. We are “green” folks, so the only poison I could find was an old can of roach and ant spray. We sprayed the area with that, to no avail. This is when I started searching online for a safe product that would work… and I found Cedarcide.
    I ordered a gallon of the Best Yet. I put some in our pump sprayer and started spraying the inside of our house. My husband was working just outside the downstairs bathroom, while I was spraying the inside. About 6 minutes after I sprayed the inside of that wall, my husband saw the giant centipede come crawling out, and away from our house!! He had on thick gloves, so he caught it and we put it in a jar for photos.
    Thank You, Cedarcide!! We can once again sleep easy in our home!!
    So far, your product has lived up to all the other testimonials I read. Here’s what I’ve found so far…
    *It will cause death to the big Texas Red Ants on contact. So far I’ve found if I continue to spray it in their exit holes (for several days in a row) it will cause them to eventually move to another location. I believe if I were to flush the bed with cedarcide, it would kill it out.
    *It causes almost instant death to fire ants!! My new hobby is spraying fire ant beds!
    *It kills yellow jackets and black wasps very quickly. Once they are sprayed, they do not attempt to fly or attack you as they’re busy, dieing.
    *It has successfully kept our dog free of fleas and her constant scratching has subsided.
    *It has chased the mice out of our chicken house & peacock pen.
    *When sprayed on our horses and cattle, the bot flies immediately stopped lighting on/biting them.
    *When we spray it on ourselves, it repels flies, gnats, mosquito & chiggers, while working on the farm.

    Needless to say, I’ve made my second order of cedarcide! It’s so great to find a safe product that really works! Thanks again

  115. Mary C. Middleton

    I’m a loyal customer. Have been buying this product for almost a little over 2 years now and I love it!

  116. Brett McLean

    Such a comfort to smell this product in Afghanistan. It’s like a bottle of home only with the hope of frightening away bedbugs, and other critters. I’ve learned not to coat my curtains, sheets, bookshelves and rugs with this all at the same time as the smell can be overwhelmingly strong. The fresh lumber smell is pretty good though, just don’t give in to the temptation to supplement your axe body spray with it. The girls aren’t as into it I’ve found.

  117. Noreen Kuyper

    I use best yet on myself, my furniture, my yard and my dogs. Works pretty darn good against those pesty fleas and mosquitoes.
    I live in Florida so I keep it on hand always.

  118. Hilly Field

    After having CedarCide send to our home to get rid of a flea infestation I realized that fleas alone was not our issue when I sprays a bit of cedarcide on our screens (thought to get rid of flies and mosquitoes) it did much more, an unknown to us termite colony started to depart from our deck. This bit of spray, birds started swinging by to feast on the flying colony, crows landed on our deck and feasted as well, the departure was grotesque and of movie like proportion, we had no idea, we sprayed in the wall of the deck and opened a board underneath and gobs of termites thousands if not millions in every state of development started dropping down, black with wings, lighter colored smaller ones with wings, black ones without wings, clear see through small bodies without wings and it took days before the last one had left and the soldiers came and got the remaining bodies out, they left flying walking and left for dead and birds came an gobbled them up ..we found that our deck had totally been eaten and one 2 inch corner wood part was all that kept the deck (with cement on top) from collapsing, we end up remodeling our whole deck and refinished our support system of overhang of the house, we sprayed in the rafters and got all bird infestation out as well. Its two years later and I just ordered another bottle to help my daughter house and to spray one more time in case some survivors with memory decided to come back. I’ve handed over the small sprayers to friend who went overseas and I needed some badly when in Italy last year in mosquito season! So here I go with my mist in my pocket.. Off to Europe again mosquitoes and other bugs will not bug me again!

    Thanks for this safe way of dealing with the pests.

  119. Dorris Ledford

    The Best Yet worked great on our cat’s ear mites. Thank you for such safe products.

  120. Nancy Wilson

    Hi – I love Cedarcide! I have been using it on my pets for over a year now and it really works. I put my dogs in a kennel for our vacation and the kennel was concerned that they weren’t on a traditional flea product – I just told them to spritz the dogs with cedarcide once a day – when they returned home, the dogs didn’t have even one flea on them and the kennel hold over 60 dogs. Amazing!

