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Very Happy with DAS

I’ve been very happy with the D.A.S. spray so far. I still have plenty left, but I’ll definitely order it when my supply gets low. Today I received a shipment of the tick shield that we’ll be able to use on the dog and on ourselves. Hopefully, this will continue to be successful so we can keep our dog off of frontline and other pesticides.
Karen Golann

Thank you for your wonderful product!

Lawn never looked so good and no insects in our home or on us and our pets were pest free. Love the scent too.
Ann Sutela

No More Mosquito Bites 🙂

Subject: Best Yet/Florida

Good morning,

I just wanted to give you my story to praise your “Best Yet” product! Heard about it from my Idol Randi on the talk show. I am so tired of all the chemicals in our environment, food, medicines etc. Really just hated putting the “top spot” poisons on my pets as well so I have been researching non-toxic products for about a year.

I live in a semi-rural area of NW Florida! FLEAS are a constant huge problem here. A person absolutely has to have a good defense against them or they will torment you and your pets. It has been very difficult to find a non-toxic product that WORKS here in Florida. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats that go in and out of the house at will.

Well…after thoroughly researching your website I decided I would give your product a try. It was a huge decision because if it did not work I and the pets would be in trouble! GUESS WHAT??? The Best Yet product works GREAT!!!! I am so very thankful to your company for this product!

Not only does it keep the fleas and ticks off of the pets but the dogs really like the way it soothes their skin. Even the cats don’t mind the occasional spritzing.

It smells great. I have sprayed it on myself and my 81 year old Dad as well while we are working outside and NO MORE MOSQUITO BITES 🙂

Additionally some fire ants showed up alongside the walls of my Koi pond right where I walk daily. So….I sprayed the hills and they all went away! I don’t know where they went but I am not getting bit anymore while maintaining my pond.

I have recommended your product to everyone at work as well as praised it on FB!


Denise White

Rid Ourselves of Fleas

Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Subject: Re: tracking number UPS

Thank you for the UPS numbers. I was able to track it as I was quite anxious to try your product out. It arrived several days ago and has been in heavy use. So far, it has proved itself as stated on your website, especially for ridding ourselves of fleas from our dogs and household.

I hope your sales continue to spiral upward. You should be getting a lot of orders for the recent bed bug infestations that people are experiencing. We are not one of them, but I believe your product would perform just as well on them as it has as the flea problem we experienced.

My sister-in-law also placed an order with you based on our recommendations. We should be hearing back from her shortly to see how things have progressed.


Steve Morris

No More Bed Bugs!

Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 6:45 AM
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Cedarcide,

I lived in the US in the NY area and we got Bed Bugs… We tried almost everything possible with sometimes good results but always temporary. Then I ordered Best Yet and the Fogger… Gone!!! no more Bed Bugs!!!

I am impressed.

Thanks for your answers and again thanks to have helped me fighting these Bed Bugs…

Carlos del Marmol
Marmol Tribe

Easy to Use and No More Bug Bites

Date: 9/11/2010

We’ve used the PCO Choice per instructions this whole summer and the results are fantastic. It’s easy to do/use, and no more bug bites. Our cats like the yard almost as much as we do. It’s so easy, and no worries about poisons. I cannot thank you enough for such a superb product. We like it.

Thank you guys!


Exceptionally Good For My Dogs

Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 9:48 AM

I have found your product to be exceptionally good for my dogs. I do bloodhound rescue, and found you on the net when I became frustrated with Advantage and Frontline’s not living up to expectations and the long time harm it does to the dogs. I’ve recommended you to Fireside Rescue and numerous others, including Pyrenees rescue, and it is my understanding that they are happy with your product also. I love the idea that my dogs aren’t getting poison in their systems to damage them.

Thank you so much for developing this product.
Virginia Grant

Sprayed 15 Infected Rooms, Next Morning Bugs Gone, Every Room

Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 9:27 PM

I have been using Best Yet in my rooming house for 3 yr. Just one spray in the room when bugs are detected and no more bugs. They come in with the tenants, who often come from hostels in other large cities. I know they kill within seconds, but what is the residual protection after the initial kill? I called in the pros for my first infestation, and watched as the bugs went from room to room, under the watchful spraying of the pro. Found your product, sprayed 15 infected rooms, next morning bugs gone, every room.

Robert Silvester

The Critters Started Falling Off My Cat

Subject: new customer

August 7, 2010
Thank you very much for all the years of labor you have put in at the office. I know the feeling. I’m a UPS driver and my cat had fleas. I went online to find a natural product to help and CedarCide popped up. I’m so happy. I put the cat in the tub spritzed him with bet yet and before I could pronounce Hallelujah, critters started falling off him. I rubbed him good and rinsed him off then I did the whole place. Everyone thought I was nuts but the smell is appealing to my family. A year later the good lord showed me about fogging and then it was lights on for me. I started a business named organic pest control in the state of New Hampshire. Thank you so much. You are helping so many with so much the benefits are truly limitless………..

Richard Rae

I Almost Lost Her a Couple of Years Ago Because of Advantix

8-3-2010 From the Snail Mail Bag

To CedarCide:

A few months ago I found you on line and called and ordered your product. I can only say a big thank you for such a great product.

I have given the little brochures out that were enclosed to friends that have dogs.

I have a little Shi-poo and she is my constant companion but I almost lost her a couple of years ago because of Advantix. She will be 4 years old in Sept. and it is so wonderful to not be bothered any more with fleas because of CedarCide.

Have used other products that are natural but yours is the best.

Many thanks to the Doctor that discovered this fine product.

Amy C. Weaver
Destin, FL.

It Killed More Than We Expected

From: Hilly Field
Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 7:59 PM
Subject: Saved us!!

After having CedarCide send to our home to get rid of a flea infestation I realized that fleas alone was not our issue when I sprays a bit of cedarcide on our screens (thought to get rid of flies and mosquitoes) it did much more, an unknown to us termite colony started to depart from our deck. This bit of spray, birds started swinging by to feast on the flying colony, crows landed on our deck and feasted as well, the departure was grotesque and of movie like proportion, we had no idea, we sprayed in the wall of the deck and opened a board underneath and gobs of termites thousands if not millions in every state of development started dropping down, black with wings, lighter colored smaller ones with wings, black ones without wings, clear see through small bodies without wings and it took days before the last one had left and the soldiers came and got the remaining bodies out, they left flying walking and left for dead and birds came an gobbled them up ..we found that our deck had totally been eaten and one 2 inch corner wood part was all that kept the deck (with cement on top) from collapsing, we end up remodeling our whole deck and refinished our support system of overhang of the house, we sprayed in the rafters and got all bird infestation out as well. Its two years later and I just ordered another bottle to help my daughter house and to spray one more time in case some survivors with memory decided to come back. I’ve handed over the small sprayers to friend who went overseas and I needed some badly when in Italy last year in mosquito season! So here I go with my mist in my pocket.. Off to Europe again mosquitoes and other bugs will not bug me again!

Thanks for this safe way of dealing with the pests.

Hilly Field

One Treatment Killed 90%. One More Treatment And They Were Gone

From: Diana in Ventura
Sent 8/2/2010, 1:58PM
Subject: Cedarcide testimonial

Just throwing in my two cents:

Two years ago, we had a flea infestation the likes of which I’ve never experienced. The fleas were all throughout our 2 story house….couldn’t sit anywhere without being jumped on by many. (YUCK!)
After trying the old remedy of borax then flea bombs, neither of which worked, I found Cedarcide. One treatment of the whole house cut the number of fleas by at least 90%! One more treatment, and they were gone.

FYI, it also works on ants and other insects.


PHL: Great Product, I’ll Never Be Without it For The Livestock!

From: Crystal Snow
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010, 8:21AM


I currently use the Pet, Horse & Livestock concentrate around the barn, on the horses, donkey and around the rabbits and it works great for flies and biting insects….especially the ticks, which I’ve not found at all on the horses since using it.

My pony always had an itchy tail, she would rub and ruin the top of it….could have been any number of things causing the itch. I sprayed the concentrate mix right into the tail wetting the skin maybe 3 times in a week and she stopped rubbing it. That was more than 2 months ago and I haven’t sprayed her tail since.

We’d also always have at least one animal with an itchy face in summer & they would rub it raw…not this year – great product…I’ll never be without it for the livestock.

Thank you,

Crystal Snow

Note from CedarCide: We’ve replaced PHL with Vet’s Choice.

Quiet Sleeping, Non Scratching, Happy Dogs!

From:Janet Streight
Sent:Sunday, July 25, 2010 11:18 AM
Subject: Your superior products

Dr. Ben,

You have created a wonderful product!!! Bar none it is the best for my dogs and kennel. Some of my dogs are highly allergic to topicals, pills, spot on products etc. They used to get red ears, red foot pads and chew themselves when applying those products in the past. No more! I dip the entire kennel in diluted according to instructions and presto!!!! Quiet sleeping non scratching happy dogs. They can finally rest from being totally bug free! I spray the entire home, porches and yard areas as well the same day (sometimes using the left over dip to double use!!) Had to spray my car on the inside as well we had fleas so bad!

I cannot thank you enough for this superior product which has saved me $1,000’s on unnecessary for “hire” type eradication. I used to spend over $150 per month for this hire out guy and I STILL had fleas on the dogs, me, the patios, yard etc. I have finally got this under control with your products and my dogs loved to be dipped because they now know that the fleas will instantly STOP BITING!

The fun part was I wasn’t thinking of scorpions here in S. Texas and whammy…out they came like they were stunned…and died!! Lots of other critters too, couldn’t name them all if I tried, they are just dead everywhere, have to vacuum them up.

While it’s not pleasant to have or let anyone know you have tons of bugs I have been a great supporter of your product and would love to have extra on hand because several friends are kennel operators or have multiple dog venues! I am ordering today the largest size in gallons to keep my home, kennel and yards bug free!!!

Thanks again,

Melody Ranch Kennel
3528 f.m. 1346
La Vernia, Texas

Jan Streight Evans

Spritz The Dogs With CedarCide (Best Yet) Once A Day!

Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 9:16 PM

Hi – I love Cedarcide! I have been using it on my pets for over a year now and it really works. I put my dogs in a kennel for our vacation and the kennel was concerned that they weren’t on a traditional flea product – I just told them to spritz the dogs with cedarcide once a day – when they returned home, the dogs didn’t have even one flea on them and the kennel hold over 60 dogs. Amazing!

I do have a mole problem and want to know which product to get to get rid of the grubs that moles are so attracted to.

Thank you for your time and great products!

Nancy Wilson


I just started using Best Yet this spring. I always get ants in the spring but I sprayed BY on my door threshold…I have not seen one ant! I sprayed it on my sliding screen door threshold at my patio and found that not only does it keep bugs from entering, it acts as a great lubricate for the sliding door! I use it on the patio when the grand kids come and can feel confident that they won’t be harmed by bugs or chemicals! I love Best Yet! 🙂

Facebook fan.

Kay Larson

Best Yet Saved Our Sanity, Kills Bed Bugs!

From: nona simmons
Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:16 PM


I am a Best Yet customer I’ve bought the product 4 times! Recently this July, I found bed bugs in my apartment in 2008. I was sandwiched in between apartments that had severe infestations and my landlord basically ignored the problem. I was 7 months pregnant, and had just bought a brand new bed and mattress set that I spent a lot of money on. We found that I didn’t have an infestation yet, so we acted quickly.

I did research on the little critters the first day we discovered them and found your website. I took a chance on your product. It saved our sanity, but because I lived in a building where it was spreading like a slow simmer, coupled with a landlord who didn’t see the handwriting on the wall it has escalated currently to 45 apartments out of 96 with bed bugs. Those are just the apartments that are honest and admitting it.

I live in Brooklyn, NY which is the No.1 borough for bedbugs in NYC and NYC being the No.1 state. My neighborhood has a high concentration of immigrants from the Caribbean and now Mexico. My building has a large number of immigrants from Haiti. Many immigrants from these countries are familiar with bedbugs and just endure it. I am the president of the tenant committee in my building and I am spreading the word about Best Yet. Several of the tenants in my building are using it and love it! And don’t have bed bugs. I sent out newsletters to my tenants with your name, number, and website address explaining the merits of your product. In my tenant meeting Sunday and tomorrow I will be bringing the product down as a selling point, I want to make sure everyone has this product and know how to get rid of bed bugs.

That is the biggest problem in NYC the govt. city and state are not educating people on how to fight them, and most people especially poor people are at the mercy of their landlords waiting for them to exterminate their apartments. I took the expense out of the rent and sent him the receipts after sending him letters and making phone calls. I finally convinced him during a meeting this June to exterminate everyone’s apartment that has bed bugs, in which I put together a list. I know that this will not completely eradicate the problem that is why I’m holding meetings, sending out newsletters, and will soon be going door to door with your product, I lost my job last August through the massive layoffs that occurred around the country but I’m looking to eventually purchase the fogger for my own apartment and for my neighbors should they need me. Do you have any coupons that you can send me? I am waging a bed bug war that I am going to win at least in my own building with the help of educating my tenants and through the use of your products.

Thank you sooo much, you saved me and my family with Best Yet.

Sincerely Yours,

Nona F. Simmons

We Use CedarShield For “Preventing” Wood.

Posted @ Wall Coat New Jersey, July 3rd 2010

Just like the old saying says “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”. Wallcoat Architectural Coatings routinely uses Cedar Shield to protect wood surfaces when they may be exposed to corrupting influences. Nothing lasts forever, but taking appropriate measures to protect surfaces from deterioration ensures that surfaces look fresh and new as long as possible and can be easily rehabilitated when it becomes necessary. We aim for long lasting and resiliently beautiful results….less work, more fun!

Admin @ Wall Coat N.J.

Testing the All Natural Cedarshield Oil Wood Preservative…

Posted @, July 13th, 2010

I had read the articles, the various reports and scientific data and so, it was now time to put this apparently miraculous product to the ultimate test. A good friend of mine who specializes in the hand crafted manufacture of Ash furniture gave me the suggestion that we could try it out on a freshly cut slice of Ash tree. Normally he fills the trees, removes the branches and they are then stacked for periods of up to twenty years to completely dry out the wood and make it suitable for use in the manufacturing process. What he now suggested was that we cut a large slice from a recently felled and still wet tree, then apply this cedar oil based product to it and see what happens and if there is any noticeable difference.

Armed with a five gallon bucket of the product, an extremely long chain saw, some gasoline and a couple of saw horses, we set off in my friend’s truck towards the site where his Ash trees were kept. After about forty minutes we drove up a bumpy gravel road and turned into an area that appeared to be an abandoned stone quarry. We stopped his truck and got out to view some well stacked piles of huge trees, all set out in neat rows to both sides of the truck. We commenced by emptying out the truck box of all the items we had carried with us. My friend set up the two saw horses in the middle of the gravel yard and then proceeded to gas up his chain saw and give it a first start. Now convinced that everything was in good working order, we headed off towards one of the log piles.

I was advised that this particular stack of trees had only been felled just over one week previously and as such, they were still as wet as the day they were cut down. My friend studied each of the trees in the stack and then made his decision as to which one would be our subject for the experiment. Marking the end of it with chalk, he picked up his chain saw and climbed up to a suitable position where he could access the tree’s diameter with ease. With ear muffs on and a couple of fast pulls on the chain saw string, that well known buzz burst into life and the long chain was ready to start cutting. He stood firm and straight on the logs and commenced his first cut through a tree with a diameter of almost five feet. Within a few minutes and a couple of position moves on his part, the end of the large tree fell free to the ground. The exposed cut was clean and straight and I could see most of the circles quite clearly. Without hesitation, he climbed back up to his original position and started his second cut. The chain entered the tree about three inches from the newly exposed end and once again he worked away steadily until an almost evenly thick slice again fell free to land on top of the first slice. With that, the chain saw stopped buzzing and he climbed down to explain that this was the slice we were going to do our experiment on.

Together, we carefully pulled the large tree slice away from the pile and then, with one of us one each side we lifted the rather heavy piece of wood up and over onto the two awaiting saw horses. Placing it carefully on top of the horses, we had to adjust one of them to get it lying more solidly in position without a wobble. After a short five minute rest, we took over the bucket of fluid to start our test. Armed with a three inch brush each, we coated all of the upper side with its first coat of the cedarshield oil. It soaked into the timber as quickly as we applied it and that in itself was quite amazing considering how wet the timber was. We waited another five minutes or so and then commenced applying our second coat in exactly the same way as the first and yet again, it continued to soak in to the wood almost immediately. After this we waited maybe ten minutes before starting our third and final application. This time, by the time we were about half way across the large circle of wood, the fluid started to drip from the underside and onto the gravel below. We completed our application, closed the bucket and placed our brushes tightly into a plastic bag then went back to examine the now actively dripping tree slice. Sure enough, the underside was oozing the fluid we had applied on the surface but it did feel different to the touch. At that point we really didn’t understand what was happening or why the fluid coming through the downward side felt so different to the touch.

The real surprise came when the fluid finally stopped dripping through the wood and we decided it was time to lift the slice back to the truck. Again, with one of us at each side we grabbed hold of the wood and commenced to lift it. We both stopped in unison and dropped the wood back onto the saw horses for we had discovered it was now very light in weight compared to the time we had placed it in position. After some discussion on this, we again lifted it up and carried it over to the waiting truck for transportation back to my friend’s workshop. With everything now packed up and well secured, we left the site and headed back home with our newly cut slice of Ash tree. Upon arrival at his home and workshop, we were both eager to investigate the treated timber in more detail. Yes, its weight was now equivalent to that of dried Ash of the same dimensions but we had to ask ourselves why? We sent the slice through his planer and thickness machine and out it came fully dressed just like a piece of fully seasoned dry timber I was advised. To my friend who was well used to working with this type of timber, this discovery was truly amazing in itself. However, when we read the technical data for the fluid and found that the wood was now dimensionally stable, that it would not split or warp and that it was also fully protected from all types of fungal attack, rot and insect attack, my friend looked at me and stated “This has to the most miraculous invention for the treatment of wood ever!”

Upon reading the technical data further, we discovered that the cedarshield fluid contained double tailed molecules within its formulation and upon its application to timber, these molecules would instantly attach themselves to hydroxyls within the timber, acting as a water scavenger and instantly turning the inherent moisture into ethanol gas which immediately evaporated and left the wood totally dry and completely preserved again almost everything. Truly an amazing achievement and even more so when we considered that this fluid is 100% natural organic in its make up and contained no toxins, poisons or hazards of any kind. My friend continued to work on our newly cut circle of Ash wood and now, I am the proud owner of a highly polished and most certainly all natural Ash picnic table that I seen being manufactured literally from start to finish. This unique fluid is now saving my friend from waiting for periods of up to twenty years before he can work his beloved Ash timbers. It is most certainly a wonderful, safe and highly effective product that is likely to be used throughout all areas of the lumber industry.


Bob Littlejohn

A Horrible Attack of Fleas!

From a post at

We had an unusually horrible attack of fleas. I had professionals to
my home three times – still fleas. We ordered your product and it
finished them off for good. No more fleas. I love cedarcide and will
always have it on hand. It is wonderful to have products that will
not harm pets or humans – thank you!

Lillie Durelle

We Have Not Seen a Single Flea Since We Started Using It… (BEST YET)
Sent:Saturday, June 26, 2010 8:50 PM
Subject: Order info

Hello, I purchased Best Yet by phone last Fall (2009) and have found it to be, well, the best yet…… our dog smells wonderful and we have not seen a single flea since we started using it. She was badly infested when we adopted her from the rescue in August, but she’s in excellent health now.

Our problem is that we’re not sure how much we purchased. We getting down to the bottom of the quart spray bottle and although we still have the spritzer to use, we’re ready to refill the spray bottle. My husband thinks we bought a jug of Best Yet with which to refill it, but we can’t find such a jug anywhere…… would you please be so kind as to look up our order and let me know how much we purchased? Unless we bought a refill supply with our original purchase, we need to order one now.

