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For more than 1,000 years, cedar oil has been a proven method of natural insect control. Cedarcide has figured out how to make the power of cedar oil work for you.

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PCO Choice

Spray this concentrated formula in your yard to deter a variety of insects. Just like all of our products, it's safe for people and pets.

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Best Yet Quart Spray

Our most popular formula. Best Yet is a 100% organic cedar oil product that both kills and repels bugs yet is safe for adults, kids, and pets.

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CedarShield Gallon

The ultimate in wood preservation. CedarShield both repels insects and extracts the moisture from wood, forming leaving you with a harder, more resistant, insect-free fence or deck.

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Kills These Bugs And More!

And more! Give us a call at (800) 842-1464 to ask us about other insects.

Harnessing the Power of Cedar Oil

For more than 1,000 years, cedar oil has been a proven method of natural pest control that emphasizes simple, inexpensive, 100% organic practices that cause no harm to people or the environment. Cedar oil focuses on building a barrier of entry on the perimeter of your property, so bugs stay out of your yard, which means they stay out of your home. At we are dedicated to reducing the health risk and environmental impacts of pesticides and promoting organic alternatives such as natural pest control to homeowners across America, one home at a time.

Our company provides a full suite of natural bug repellent and non-toxic products to help our customer keep their homes, pets and yard free from nuisance pests. We also create personal protection products.

These natural pest control products leverage the power of natural Texas red cedar oil, which is a natural pest killer and deterrent. This ingredient is non-toxic and safe for humans, pets and the environment.

Our company is dedicated to providing you the best customer experience with effective natural pest control services. Let us know if you have any comments regarding our new website. Thank you for your continued business and support. We truly appreciate your business.

Thousands of Happy Customers

CedarCide has been in business for over ten years and has served almost a hundred thousand customers. Don’t take our word for it. Here are some words from our happy customers.

This is a video from our enthusiastic customer Greg. Watch as he takes down a stinkbug without the smell using one spray of TickShield. The stinkbug never even releases its scent. Thanks, Greg!

Actual Quotes from Customers

Domestic Animal Spray For My Animal Rescue

“I just purchased Domestic Animal Spray. Fleas have been awful here in TN like everywhere else. My poor cat with very thick long hair was not getting relief from any flea application. I sponged it on wetting her to the skin. She instantly stopped scratching and licking and went to sleep and slept all night. I have an animal rescue so I have ordered 4 more gallons to dip all the pets in our care. I will never go back to chemicals again. Thank you for your product.”

Virginia H.

It is a Wonder Cure For Bugs!

“We bought a gallon of this stuff and man, it is a wonder cure for bugs, it kills has killed every bug I sprayed it on and the walls of the apartment. It works well. Better then anything else I have tried.”

Casey S.