  121. Rob (verified owner)

    Stuff just works and the fact it won’t kill you, your pets, or your kids, is a bonus.

  122. RayRaySeattle

    I had tried getting rid of an ongoing flea problem for months and even used commercial insecticides to no avail. My dad recommended Cedarcide. I ordered this product, sprayed it all over my house- carpet, beds, curtains, etc. Within a couple hours there were no more fleas jumping on us anywhere in the house. It was wonderful. And the bottle is still so full! It goes a long way.
    The only downside to Cedarcide is that it does leave a lingering, strong cedar odor. Cedar has a nice smell, but not one that is common so it takes you, and guests, a little by surprise. It does go away eventually though.

  123. Sherri D. Padilla

    I will never go back to toxic poison again. I have several aging dogs and 6 cats. One dog ended up dying of cancer which several websites claim is linked to the spot on poisons I used for years, which the fleas seem to be immune to now anyway. We live in the country and yes, fleas are a problem. This stuff knocks them dead immediately. Each animal receives several drops between the shoulder blades and at the base of the tail every two weeks. My dogs wear collars so they also get spray applied to the outside of the collar. Several years ago I actually had to throw away furniture because no matter how much poison we sprayed, they continued to be infested with fleas. We have been completely flea (and every other bug) free since first buying this product two years ago. We spray it around the edges of each room, and around the outside of the house and porch as a preventative. We recently went to an indoor waterpark in Columbus that was infested with bedbugs. This stuff killed them immediately. It goes with us when we travel and with my boys to camp.

  124. Richard Rae

    Thank you very much for all the years of labor you have put in at the office. I know the feeling. I’m a UPS driver and my cat had fleas. I went online to find a natural product to help and CedarCide popped up. I’m so happy. I put the cat in the tub spritzed him with bet yet and before I could pronounce Hallelujah, critters started falling off him. I rubbed him good and rinsed him off then I did the whole place. Everyone thought I was nuts but the smell is appealing to my family. A year later the good lord showed me about fogging and then it was lights on for me. I started a business named organic pest control in the state of New Hampshire. Thank you so much. You are helping so many with so much the benefits are truly limitless………..

  125. Diane

    Just throwing in my two cents:

    Two years ago, we had a flea infestation the likes of which I’ve never experienced. The fleas were all throughout our 2 story house….couldn’t sit anywhere without being jumped on by many. (YUCK!)
    After trying the old remedy of borax then flea bombs, neither of which worked, I found Cedarcide. One treatment of the whole house cut the number of fleas by at least 90%! One more treatment, and they were gone.

    FYI, it also works on ants and other insects.

  126. Kay Larson

    I just started using Best Yet this spring. I always get ants in the spring but I sprayed BY on my door threshold…I have not seen one ant! I sprayed it on my sliding screen door threshold at my patio and found that not only does it keep bugs from entering, it acts as a great lubricate for the sliding door! I use it on the patio when the grand kids come and can feel confident that they won’t be harmed by bugs or chemicals! I love Best Yet! 🙂

  127. Mick

    This is fantastic. I am sensitive to perfumes, paints, etc. I use this product on me on my daily walks, around my house, & when I travel. My exterminator has taught me how to inspect rooms for bedbugs. After I inspect the room, I spray carpets, beds, upholstery with best yet. I am happy to report that it has kept me from bringing bugs home with me. This product keeps my home flea free. I have 3 cats. One has severe allergies to flea bites. Treating my home is an effective barrier to keep us all from being bitten.

    I also use this on all my walks. It is great here in Florida during the whole year. This is the best product I have ever found to control pests here.

  128. Cheri Cabot

    I love your product! It is my favorite find of the year – maybe the decade! Right up there with my Nook and Trader Joe’s Guiltless Brownie Mix. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    (I love the lovely cedar smell that lingers….)