Thanks very much. Even our vet is using it, now, on her own dog!

Ashland, MA

Samantha Morin

Bonnie’s Journey Through the Valley of The Shadow of Mites…
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 4:13 AM
Subject: Mites

Dear Dr. Ben,

My name is Bonnie, I wrote you over a year ago about the mite infestation that was ruining my life. You replied that its sounds like collembolla mites, from my descriptions, and you advised spraying with Best yet. That info was helpful, and I got my life back (able to sleep etc. and not so much itching). However, I am not completely rid of them. I have to spray repeatedly, and as you said, I become like a magnet for them. I tried the very toxic ivermectin, it worked for a while, but not long. It is hard on the liver, so I don’t want to take it so often.

My question is, do people ever get rid of these mites, ever? Or is it a permanent situation? I have treated my floors and attic with Best Yet, and outside with PCO, but honestly, not a day goes by that I don’t get the itch from a new “bite.” My theory is that they aren’t biting, but are entering the skin, and when they do enter, it itches like mad. If I spray immediately, it stops. But if I neglect to spray for a few minutes, and the itch becomes more intense, even spraying does not help. Then I use the Arbonne body wash on the “bite” and it stops itching; it smothers them I think, its plastic lke. (recommended by Megan Wells, who is a saint for helping mite attack victims). There is no evidence of a “bite”–it is just intense itching, as if a flea bite, so my theory is that they are entering the pore and that causes the itching. What is your opinion?

This is an exhausting problem I have been dealing with over a year and a half, and have spent hundreds of dollars. I am very, very grateful that you assisted me in knowing what to do. Now I don’t see any discussion of mites on your website. Why? So many people are suffering from this collembola. Is this the same as Morgellan’s, that is , in advanced stages? I never got the lesions because I was blessed to find cedarcide in time. But many people get the lesions. Why is this not discussed more on your website. I think it should be.

I can hardly remember what life was like before the mites. Now I have to have a little spray bottle of cedarcide with me at all times, in the car, by the computer, in the kitchen washing dishes. Due to spraying so frequently, the bites are more tickles than bites, but if I allow the bugs to mature by not spraying, the bites are severe itching.

Does anyone EVER get free of these pests, or is it permanent? At least I don’t have so much of the sting type of feeling, and can sleep at night due to best yet, and have a normal life except for having to spray cedarcide every day! Thank you for that! I just wonder if they will ever go away. And I don’t know how to get the “pheromones” out of my body so I don’t attract them. Ivermectin does not work permanently. Megan advises Hydrochloric acid with meals, and I am doing that. But wherever I go, in stores, on planes, anywhere, they come jumping to
greet me! Peppermint oil helps some. But do you have any ideas on how to deal with this.

Thank you so much for all you have done to help; You are a true friend.



This Stuff is a MIRACLE and I am So Grateful..!
Sent:Monday, June 21, 2010 11:12 PM

Subject: Best Yet

Dear People,

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the claims of your product, Best Yet, but thought I would take a chance and buy some for my cat’s flea problem. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stuff is a MIRACLE and I am so grateful for the person who concocted it! What a blessing to find a product that does not harm either animals or people with chemicals! I have sprayed the cat, all carpets and bedding and furniture in the house; also sprayed the concrete floor on the screened porch (not sure if that was necessary but did it anyway). NO MORE FLEAS!!! I use the spritzer on myself every time I go out in the yard and the mosquitoes DO NOT touch me! What a joy! It’s not greasy and I even love the smell but then I have always loved the smell of cedar. There are just not enough good words to say about your product; thank you, thank you, thank you for producing this wonder-working oil.

Have a blessed week.

I Webb

Kicked Cat Ear Mites

Posted @ Facebook June 20th, 2010 @ 12:44pm

The Best Yet worked great on our cat’s ear mites. Thank you for such safe products.

Doris Ledford

Best Yet Saves Wilber the Pet Pig!

Posted @ FACEBOOK June 16th @ 5:06pm

CedarCide’s Best Yet worked so well for me I ordered some for my Daughter. It has actually saved the life of their pet pig Wilber. The fly problem was that bad! Best Yet took care of that problem.
I have other stories too… but now just want to say I am bringing you customers because I believe in your Product.

Terry Doman
Me and My Mini-Schnauzer Molly Are Snuggling Once Again!

My Mini-Schnauzer Loved to Snuggle With Me

June 7, 2010

Review from

My mini-schnauzer loved to snuggle with me – until she became flea-ridden. It was horrible! All dogs have to do to get tape worms is eat ONE flea. I tried everything – much of it made Molly so sick. I felt as badly as she did. Then I found the Cedarcide company. I sprayed my house and yard – it didn’t hurt anything. I sprayed her bedclothes and mine! No stains. In a few weeks – no fleas!! Now, Molly does NOT like it at all. I think it smells great. She disagrees. BUT it does not make her sick like the one-drop stuff the vet sold me; so I make her endure it, and we get rid of the fleas. I’ve noticed that when I work at our undeveloped farm land, using a walk -behind brush mower in high grass, I need that Cedarcide on my clothing to keep ticks off me. If one does get on me, he’s usually trying to crawl off.

When I get my U-Pick-It orchard up and running, I’ll stock this on my shelves for resell – I love it!!

And negatives . . . well, mail order takes time. We all know that. Expensive – yeah, it is. But have you noticed that everything else that really works is usually more expensive that the stuff that doesn’t? I imagine that the process for getting this oil out of the heart of cedar trees is pretty costly and troublesome. Otherwise, I’d be getting the oil out of the cedar on my own land.

Campbell, TX

Not Seen A Bed Bug Since!!
Sent:Saturday, June 05, 2010 6:56 PM
Subject: Bedbug cure

Hi to all at Cedarcide!

I used to travel for a living, and somehow in my travels I picked up bedbugs. After a year of fighting them, I had bugs in the bedroom, in my easy chair, my car, and even my office. I went online and found your website. Since I live nearby, I stopped by and discussed the problem with you.

I bought your basic kit, and used it on everything I came in contact with ONE TIME, and I not seen a bedbug since. Your product definitely works as advertised, and also leaves a pleasant woodsy smell that reminds me of my time in the woods back in Wisconsin.

Since I don’t travel anymore, I have gotten a rescue cat from the local shelter, and I think she has ear mites. I have every confidence that Cedarcide will help me help my new friend. She doesn’t like it much, but I think we will both be happy with the anticipated results.

Thanks for having a product that is effective, natural, non-toxic, and works the way it’s supposed to.

Conroe, TX

Patrick Wadzinski

Flea & Tick Control Success, A Huge Weight of Worry Lifted.

Posted at Facebook June 3 at 10:38pm

You guys rock.. I am thrilled to have finally found a worthy product for my dog (tick and flea control, was my biggest worry but it covers everything).. and for me too. It’s been a god send as we’ve been infested with all sorts, but not bit since I received my shipment. I was also pleased to see the smell isn’t overwhelming- in about a 1/2 hour can barely smell it but it is still very active. A huge weight of worry lifted from me!! TY

Vicki Giangrasso
Flea Relief For My Adopted Babie and Me.

From: Kathy Bilski
Sent:Sunday, May 30, 2010 12:02 PM
Subject:Re: My happy story about my experience

Dear Doc Ben:

I had adopted a kitten last year that someone dumped on my friends organic farm in Indiana.

Last year I had taken her out on my patio in Oct. 09 with a leash on, to get fresh air, & to get familiar with her new surroundings. Well low & behold, (Babie) started scratching, & I found one flea, & we all know one flea leads to many fleas. My 1st thought was to go to Pets mart Veterinary being on a Sunday, & spoke with Pets mart staff about a remedy, was advised to get FrontLine, & it lasts 30 days. Well 30 days come & go, & Babie was still scratching more & more. I even tried flea collars with no help. So I started searching the Internet for an effective product. Makes sense that people that have cedar chests, will not have bugs. I came across your web site & ordered 2 personal size CedarCide to try. I was amazed & truly happy to see the results, & Babie was even happier to have relief.

I am Happy to inform you, that I purchased a gallon of CedarCide. Now I have passed your website to my friends.

If you want to use my letter you may.

A truly satisfied customer,

Kathy Bilski

CedarShield, GREAT STUFF!!

Kathy Bilski Posted @ FACEBOOK May 20th 12:40PM

My 30’ X 60’ old redwood deck looks like it was just pressure washed yesterday – 6 months after 4 coats of CEDARSHIELD. It’s also broken the rust bond with the old deck screws so they can be tightened or replaced easily. GREAT STUFF!!

Joseph Halsted

Scorpion Removal in Arizona

From: Elizabeth M
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 1:51 PM
Subject: Testimony Scorpions

Last year, my stepmom almost died from multiple scorpion bites to her arm that occurred while sleeping. She went into shock and was sort of catatonic and taken to the hospital. When my dad relayed this story to me. He told me they see scorpions in the house frequently. Once while visiting, there was a centipede in the house under the couch.

I searched the internet for something he could use to take care of his problem. I found Cedarcide. I read the testimonies and watched your video. It was hard to spend that much money not knowing if it would work, but I took the chance. I purchased the Best Yet Kit for inside the house and the PCO Choice with the Hose Sprayer for outside. He sprayed the exterior of the house and inside and has not seen any more scorpions. That was about a year ago. He redid the treatment this spring before my visit as I certainly didn’t want to see any scorpions.

product used in Fountain Hills, AZ
Elizabeth M.

BEST YET is My Favorite Find of The Year, Maybe the Decade!

Posted @ FACEBOOK May 5th 2:09PM

I love your product! It is my favorite find of the year – maybe the decade! Right up there with my Nook and Trader Joe’s Guiltless Brownie Mix. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
(I love the lovely cedar smell that lingers….)