    I spray your product around freely! Closets, bedding…near the litter boxes…you name it. Besides that, I feel so much better about treating my cats. Yes, cats. With six cats I have officially tipped the scales toward “crazy cat lady.” Before I found CedarCide I treated my cats with one of the well-known, not- to- be -named, products and Rufus became ill. The vet said it was the chemicals, since treating with CedarCide is no problem. An additional bonus is the price, with so many cats it is much more economical –and safe- to treat with your product. My cats are all rescue cats, but after 7 years, I’m not sure who rescued whom.

  129. Webb

    I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the claims of your product, Best Yet, but thought I would take a chance and buy some for my cat’s flea problem. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff is a MIRACLE and I am so grateful for the person who concocted it! What a blessing to find a product that does not harm either animals or people with chemicals! I have sprayed the cat, all carpets and bedding and furniture in the house; also sprayed the concrete floor on the screened porch (not sure if that was necessary but did it anyway). NO MORE FLEAS!!! I use the spritzer on myself every time I go out in the yard and the mosquitoes DO NOT touch me! What a joy! It’s not greasy and I even love the smell but then I have always loved the smell of cedar. There are just not enough good words to say about your product; thank you, thank you, thank you for producing this wonder-working oil.

  130. Amy Weaver

    To CedarCide:

    A few months ago I found you on line and called and ordered your product. I can only say a big thank you for such a great product.

    I have given the little brochures out that were enclosed to friends that have dogs.

    I have a little Shi-poo and she is my constant companion but I almost lost her a couple of years ago because of Advantix. She will be 4 years old in Sept. and it is so wonderful to not be bothered any more with fleas because of CedarCide.

    Have used other products that are natural but yours is the best.

    Many thanks to the Doctor that discovered this fine product.

  131. Lady Arizona

    I live in AZ & I have been using BestYet for about a year now. It has killed for me the Turkestan Cockroach, American Cockroach & the nasty huge sewer cockroaches(sprayed it & it slowed it down enough for me to catch it in a jar & then I pored more BestYet on it & it died), ants (little black ones) & fruit flies in my home. I usually spray the bug with direct contact if I see one & it kills it. I haven’t tried the Cedarcide Yard Spray yet, but I am so happy with the results of BestYet that I will continue to purchase from Cedarcide, tell everyone I know about BestYet & will turn to Cedarcide for use of their other products if the need arises. BestYet works!

  132. Douglas Brown

    I have been in my house for 22 years and never had a Tick problem until the last 4 or 5 years. My 2 young boys would simply go out to swing on the swing set and come in with a couple of ticks on them. Also, a friend that sometimes visits with her fluffy dog, would literally walk from her car (50 ft away), across the lawn and past the Hostas. By the time her and the dog were in the living room, she was picking ticks off from the dog, in big numbers. I decided to use the PCO Choice to treat the whole area, and Best Yet for a personal repellant spray. Since I started treating the area, I have not seen one tick, and our friends dog does not have any ticks on her, walking across the same area! Also, I have a small 8×8 raised garden that really needed weeding (reviving). I sprayed that area in early spring, and recently crawled around the garden, picking out weeds. I never saw one tick, and they are supposed to be real bad where I live! This product is amazing! Great job CedarCide!

  133. Elizabeth

    I am very happy with this spray! I love that it’s natural and it works!

    I was noticing some increased bug activity around the house in the spring, but I wasn’t too bothered until one day when I came across a cockroach in my kitchen. After killing the cockroach I ordered some Best Yet and liberally applied it around my house. I have not seen another cockroach since and the miscellaneous bugs have definitely decreased as well.

    It has a strong cedar smell which I find quite nice. I love the smell of cedar and I especially love that my house doesn’t smell like a chemical bath and I can spray it everywhere.

  134. Rachid Eloudiyi

    When my apartment was infested with bed bugs , I tried everything I can ( cleaning everything with hot water, threw my bed, sheet and pillows before I called in the office and to schedule treatment with their pest control company. After I underwent, 3 weeks of “professional bed bug treatment”, bed bugs showed up just as quick as they did the first time!!! I WAS SO LUCKY, I tried CedarCide’s Best Yet organic bed bug spray. I never had to do anything else after that. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It deserves all five stars and more! By the way, it is not just the product, the company and the staff are great…fast shipping and excellent customer service.

  135. Marian Lunt

    We sell grain to horse, sheep, goat, hogs owners. To rid our grain storage facility of weevils, and to prevent weevils we spray with Cedarcide. We are very happy to have a natural alternative to the very poisonous gases used to prevent infestations in grain storage. We feel secure that the grain we sell will not make animals sick.

  136. Debora Hutchens

    I‘ve been using Best Yet spray for my golden retriever for years! She‘s never had a tick on her & if I’ve seen a flea on her, it immediately jumps off.

    My niece has been using same on her golden, as well, for 2-3 yrs. This summer she noticed many fleas on her as they moved where there were pine trees & other dogs. Now, she has moved to a house where there are woods & deer come up into the yard. She doesn’t want to put chemicals on Gracie, but she is scared that she might get deer ticks, etc. & is considering a vet product. Do you have any recommendations with your products where Gracie wouldn’t get fleas & ticks? She’s just been spraying Best Yet animal spray on her a couple of times weekly.

  137. Albert (verified owner)

    Your video is very helpful. I’ve been spraying since June 2014 and I am basically doing it right. However, there were a couple of tips that I can improve upon that was in your video. Thank you!

  138. B. Gunn

    Thank you. Best-Yet is as good as you say it is. I’m bug free and I slept all night without
    waking. I’m telling everyone I know about it. I feel like I slept in a forest and awoke at
    sunrise. I’ll be ordering more soon. Thanks again.

  139. pedro

    this product is the best

  140. pedro

    para la gente de habla hispana este producto es el major yo lo use y doy fe que si funciona .

  141. Manuelduek

    Extremely individual pleasant website. Great information available on couple of clicks.

  142. Karen (verified owner)

    The Cedarcide insect spray (formerly known as Best Yet) is awesome. I did not want to put any chemical product on our new puppy so I searched the web and found cedarcide. I ordered the Best Yet (as it was called then) for our yard and to spray on our puppy to keep fleas away. I have killed spiders, ants and my husband has killed wasps and bees with this wonderful product. I am so glad to have found something to use that is an all natural product, not a poison like so many bug killers are. We spray our puppy once a week with the cedarcide spray and we have never seen a flea on her or in our home. I highly recommend this product. I also am highly impressed with their customer service. They are great at answering any questions I have.

  143. Lynn D (verified owner)

    We have a terrible time controlling ticks on the dogs. We use frontline but that does not do a complete job. so I sprayed cedarcide on the dogs before we walked in the woods in northern Wisconsin this past week and also the bottom of our pants and boots. I did not find any ticks on the dogs yet or on us. sometimes I only find them after they have gotten engorged so I will update if I find any. I also sprayed around us when the little flies(non -biting just annoying) were pestering us. and it definitely made a difference. I bought a gallon and it smells so good and seems to work so well maybe I should have bought a larger container.

  144. NancyKolosso

    First of all I ordered this product because my Australian Shepherd had seizures from Frontline Plus. I needed something to get rid of the ticks that wasn’t neuro-toxic to him. Someone who had problems with their dog and using Frontline Plus on him told me about your products. I am so happy to have been told about this. You don’t know how happy it has made me to find a product that won’t harm my aussie. Thank you so much.

  145. GPJ (verified owner)

    Something was biting me at my office. I work in an older building with hard wood floors, and lots of dust. It could have been dust mites, I have no idea, felt like something was jumping on my legs, and I had bites on my lower arms. I sprayed my desk, floor, chair and area with Cedarcide, no bites. The smell is strong, but fades. I didn’t want to bring anything home with me, so sprayed there too, just in case. No bites, no itching! I’m ordering more. Good stuff!

  146. Rob M

    A # of yrs ago, I had heard of your product (progressive talk radio commercial-Randi Rhodes, I believe) & at the time was in an fight w/ bed bug infestation (thanks to an neighbor in next apt.-forced to move out, but this is past the point). It was just after when “trouble started happening”. Tried the “usual products” to no effect, other than the horrible stink. After some research on other ways to control is when I had heard your commercial. Bought (2) Gal. jugs & spray pump appli. It didn’t take long til they (bed bugs) were no more (and still to this day-thankfully, haven’t been “bugged”), until now-our newest visitor-cockroach(s). People in apt. are finding out ths new problem and unfortunate for me, have just seen my 1st adult (and if you see 1, there are more in the wait) so brought out what I still have from my 1st order & gave it a try. The 1 that I had seen had went into an crack btwn kitchen counter & wall (SOM B.). Had sprayed entire area to see if any effect & sure enough, found it all in an ball. Will be hitting the cabinets in the wkend w/ the gal. that I still have-unopened, but a new order is coming for some new items. This stuff is GREAT…..