I spray your product around freely! Closets, bedding…near the litter boxes…you name it. Besides that, I feel so much better about treating my cats. Yes, cats. With six cats I have officially tipped the scales toward “crazy cat lady.” Before I found CedarCide I treated my cats with one of the well-known, not- to- be -named, products and Rufus became ill. The vet said it was the chemicals, since treating with CedarCide is no problem. An additional bonus is the price, with so many cats it is much more economical –and safe- to treat with your product. My cats are all rescue cats, but after 7 years, I’m not sure who rescued whom.

Cheri Cabot

Snake Phobia Relief in Iowa

Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 7:04 AM

Hello there!!!

I just wanted to say… You should make me your poster woman! lol 🙂 I love this stuff… Totally have a phobia of snakes and this has helped immensely… they aren’t totally gone, but at least I can walk up my front steps now… I just purchased more, this year.. because I used the last of it up last year (a little truly does go a long way!) and now I have family and friends who are all interesting in the products!! I will be placing another other later today to satisfy all those buggie folks! Thanks again for an awesome product!


Megan Slife

Cedarcide’s Best YET for Roaches

I live in AZ & I have been using BestYet for about a year now. It has killed for me the Turkestan Cockroach, American Cockroach & the nasty huge sewer cockroaches(sprayed it & it slowed it down enough for me to catch it in a jar & then I pored more BestYet on it & it died), ants (little black ones) & fruit flies in my home. I usually spray the bug with direct contact if I see one & it kills it. I haven’t tried the Cedarcide Yard Spray yet, but I am so happy with the results of BestYet that I will continue to purchase from Cedarcide, tell everyone I know about BestYet & will turn to Cedarcide for use of their other products if the need arises. BestYet works!

Cedarcide Natural Cedar Oil Yard Spray is recommended by:

To buy Best Yet, click here.

Lady Arizona

Cedar Oil Helped: Got Rid of Ear Mites

February 24, 2010.

I just wanted to thank you for having such an awesome product. I have fought flies for a good while and have tried some many different things. I have brought him to the vet and they gave him something that cleared it up but will not give me anymore unless I bring him for a visit. My dog is allergic to the flies so it causes his skin to redden and he loses the dog hair off his back side and he looks terrible and always scratching. Well I am just about done with the gallon I bought because I shared it with someone.

My dog has grown all his hair back, no more spots and even when the ear mites start with him I just spray his ear and rub it in and waw-la he is clear and looking good. He even just sits there when I go to get the bottle. I can’t wait to order some more and even getting the one for my patio will be great! Again thank you so much.

Raleigh, NC


Pekingese, Rocky Balboa’s Mange is KO’ed with BEST YET!

This is my 13 yr. Peke before this spray.
Rocky had been treated one yr. with steroid injections oral medication Predisone etc.. nothing worked.

My husband and I went to the Home Show here in Daytona Beach and this young guy selling the Product promised me Rocky would stop chewing, scratching and most important he would not be in pain any longer and not even 3 months later his hair is back and most important Rocky is not and has not gone through such pain again.

I will not run out of the Best Yet spray. The 35.00 I spent that day has lasted me 4 months and saved me at least 3 vet. visits.

Tue, 1/19/10

Pat Fontaine

Best Yet Solved the Bed Bug Problem and Saved the Day

Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 3:44 PM
Subject: BEDBUGS

My name is Robert Harris. I work for a company that is concerned with housing homeless people. WE have a population that comes from shelters that house the masses from Harris County and other counties surrounding Houston Texas. Some of these clients brought bedbugs with them. We called exterminators. The experts charged between $250.00 and $500.00 per room and were not effective.

WE purchased pyrethroids. They were minimally effective and did not kill the eggs. The adults were eventually immune to this product.

Cedarcide Industries, Inc. assisted us by giving us product, equipment and hands on instructions on the application of BEST YET. The efficacy of this product cannot be disputed. Seeing is believing. Cedarcide Industries product, Best Yet has assisted tremendously. It solved the bedbug problem and saved us time, money and man hours.

Our clients are happy and we are happy. This product is not toxic to humans. It allowed us time to apply product and get the clients back into their living quarters promptly. The product had no negative effect on furniture, clothing or personal effects. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing bedbugs. It saved the day for us and will do the same for anyone else.

Midtown Terrace/Veterans in Progress (VIP) program / US VETS, Houston Texas
Robert Harris

Helping me fight fleas in Oklahoma

Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 5:42 PM
Subject: Satisfied customer

Just sent in my second order. I just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful product. Some of my dogs are already suffering from skin tumors from years of spot treatments because I didn’t know what they were doing to my friends. I just wish I’d known ya’ll sooner and my 2 eleven year olds and my 10 year old dogs would have been allot healthier and happier but perhaps my youngsters will do better with Cedarcide’s helping me to fight the fleas. I am from Oklahoma. Not far from you guys so I know you understand the frustration that fleas cause around here.
And I love the prices and the variety of products you carry to help fight vermin safely.
Just wanted to say Thanks. Please don’t stop the wonderful work your doing.
So grateful here in Oklahoma.


Amy K Ward

BEST YET For Centipedes, Fire Ants, Yellow Jackets, Mice, Dog Flea Killer Testimonial

Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 9:11 AM Subject: Best Yet… You Bet!!

We live in the country in a 20+ year old log house, in the middle of Texas.
Recently my son saw a HUGE Centipede in his room. We tried to catch it but it squeezed between the logs and disappeared. We are “green” folks, so the only poison I could find was an old can of roach and ant spray. We sprayed the area with that, to no avail. This is when I started searching online for a safe product that would work… and I found Cedarcide.
I ordered a gallon of the Best Yet. I put some in our pump sprayer and started spraying the inside of our house. My husband was working just outside the downstairs bathroom, while I was spraying the inside. About 6 minutes after I sprayed the inside of that wall, my husband saw the giant centipede come crawling out, and away from our house!! He had on thick gloves, so he caught it and we put it in a jar for photos.
Thank You, Cedarcide!! We can once again sleep easy in our home!!
So far, your product has lived up to all the other testimonials I read. Here’s what I’ve found so far…
*It will cause death to the big Texas Red Ants on contact. So far I’ve found if I continue to spray it in their exit holes (for several days in a row) it will cause them to eventually move to another location. I believe if I were to flush the bed with cedarcide, it would kill it out.
*It causes almost instant death to fire ants!! My new hobby is spraying fire ant beds!
*It kills yellow jackets and black wasps very quickly. Once they are sprayed, they do not attempt to fly or attack you as they’re busy, dieing.
*It has successfully kept our dog free of fleas and her constant scratching has subsided.
*It has chased the mice out of our chicken house & peacock pen.
*When sprayed on our horses and cattle, the bot flies immediately stopped lighting on/biting them.
*When we spray it on ourselves, it repels flies, gnats, mosquito & chiggers, while working on the farm.

Needless to say, I’ve made my second order of cedarcide! It’s so great to find a safe product that really works! Thanks again

Best Regards
Kimra Plaisance

Best Yet Kills Bed Bugs in New York

Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 6:19 PM

First I’d like to say that Best Yet kicks Bedbug Butt! It’s 100% lethal to bedbugs. The problem is getting the solution to the bugs. My situation is that they’ve infested the gaps in a wooden bed frame. I’m using a couple of Spritzers I got a while back – they’re the only thing I have left from the order – to spray into the gaps but it’s not very efficient. If I might make a suggestion, it would be really great to have an applicator that uses a thin plastic straw, like a can of WD40 does, to squirt the Best Yet into cracks and gaps, providing deeper penetration to reach the bugs. It would certainly help me out with this job on my bed frame. 😉
Thanks for this great product!

William Laskorski

CedarCide Oil Results from Rutgers University

Monday August 17 2009 @ 01:16 PM
CedarCide Oil is advertised as a safe, effective insecticide for controlling a variety of public health pests including Bed Bugs. Bed Bug Central and Rutgers University have partnered to put a variety of Bed Bug products to the test. CedarCide oil is the first in the series. “Best Yet” CedarCide oil was chosen due to the claims being made by Cedarcide Industries Inc., to the public for use in controlling bed bugs.

Bed Bug Central funded Rutgers University’s, Dr. Changlu Wang to conduct research that examined the effectiveness of CedarCide Industries “Best Yet” cedar oil. The research examined the effectiveness of the cedar oil product on both bugs and eggs that were treated directly with the product as well as the residual effectiveness of the product once dry. This is a brief summary of the research findings.
The product tested was Cedarcide Industries, “Best Yet” cedar oil. “Best Yet” is a category 25b EPA exempt product that contains 10% cedar oil and 90% latex*. The bed bugs used in this research were from a field collected strain.
Direct Spray on Bed Bugs and Eggs.
The direct spray of “Best Yet” caused immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with the product, it also proved to be effective against eggs that were directly treated. None of the 61 treated eggs hatched after 17 days compared to 75% egg hatch in a non-treated control group

The Results showed that “Best Yet” is highly effective against bed bugs including eggs when applied directly.

Continual Forced Exposure to Dry Residue aged for 24 hours
“Best Yet”, exhibited only moderate effectiveness against bed bugs as a dry residue. The dry residue experiment was conducted under NON-CHOICE conditions where bed bugs were confined to the treated surface continuously for 14 days. Some mortality was observed after three days of continuous exposure to treated surfaces.

The manufacturer of “Best Yet” advertises the product as being repellent to a number of insects. In addition Dr. Wang’s work also suggests that bed bugs are repelled by the cedar oil product. Depending upon the degree of repellency, the effectiveness of the dry residue could be greatly affected in the field as insects that are not forced to remain on the treated surface may look to avoid treated areas.
Additional Notes of Interest
We were quite surprised with the findings of this study, particularly when it came to the eggs. This prompted some additional investigation into the effectiveness of the two constituent materials, cedar oil (10%) and latex (90%)*. No mortality was observed when either generic cedar oil or latex were directly applied to bed bugs. This clearly raises some interesting questions regarding the effectiveness of the “Best Yet” cedar oil product. The fact that the each of the constituent ingredients are ineffective when tested alone suggests that there is something unique about the type of cedar oil or latex used by CedarCide Industries or that there is something about the formulation process that gives the “Best Yet” product it’s insecticidal activity.