  147. Carol

    I now have hope! Great help on live chat from Sarah regarding ordering and paying. Smell was quite pleasant. Now trying to order more.

  148. brio (verified owner)

    Animal shelter use… outstanding – kills adults, larvae and eggs on FLEAS, mosquitoes, bedbugs… Ticks on higher concentration…
    We spray directly on to dogs (covering the eyes) and the “DAS” formula on cats… Pets LOVE the odor (other natural products repel the cats along with bugs)… Apply on carpet, bedding, cages, floors, furniture… For outdoors: PCO with garden hose attachment…

  149. Louise

    You know you have a winner when the vet tech privately asks you what is the name of that spray you use on your dogs. Vet tends to push the name brands but tech doesn’t want to use chemicals on her pets and has seen mine flea and tick free for years with only Cedarcide used. Speaks for itself.

  150. Jay

    So I have used he product for years, from treating my house for fleas to treating my daughters for lice. We are a military family constantly moving, coming to retirement, so we bought a home with land in the foothills, northern Cali. BUGS!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!! In the base houses, primarily used for fleas and mosquitos. When my daughters came home from school with a notice of lice, the wife panicked. I grabbed the spray bottle, lined up my little girls, sprayed their hair until it was wet (not dripping) and tied a bag over their hair/head. I also sprayed their bedding, clothes, rooms, furniture… Checked it again that night at shower time. Dead lice everywhere. Washed their hair, applied and bagged again, and sent to bed. Next day used nit comb, and sent to school. Problem eradicated. I FEAR NO LOUSE. I now use the product to spray the school a couple times a year. Lice outbreaks severely diminished (not eradicated) with regular use in the school.

    The girls reported the oil was rather pleasant. No burning or itching. Their hair looked clean, conditioned, soft, and even had a mild pleasant woodsy smell. Most importantly, bug free.

    WORTH IT!!

  151. dave surrell

    I have to say this in the 6 year life span of my dogs we have battled fleas found things that work once about 40 percent of the time. First bottle first time well over 90% gone just died. my male red fawn boxer was covered and no matter the bath etc would stay covered then as soon as i sprayed instantly i had a hand ful of dead fleas. What took me so long i’ll never know but thank you from my family to yours for making a wonderful product.

  152. Jessie

    At last, soeomne who comes to the heart of it all

  153. Tony Favero

    CedarCide Original: I can also confirm unequivocally that this product is excellent for termite eradication as well. I could not find the so-called Orange Oil on-line that termite guys use, so I tried this on my pine-paneled wall in our TV room that was infested with termites, both above and below…..IT WORKS! Previously I would find ample termite dust mounds at strategic places around the room. After spraying liberally with CedarCide around the access points for termites, I have not seen a termite dust mound for 9 months to year now. Used it previously to that in another area of the home with termite infestation with the same results two years ago and still no sign of termites. Great product and safe to use in the house. Forget about the orange oil guys, this stuff works!
    I know that government regulations may say, “well this is not approved for termites”, which may keep CedarCide from promoting it as such…..but bull crap! Use it on those termites and you will be extremely pleased as I was!

  154. Tony Favero

    Review submitted earlier without rating……for Termites too a 5 Star!

  155. Cathryn Bilodeau

    You could definitely see your expertise within the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  156. Rebel

    We have a lake house at Cedar Creek Lake outside of Dallas. Outside our back leading to the patio, we get swarms of gnats. I sprayed the Cedarcide Original, and thousands of bugs were dead instantly. We are very happy with the product, and we wouldn’t think of going back to a chemical solution.

    • Sarah at CedarCide

      Thanks Rebel! We are so happy you are enjoying your results.

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