Rick Cooper noted that “Best Yet” did show promising signs that it too, has this effectiveness on bed bugs. More research is needed to confirm this, but ultimately we found this very surprising and unexpected.
* Manufacturer’s correction, the inert carrier is Hydrated Silica, not latex.


Pest Control Operator on BEST YET for BED BUGS

Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 4:24 PM Subject: Best Yet

I own a pest control company in the midwest. We have been battling bed bugs for the past 2 years. There are no products out there that work. Just as I was about to invest $100,000 in heat remediation, I found Cedarcide via an e-mail. I decided to give it a try in an apartment that was heavily infested. I was absolutely amazed as the bed bugs walked across the couch that I had just sprayed, flipped over and died within a matter of seconds! I quickly ordered 4 cases and will be ordering the 55 gallon drum by the end of the week. There is no other product out there that is this effective. The fact that we can solve the senior citizens problems now makes my heart sing.
Thank you, Dr. Ben.



Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 3:04 PM
Subject: Testimonial
On April 16, 2009, organicfrmr Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a) wrote:

I live in Oklahoma, THE Tick capitol of the World (my opinion), and every year I have a horrid time with these guys. I have one kitty, Grape, who is a tick magnet, I have seen him literally covered with ticks of all shapes and sizes. I do not care to use the chemicals that are used in the making of the “spot” remedies, as I have been hearing a lot about the side effects, so i used to hand pick them off daily, quite a chore. So when I came across cedarcide, I was excited. I bought a quart bottle of their “BestYet” for people and pets. Well, being the skeptic that I am, I wasn’t going to apply to anyone till I tested it. We have these huge (2″) red wasps that you can not kill with a swatter, it only gets em’ madder. One got into the house and I sprayed it one time with this stuff and that dude IMMEDIATLY fell to the floor and died! I was very amazed, as even the wasp poison doesn’t do that good of a job! So my dear little Grape got all the ticks removed and sprayed him (it scared him, so I sprayed it on my hands then rubbed it in) with cedarcide. It didn’t seem to make him annoyed (the smell) and although I have to reapply every other day, the ticks have FINALLY decided Grape isn’t so tasty any more! I have seen no unusual side effects and I can tell Grape is a happy cat without the ticks eating him alive! So for a recommendation for ticks and big red wasps that laugh at swatters, I give 2 thumbs up. Grape and I will continue buying and using cedarcide, as it works, and so far no adverse reactions for us personally.

Satisfied Customer

My Scratching Horse Problem Solved

Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 8:55 PM
Subject: Best Yet

Dear Cedarcide,
I purchased a quart of Best Yet as a last desperate attempt to help my horse who was constantly scratching himself until he scraped off huge patches of hair. I had him treated by a vet, but with only a slight improvement, I continued to try every product I could find in hopes that it would help him, including fungicides, bacterial topicals, antihistamines and wormers. Nothing would eliminate the constant scratching. This horse would leave his food to scratch. His case was atypical because he did not scratch his belly, but all along the top from ears to tail. Strangely, once he scraped off the hair, he would stop scratching that place. And he never scraped the skin or caused any wounds, just took off the hair. I read in a recent horse magazine of a verified case of a horse having chicken mites. I had chickens that free ranged around the horses. It was then that I realized my horse had reduced his scratching when I only had four hens, and his scratching had increased when I had gotten more hens. At that point, I thought it was worth treating him as if he did have a case of chicken mites. My next quest was to find a product that I could use on my horse that would kill the mites, and that was when I found your website. I am happy to report that within a week of spraying him every other day, he had stopped scratching completely, and by two weeks, his whole attitude had changed. He was no longer tense and upset, but completely relaxed. I have been able to reduce the applications now to once every three weeks. And on top of all that, because it’s completely safe, I don’t have to worry about whether I get some on my hands or the wind blows some in my face. I am so thankful that this great product exists.

Sally L.

Another BEST YET fan!

Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 1:03 PM
Subject: What a Fantastic Product!

I am SO impressed with this product. The testimonials are all true! I couldn’t believe it! Plus….it smells good.
Thank you for offering this natural product.
Round Rock, Tx.

No More Ticks on Dog, No More Spiders.

Purchased your best kit and am using the cedar spray everywhere! No more ticks on the dog or spiders in the house! Smells great. Now I need to treat my deck with the Cedar Shield. The deck is three years old with two previous year treatments with a stain. This morning I washed the deck with water and scrubbed off all the green mold. How long should I wait, letting the wood dry, before applying the CedarShield. Thanks for a great product. So glad I found your website.
Magnolia, TX

Janelle Lear


Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 8:09 PM
Subject: Best Yet Spray

Thank you Cedarcide! I bought Best Yet spray last fall in hoping it
would get rid of spiders in my basement. I hate spiders!! Best Yet
is amazing! For the first time in years there are no spiders in my
house. And to my surprise, it has kept the mice out this winter as
well. I spray it around the basement door and in the damp areas
where spiders like to hang out. I have used insect spray and bombs
in the past. They didn’t work that well and I didn’t like using them
for health reasons. I wouldn’t be without Best Yet.

Boyne City, Michigan
Marlene M.

Tick Infestation handled with Best Yet

Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 3:51 PM
Subject: Best Yet and YardGuard

I had an infestation of ticks last year as a result of not realizing I had a problem with my dogs. I was using Advantage products and didn’t realize it wasn’t helping with the ticks. There were two kinds of ticks on the dogs, and in my baseboards, and attached garage. I have adopted three Greyhounds and have fostered several waiting for forever homes, and I have a rescue Maltese/mix, with so many dogs, I was extracting 20 plus ticks daily from their feet, ears and backs. After the exterminator came and sprayed the yard and house behind, under and over all baseboards, closets, everything was pulled down and away from the walls and the only result was some died, and I lost my voice, and my dogs were gagging.
I was following apart over the problem and decided to find a natural solution. Getting online and using the Google site, I typed in “tick infestation” and your Cedarcide site came up. I had a greatly informative conversation with one of the gentlemen that answered the phone, taking his suggestions, I ordered Best Yet. As soon as I used it, and believe me, I used it, I sprayed everywhere, including pulling the baseboards away from the walls. It worked, my dogs and I didn’t have any bad reactions, and the problem solved. I keep it on hand and spray it directly on their feet when I find a tick, and it dies immediately, and there is no problem leaving anything in the area of the bite that can cause an infection.
Since I am involved with Greyhound adoption and other animal groups, I have suggested to many people that they check out your site and suggested what they ought to buy. I hope for the sake of their pets, as well as themselves, they have ordered it. Greyhounds have a very sad situation with their gene pool, they are very susceptible to many forms of cancer. So, any efforts to resist giving them anything that might reduce their immune systems would be a benefit to them and the people who love them.
Thanks for being there for us with these natural products.
Bradenton, Florida
Diane Melvin

Cat Flea Takeover.. No Match For Best Yet!

Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 6:53 PM
Subject: I am absolutely astounded

I am sorry that it took me so long to post this testimonial. However, I want everyone in the world to know that I had a very serious problem with cat fleas in my entire home. I came home from a weekend away to find that my adult children took in 4 cats. Yes, 4 cats. I then realized that we had fleas in every room in our home including the basement. I tried every product available and recommended by the pet store. Then, I went online and found Cedarcide! God Bless America!!! This product is a miracle. I used this product in every room of my house and miraculously, NO MORE FLEAS! I would recommend this product to everyone in the world. Thank you so much for solving a problem that I truly didn’t think could be solved.


Sandra Jongebreur

Bed Bug Free in New York City.

Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:30 PM
Subject: THANKS!

I truly would like to thank you for your amazing product. I live in NYC – bed bug central. I had a bad case of bed bugs in March. I hired a “Bed Bug Expert” with a dog and paid $1000 for the service. They sprayed some “non-toxic” chemicals about the place. I threw out the mattress and I still continued to see bed bugs. I did some research and came across your product through a google search. I ordered the product and hoped for the best. I hazed the entire apartment, as instructed in the included information. I also continued to spray with the extra 2 gallons I bought and waited. I have been vigilant in respraying cracks, etc. I slept on the sofa (which I sprayed daily) for 3 months. I have NEVER seen another bed bug since my initial application.
Having bed bugs is a painful and costly experience that I NEVER want to endure again. My only regret is that I did not find your AMAZING product before I spent money on the exterminator. Two other apartments in my complex have had them and are currently in battle. I am contacting my building manager to alert them to the wonders of CEDAR OIL…and I have told MANY others about the properties of your product (that it also gets rid of other bugs).
Happy and Bug free in the Big Apple!

I Am So Amazed With Your Products, (Bed Bugs)

Dear Sirs;
I am so amazed with your products the “Best Yet Kit” and D.A.S. Kits!
I had bed bugs a few months ago and was so afraid that I moved out of my apartment for two months until the apartment management hired a company to rid my apartment of the critters!

I was allowed to return to my apartment by the next day but I was so frightened by this experience that I moved out for two months!
It seems that the bugs returned and began biting me once again due to being exposed to then now from work, that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown if I had to move out again! I prayed for guidance and stumbled upon your website one morning looking for a natural product to use here for my apartment so I wouldn’t harm my cat or myself. I ordered the “Best Yet kit” & the D.A.S. kit for my cat and I am at peace and do not fear my apartment any longer!!! I will order the fogger kit soon and keep it forever to have a peace of mind. I plan to fog my apartment at least once a month to rid my apartment of any critters that my cross my threshold! I tell everyone about your products because it seems that here in NYC, NY our outbreaks are commonplace.
Thank you for making the best product EVER!!!
Loyal Customer,

Cedarshield DECK DOCK and FENCE

To whom it may concern:
I am the structural repair and maintenance supervisor at Fort Lewis Military Installation in Washington State.
I have contracted Virgil Pelton to seal with CedarShield at least 3 buildings that have had major water issues, Example: when it rained the water would literally run down the inside wall of our buildings. This has been an ongoing problem for many years some of them 10 to 15 yrs. The Cedar-Shield product has sealed up all of the areas it has been applied to and we are no longer having water issues. I am currently having Virgil seal as many buildings as I can under my authority this product works on CMU block, Brick, Wood as well as EFIS or Stucco coverings.

Fort Lewis Military Installation

Ken Place-Structural Repair Supervisor
BEST YET and Our Troops in Afghanistan.

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:12 AM Subject: RE: Helping the troops in Afghanistan
Dear Dr. Ben,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your product is great.
I have started using the BEST YET you sent on the bunks at COP Keating with effective results. The troops appreciate the fact that I’m using a safe organic product and they really appreciate the smell. The sleeping areas have never smelled better. These guys at these forward COP’s (Combat Outpost) are my heroes and their jobs are dangerous enough without being exposed to all of the toxic chemicals used to treat fleas.
If you sent a banner or a sign up to COP Keating, they are willing to get together and take a troop photo for you, but even if you don’t send a sign we will get you a troop photo.
So anyway the point of this e-mail is that I travel around eastern Afghanistan and treat 2 other bases (COP Lowell and FOB Bostick) every month. I would like similar packages for both of those bases also. I can’t say how many soldiers are on those bases for security reasons, but the package you sent to Keating was perfect and would be perfect for COP Lowell. As for Bostick, it is a larger base and living conditions are a little better. I would maybe just like to get some spritzers for them.
I am more than happy to pay or donate to the SPRITZERS FOR SOLDIERS program, but was hoping to get a discount as I am spending my own money. Just let me know and I’ll give you the APO addresses.
Here’s a little information on COP Lowell-
Thank you again

Vanston Hamilton

To: Ask Ben
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 11:13 AM
Subject: Re: RESPONSE: Using CedarCide MSC in Misting Systems
It suddenly occurred to me that I should thank you for your response
(which was exponentially faster than mine!) and let you know that the
CedarCide in our misting system is working great! and since the cost
is so much lower than what we had previously been using, we are able
to mist the recommended 6 times per day, at less than half the cost of
the other method at only twice per day – what a deal!!!! (Would like to
add the MSC to our automatic sprinkler system, but that will have to
wait for more favorable economic environment – but already the flea
battle results are encouraging!) Thank you so much for providing a
nontoxic solution – I love all your products!
“I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t have seen it with my own eyes. A friend of mine, Tommy told me about some organic stuff, supposed to kill fleas and ticks, on livestock. I didn’t believe him, he mixed some up with water, sprayed it on a couple of nursing sows, I had, they didn’t seem to mind, they walked about 20 feet down the pen, and some black things started falling off of them. It was amazing to see that it killed the fleas and ticks on contact. I told him spray the sholts too, he did they didn’t like being sprayed, but almost the same thing happened to them. The next few days I would imagine those piglets ate more and were fluffier and a lot more active. I don’t know what’s in that stuff, but it made a believer out of me.”

Thank you Tommy for spraying my hogs.
Willis, Tx.
Richard Sykes
My dogs and I have our sanity back, thanks to BEST YET.

Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 3:35 PM Subject: Best Yet
The past 2 years fleas have gotten worse here. Two of my three dogs are allergic to the bites.
I’m the kind of person that does not like to use chemicals and haven’t for many years. I hesitantly started to use Frontline a few years ago and it seemed to be doing what it was supposed to do. However I refused to use it in the winter months and my vet insists that is why I have such a problem (never mind that my dogs have no fleas in the winter!). Anyway I gave all 3 dogs baths yesterday and by the end of the day a quick flea combing showed that I was fighting a losing battle. This morning your product arrived (thanks for the fast service) and I immediately misted all 3 of the dogs. Several hours have now gone by and for the first time in many months, without the constant scratching and biting at themselves! Finally a product that not only works, is toxin free, but also smells wonderful!
I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to you for this product. My dogs and I have our sanity back. I do realize this was just the first step in the ‘flea wars’. I will soon be looking into purchasing something for the yard.
Thank You a Million times over
Linda and Marco, Luceelu & Sunny Girl
Ridding Fleas From our Son’s Therapy Dog!

Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 8:47 AM Subject: question

We just started using Best Yet. Our son has a therapy dog and this year got fleas. We had no idea a natural product could be used to kill and repel fleas. We have been working on getting rid of them for 4-5 months now. We have heard from the vet and Orkin that the fleas are bad in Ohio this year. We also have two indoor only cats and use Frontline on all the pets but still got the fleas. We have gotten a pill from the vet and used that three times also. We had the furniture and carpets shampooed. I don’t like to have my pets or children exposed to all the chemicals. I didn’t know what else to do until I found your website. The fleas have decreased lots in the last few days. My house smells like a Cedar Chest. 🙂 We have used three galloons inside like recommended in the closets, furniture, corners, all floors, beds, pillows, curtains, etc… We spray and rub down the pets daily. We used the outdoor formula twice four days apart. We are still seeing them in the basement. I just sprayed the basement again yesterday. I will need to order more so my question is how often do we need to spray the house? I read on a different website twice a month. I was wondering how often to spray outside? Should we continue to spray and wipe the pets down daily? It can get expensive so I don’t want to over do it but I don’t want more fleas either. What would your recommendations be? I appreciate your time. So far this has worked better and is healthier than anything else we have tried. My son is able to sleep with his therapy dog again without getting bite by fleas! Thank you so much for your time!!
DORM ROOM FLEAS DEAD With One Application of BEST YET.

Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 9:17 AM
Subject: greatest product cedarcide
Thank you Thank you. When my daughters roommate moved out we discovered the room was totally infested with fleas. We purchased flea bombs and sprays and nothing worked. We called an exterminator to help, they came 3 times and nothing they did worked. We found cedarcide on the internet and after reading the cidercide story we decided to try the product. We were truly amazed, one application and the fleas were dead in seconds. This is truly a great product.

Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 2:52 PM
Subject: Thank you

Dear Dave,

You must be a magician. The mosquitoes have virtually vanished after
I installed your deluxe Pestigator system. I live at the Ocean Reef
Club in Key Largo, Florida. Most of the year we enjoy a mosquito free
life. However come the rainy season which starts in late May, it was
previously impossible to sit in the backyard. The mosquitoes were
unbearable and relentless.

But that is now a thing of the past. Your system works very well. At
the start of the season I have the Pestigator goes on three times per
week. I then cut back to once a week. You have enabled me, my wife,
and my dog to once again enjoy our back yard.
I also use your Best Yet products. And I think you picked a great
name for them. They are the “Best”.

I highly recommend your system and products.

Richard Ginsberg
BEST YET No-See-Ums Repellent For Man And Beast!

Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 7:07 PM Subject: Thanks for a great product
THANKS FOR A REMARKABLE PRODUCT!!!! My horse and pony have a terrible problem with midges (No-see-ums) on their mane and tail every year. I’ve tried every kind of spray product and animal-type insecticide with no luck. My poor horse and pony rubbed their tails raw on trees and fence posts all spring and summer ( and they also pushed down a few fence boards in the process).
Your Best Yet personal and animal spray has worked wonders. I spray it on their mane and tail twice a day, and they are so much better. They have hair on their tails for the first time in years. They don’t even mind being sprayed like they do with chemical insect repellents. It seems to have a soothing effect. I even use it on myself when I’m at the barn. I spray one finger with the spray and draw a line along my hair line. The no-see-ums stay away from me and I don’t worry about absorbing any hazardous chemicals.

I am sending this information to you so you can pass it on to other folks. Your BEST YET is a awesome flea spray for the inside of the house. I tried everything from bombs to soap and never could get rid of the rascals. One tank spray treatment with this product and it was history. It took two of the three gallons I bought to do this large house and all of the furniture. That still cost less than the exterminator was charging me each month and I have gallon left to use on the Pets. And a whole lot less than replacing the carpet the jerk told me I would have to do. I made him do the application for me at no charge. He owed me ! I love it. It really made the house smell fresh instead of like a chemical plant. You cannot imagine the sense of relief I have after fighting this flea deliemma for the last 90 days. Thanks for making a safe and effective product.

Jersey City New Jersey


Elaine Bernstien

To Doctor Ben at CedarCide: I wish I had talked to you five years ago. If I had used BEST YET my life would be different today. I am so sorry, I just didn’t know the consequences of listening to money hungry Veterinarians.
I got Niklas as a puppie in 2002. A beautiful male Silver Sable German Shepherd. He helped me through the the rough times I had as a middle aged widow. What a dog he was. I did everything right with him, so I thought. The Vet gave him his shots, put him on a science diet and prescribed a regiment of Spot Drops to keep the fleas off him. But I was so wrong. Niklas died young at 5 years. I was heartbroken. I became obsessed with finding out what killed him. My Vet avoided me and objected when I asked for a autopsy. He would not do it. He became extremely angry with me when I took Niklas’s body to the University. Now I know why. The autopsy confirmed that I had killed my beloved Niklas. I cried for weeks. Now I am on a mission to save other dogs from unknowingly being killed by their masters. A mission that makes every Vet in the country cringe. And rightfully so. I killed Niklas by using Frontline Spot Drops on him. I actually induced thyroid cancer in him with the chemical called Fipronil. And I also exposed myself to the same carcinigen. I murdered my friend and companion of five years. I will never get over that. Perhaps I can help save someone else from the horrible guilt I must live with.

Please post this to the Testimonial page of your website with a link to the following publication related to the use of Frontline, Advantage, Adams, Bio Spot, Defend and Zodiac Spot on Pesticides. I am sure there are many more I didn’t name. This is a multibillion dollar revenue stream for the Chemical Companies and the Vets of America are their partners in crime. After talking to you Dr. Ben, I see how foolish I was. The theory of using my Niklas as a magnet for fleas and letting him kill them for me using poisons in his blood stream is downright stupid. One spray of BEST YET kills them instantly and does a pretty good job of keeping them off for many days. I know because I now have a new Niklas in my life and rest assured, the local Vet will never see the likes of me or Niklas II anywhere other than the courthouse. Incidentally, I drive by his clinic everyday on the way to work. He has a flashing sign that says “Get Your Frontline Here”. My advice to folks reading this testimonial, print a copy of the following publication-

Are Spot Drops Safe?

and confront your Vet with it immediately. Quit using the Spot on Drops and Get some CedarCide BEST YET. As for you Dr. Ben, perhaps you need to step up and tell the World what you have known for years about these chemicals ! Silence is not noble !

San Francisco, California


Katherine Mindy Sensha

We have been log cabin builders for quite some time. Dan has traveled all over Montana and other states setting up his log cabins. We were in the chinking stages on the outside and had already spent a lot of money on Penofin. Then we discovered your web sight and read about the wood stabilization process. It just sounded to good to be true. So we called you to see if the claims your web site was making about eliminating the twisting, checking and warping were really true.

? It wasn’t till we spoke with Dave on the phone that we were convinced enough to give CedarShield a try. We know Log cabins are high maintenance. If we could protect the logs on our home from twisting and other moisture related issues, the $1500 would be money well spent. We now know the CedarShield works. It easily goes to the core of the wood. We watched sap seeping out of the logs after putting the treatment solution on the wood. Dan accidentally left a piece of board in the hot sun and it warped within an hour. The next day we were both amazed as he ripped another board off and applied CedarShield to it, then left it in the hot sun for a test. You know, that board didn’t warp one bit. We have former clients calling us occasionally for maintenance issues. We plan to tell them about Cedar Shield.

Hidaway Log Homes


Dan and Patty Breese

Hello at CedarCide……I recieved my gallon of BEST YET flea killer late yesterday. I sprayed my three dogs immediately and it instantly killed the fleas on them. WOW. That Cedar Oil is lethal to fleas. I was using that store bought spray but it never killed the fleas. It just moved them around on the dog and made them bite more. When I sprayed the CedarCide they were dead before it hit them. I checked this morning to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Where there used to be fleas on their belly and in their leg pits and groin area, not a flea. I checked their back side, ears and tails, no fleas. For the first time in weeks they slept all night. Good stuff that BEST YET. The dogs really shine and smell good. Why don’t the Vets know about this product ? It would be much better treatment than what they now use that does not work.

Denise Whitaker.

You were right Dr. Ben, you told me the bombs were a waste of money and they would not kill the fleas. My husband would not believe me and went to some exterminator supply store and bought a whole case of them. They assured him that they would easily kill the fleas. They told him it was the same stuff that Terminex and Orkin used. He let off all twelve at once in different rooms. So much for that. Never killed the first flea anywhere. Just aggravated them and caused them to breed. I used the gallon that came in the BEST YET KIT and that neat sprayer. Killed them all in one sitting. Smells good in the house now. The Cedar covered up all the horrible chemical smell the bombs left behind. Now if I can get over the horrible sinus infection I got from the bombs I will learn to live again. My doctor suggested I not use insect control chemicals in the house. He said they cause a lot of problems with the immune system in people and their animals. Says he canceled his exterminator contract years ago. He has my undivided attention. I’ll just use the BEST YET. It really works good. Thanks for helping me Ben.
Memphis, Tennessee


Lois Knutson

From: Joan. Wood
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:50 PM

Bird Mite Control

I just wanted to add my rating to the Best Yet treatment to eradicate Bird Mites from our home. We had an infestation beginning summer of 2007. After trying various treatments, including hiring an exterminator who did not help at all, we finally heard about the Best Yet treatment. We ordered the Tri-Jet fogger with 2 gallons of Best Yet spray and followed your instructions on how to use it. We called Dave several times for information and he was always patient and helpful with us. Our treatment was not overnight, but after 3-4 days the worst was over. We continued having crawlies for several days but each day there were less of them and finally we feel we are rid of them. We have had no activity since first part of February and it is now first part of August. I can honestly recommend this product from personal experience. Thank you Dave, Danae and Dr. Ben for a safe and effective treatment.



Joan & Neal Wood

Hello Dr. Ben…. Thanks for helping me through the most horrible event of my life. In my 68 years of life I have never been so embarrassed, humiliated and overwhelmed by anything like I was from the recent Bed Bug infestation. Until I talked to you it appeared that everything I did to combat the problem made it worse. It also sucked my purse dry. ! The church asked me to house some missionaries for them that were on a furlough. I guess that is where the bugs came from. I don’t know that, but I have to satisfy myself they came from somewhere. Ben, I had thousands of them. Evidently they had been here for a while and had been multiplying at full throttle. I never knew I had them until my grandkids came to stay for the summer. I live in a rural setting just outside of Richmond. My bedroom is down stairs. The kids stayed upstairs in the three bed rooms their parents resided in when children. They kept complaining about insect bites so I called the exterminator. He comes every month and sprays the house and yard for me. He said he found nothing in the house but sprayed extra heavy in the upstairs rooms. One night little Jill woke me up screaming. I went upstairs and there were bugs all over her bed. When I turned on the light they all started disappearing. I let her sleep with me that night and the next day I called the exterminator back to do something. He said there was nothing he could do since he just sprayed the rooms a week ago and the chemical he used was very toxic and he could only apply it once a month. I felt like I was getting fed a line of BS so I went to the Internet searching for a solution. I found all kinds of them and I tried them all. Snake Oils. Not one of them worked. By now all three kids were sleeping with me downstairs. I was desperate for a solution. As a last resort I called my Ex husband in Houston. He heard you talking about the product you made for the Army on the radio one day. I googled Dr. Ben Oldag and found you at CedarCide. Long story short, I purchased the fogger and several gallons of the BEST YET and we fogged the whole house and the attic. Ben, you wouldn’t believe all of the dead bugs we found the next day. And the Bed Bugs, like you said, a lot of them were hiding under the bed in the hollow box spring cavity. Literally hundreds of them. Those in the walls, it appears that fogging the attic killed them. When I pulled the electrical plug covers off they fell out dead all over. Incidentally, I fired the exterminator like you suggested. I will do my own bug control from now on. Those exterminator guys are a joke. I think he was spraying water. By the way, the kids and I made brownies today (Thanksgiving Day) and are sending them to you for Christmas. They will be here for two weeks over the holidays and they thank you very much for the bug free beds ! I can tell my story now. It has a happy ending, thanks to you and the fine folks at CedarCide. Bye the way, I ordered the INDOOR OUTDOOR FLEA ERADICATION KIT for my sister in Florida. It will be her Christmas Present. Everytime I go to visit her the fleas eat me alive. Guess we will stop that nonsense !
Richmond, Virginia

Wilma Marie Conklin
To everyone at CedarCide……Thanks for helping me through my flea deliemma. As I told that lovely lady Danae on the phone, I raise show dogs for a living. Somehow my Kennel got a flea infestation and life for my babies and me has been miserable ever since. Not any more. Danae let me talk to Dr. Ben about the horrible sores the fleas had created in the dogs leg pits and groin area. He was right when he said the BEST YET would help heal the areas if I would just use it liberally in the sockets. It makes me wonder what I am paying my high dollar Vet for. He had me spraying some chemical on them three times a day and all it did was make the dogs uptight. Never did kill one flea. I know after talking to Dr. Ben it was a nerve agent of some sort that the fleas have long been immune to. The only nervous system it attacked was that of my dogs. Believe it or not, they now sleep all night ! I have been raising show dogs for twenty years and have never found anything that will work like your Cedar Oil products do. I dare you to find a flea on any of my dogs after using the BEST YET. It is a awesome product. It really does kill them instantly. I know now why the Army chose it above all of the rest for killing the fleas in Iraq. Tell Dr. Ben thanks for helping me. He is a Prince.

Hill Show Dogs Inc……Los Angeles, Ca.

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Sherrie Hill

Hi CedarCide…Thank you Dr. Ben and Cedarcide. Just a note to let you know what a wonderful product PCO Choice is. In the last year I have wasted over 1200 dollars with a National Exterminator Company from Phoenix trying to get this infestation of Scorpions in my home under control. In April my three year old daughter got bit on the toe when going to the bathroom one night. It was a horrible event. She spent seven days in the hospital. For a while the Doctors were anticipating leg amputation but thanks to a new serum they finally got the poison out of her system. I have been told we are lucky and that the bite could have easily killed little Amy. A college friend of mine from Texas told me about Cedar being a Scorpion Chaser. She said her daddy spread Cedar Granules around the outside of the house and barn to keep the rascals away. She contacted him in Marble Falls and got your phone number for me. I called and talked to the inventor of PCO, Dr. Ben Oldag. He said to spray the watered down concentrate in the house first and then do the yard with the sprayer that hooks up to the garden hose. I followed his instructions exactly. Then I put some of the Cedar Granules around the foundation of the house as a extra protection. I want you to know my husband and I counted 22 Scorpions exiting the house during treatment. It really roots them out of hiding. Since that time I have not seen one. My husband gets up at night and looks for them with a flashlight but has never found another one. For a mere $100 dollars spent with CedarCide I have solved my Scorpion deliemma. I demanded a refund from the Exterminator Company today and then I cancelled my contract. I have since learned that they were spraying Pyrethroids in my home. The only thing they were killing was me and my family. I hope you post this testimonial on the CedarCide website so other folks can get up to speed on how to control Scorpions without hospital time and giving the family jewels to the thieving Exterminators in return for ZERO results. I fully intend on suing them for the money I paid and the grief they have caused my family. THANKS AGAIN CedarCide and Dr. Ben. If you ever come to the Phoenix area let me know. I want to give you a big hug and buy you a steak dinner.

Apache Junction, AZ

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Katrina Louise Jarvis


I bought my retirement dream home in the foot hills of the High Sierra mountains never dreaming I would share it with the Snakes and Mosquitoes. My property backs up to the beautiful river lined with rocks on the shore line. Unfortunately the rocks harbor the Rattle Snakes and every day they come to my yard to hunt for insects and rodents to eat. I was scared for my horses and my dogs which would keep me awake all night barking at the snakes. I bought some NOCDOWN III from your CedarCide store on the internet. I sprayed it around the house and barn area with the hose end sprayer provided with the product. I noticed that the snakes would not come any closer than the distance I sprayed the cedar oil. That was neat. I also had the same result with the Mosquitoes. Last winter I had the handyman run some water pipes on the fence line around the property with sprinkler heads every 100 foot. I bought the Pestigator your salesman suggested, hooked it to the pipes and once a day I run it for several minutes and spray the area with the Cedar Oil. I have not seen a Snake on my property since. My neighbor has a lot of them. It is okay because he is a snake himself. Thanks CedarCide. My dogs and I sleep very well every night. And we don’t have any Mosquitoes at all. Please ship me another case of Cedar Oil. You should have my credit card information on file. Thanks in advance.

Three Rivers, California
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Three Rivers Kay

Thank you so much for Cedarcide products. My father died at midlife from pesticide poisoning . I watched him suffer with what the doctors so eloquently referred to as PESTICIDE STROKE. In reality it was nerve gas poisoning from the fumes of pesticides he was told were safe. Shortly after that the cancer set in and six months later the Lord took him home. I refused to let my children be exposed to all the household and yard chemicals being promoted on Television. I remember my mother telling me that if a little bit would kill a bug a little more would kill a human. Just remember what happened to daddy. My children are all grown and healthy. I understand that most all of the nerve gas poisons have been taken of the market except for the pyrethrums and they are next. Thank God for that. I work for the paint industry and remember well what a little bit of lead did to people. We found out that we didn’t need to use it and today the paints are better than those that contained lead ! My neighbor just had installed a bug spraying machine that is constantly spitting out a mist for killing insects. It goes off day and night. They put it on the fence that borders our property without asking me. This concerned me and I asked to see the bottle of stuff they were putting in it. I don’t remember the name, knockdown something, but I found out it was chemical free and made by Cedarcide. Thank you ! I think I may have been one of your first customers at the Wal-Mart store in Pasadena Texas. That was back in 1994 ! We buy 10 bags a year of your granules and 1 bottle of that Pet Horse concentrate from a place called Sandy’s on the freeway. My husband filled a barrel with liquid he made and we bathe ” Herbie ” our 14 year old German Shepherd dog in it once a month. He just stands him up in it and lets him soak ! The flies and Mosquitoes leave him alone. For about a 100 dollar bill a year we keep our Memorial Bayou Homestead insect free. I heard about your fogger on the radio and it really sounds good. We don’t need it here but the church is going to buy one next week. God bless you and those wonderful products you folks make.


Houston, Texas

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Lisa Hawthorne

I am a PCO / Exterminator located in Foley, Alabama. My company is in transition from chemical to organic treatment of residential and commercial properties. We use the Cedar Oil Concentrates and the BEST YET solutions. We have found that we can obtain quicker and longer lasting results using the CedarCide Products than we ever were able to with the Synthetic Chemicals. We can instantly control fleas, bed bugs, mites, ants, mosquitoes, grubs, flies, army worms and numerous other pests. We keep a representative stock of CedarCide products for our “Do it yourself” customers. We stock the Pestigator Irrigation Injection Systems and suggest it is the ultimate in insect control. Folks in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are welcome to use our “Chemical Free” pest control services or shop at our CedarCide Store located at 14791A Underwood Road, Summerdale, Alabama. Phone # 251 965 5479

Baldwin County, Alabama

Gene Morris, licensed PCO # 55741
Letter from Ravenwood Estates Equine Center.

To CedarCide Industries, Inc. It was late summer of last year, when Renee’ West, my boss and developer of Ravenwood Estates, advised me that we would be trying some new pest control products at the Equestrian Center to replace the Pyrethrum-based repellants in our misting system and elsewhere. I was raised around horses and have worked with them most of my life. It’s my responsibility to care for these very expensive horses… owned by some wealthy homeowners… in this exclusive subdivision. And, now I’m dealing with the West Nile Virus, So, I’ve just been told that someone wants to take away my only defense against mosquitoes. You can understand my skepticism and resistance to change. It’s a job I take very seriously, and I love these animals dearly. To my surprise, however, all the products worked just as you described, and your misting system concentrate (Nocdown III) was a tremendous success. Diluted 1 quart to 55 gallons the periodic spray virtually eliminated all flying and biting insects in the stalls, and created a “protective barrier”around the center against flies and mosquitoes. In addition, the pleasant aroma of Cedar oil. It also seemed to calm the animals and reduced skittishness while working with them. I truly believe the chemical treatments kept them jumpy all of the time. Knowing, too, that your products are chemical-free and environmentally safe for us all gives us a great deal of satisfaction and relief while working in and around the area. As a result, we recently purchased two more cases of the CedarCide concentrate, and you can expect more orders in the future.


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Denise Irish, Manager, The Equestrian Center
Pestigator Testimonial from Maryland.

To whom it may concern at CedarCide: I just wanted you to know that for the first time in the many years we have lived here my husband and I can now enjoy the outside. I am the person from Maryland that purchased the Pestigator from you on the internet store and my son installed it to go off one time a day in the morning. WOW, does it ever work nice. My husband cannot use his legs but has the scooter but the Mosquito’s were so bad he had to stay inside. Not anymore. I want you to know you have made two senior citizens very happy. Thank you.

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Mary Anne and Theodore Bradly

I am leaving for Iraq for the third time. My parents sent me a bottle of the BEST YET spray because the deet stuff I was using was making me dizzy and burning my skin. The bugs are terrible over there. Real mean fleas and those tiny things you cannot see. I hate them. Here in Florida we call them “can’t see um” Funny thing, I can use the BEST YET all day long and never a insect bite and I never feel sticky, even under all of the protective clothing I have to wear. I bought a gallon at the CedarCide Store to take back with me. Why can’t you get the Army to buy this stuff instead of that nasty deet spray ?

Orlando, Fla.

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Sergeant Bill Tucker III

Hi Dr.Ben at CedarCide. Thanks for the help with my dog Brandy and her 13 puppies. When I called you they were all covered with fleas. So was Brandy. When I called the Vet he said there was nothing I could do about it. It was terrible and they didn’t even have their eyes open yet. I used my babysitting money to buy the gallon of Vets Choice. Mom said this was my project and could get the money back from selling the Collie Puppies. They are purebloods you know. I already have the papers made up. And just like you said to do I mixed 4 tablespoons in a gallon of water. I took the puppies by the neck skin like you said and held them in the water with the Vets Choice in it. Most of the fleas came off right away and then some held on for a while but they came off too. I put some in their ears and wiped it on their little faces. I put half of the bottle in the water then Dad helped me with Brandy and we put her in the big barrel on her back feet. We let her stay in there for thirty minutes. She liked it and almost fell asleep. I did not rinse Brandy off and she sure looked goofy for a while. When she got dry her hair was so pretty. Mom helped me comb her out and we took a picture of her and the puppies. I will send you one when we get it developed. I took her bed mat and soaked it in the barrel we used to soak Brandy. I put it in the sun to dry. You said that the sun would kill the fleas. Remember ? You should have seen the fleas floating on the top of the water in the barrel. I got my goldfish net and scooped them off the top so the water would be clean for the next time. Dad got a barrel that has a cover and a clamp to hold the cover on. He said they are used for foods and are easy to find. He paid $10.00 for it but used his money for that. He put the rest of the Vets Choice in the sprayer behind the tractor and sprayed the yard with the water. Mom’s happy now because she says the fleas got in the house from the yard. She got the garden sprayer and Dad filled it with the same stuff that was in the tank and she sprayed the house everywhere. I did what you said and made a divider for half of the puppies so Brandy would not lay and smother them. I only let half suck at a time. Remember your promise Dr. Ben ? You said that if I could keep them all alive till they got their eyes open you would give me some free Pet Safe for their bed ? It’s time to pay up Dr. Ben. The 13th one he is a runt just opened his eyes today. Dad says the runt is the best one to sell last. Do you think so ? Thanks Dr. Ben for helping me with Brandy. I called the Vet today and told him he was not very smart. The Puppies are worth 250 dollars each and he would have let them all die. He hung the phone up on me. Dad said he went to school to much and hurt his brain. He thinks he sounds like a duck when he talks. Does that mean he is a quack Dr. Ben ? Mom says he has no swede sense. I am going to use the Puppie money to go to the college in Madison and learn to be a smart Vet. Dad showed me how to make enough money to have all my college paid for in 6 years plus have a new car. That is if Brandy keeps having 13 puppies each year. Dad says Brandy should have only Spring time puppies. What do you think ? Bye now Dr. Ben. Mom wants to use the computer to get tomorrows bingo cards.
St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

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Dorothy Desideria Larson

My company builds wooden decks and fences for people and we also repair rotten ones. This guy called me to fix his decayed deck wood and then treat it with some stuff he bought on the internet. Supposed to turn the wood petrified. I told him it was rubbish talk but applied it for him just to make him happy. I was just wrong. I now put that CedarShield solution on all of the decks and fences we build. In my 30 years of wood work I have never seen anything like it. It completely waterproofs the wood. I don’t know what it is but for sure it works. Since I have started using it I never have a board split or the nails or screws come out. Never once has the planks warped or curled up on the ends. The color of the wood stays the same. Remember me. I am the guy that just ordered his third barrell of juice from you.

Mesquite, Texas.

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Aaron Whitestead

Cedarcide. Aunt Millie is writing this letter for me. I don’t know how to type or spell to good yet. They call me the mosquito chaser here in Atlanta. Kin folks think I am crazy but I have a lot of fun chasing mosquito. They got me one of those foggers for my birthday. When I am 16 I will be able to start my own business. Then they will have to pay me for keeping the bugs out of their yards. Now I just do it for fun. It really works good. I can do the inside of the house and the yard. In the house I turn it on and blow the fog into the air ducts with the blower running. Aunt Millie said it killed all the dust mites in the house and she threw her breathing pills in the trash. When my sister Mavis got married I did the Legion hall and the Picnic area and everyone said it really smelled good around there and no bugs anywhere. They married her outside cause the mosquito’s were all gone. They even served the food outside so everyone could dance in the hall. Thanks CedarCide. Can’t wait till I am 16. Do you need a salesman?

Atlanta, GA.

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W L Durham jr.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You CedarCide. You saved my marriage. My new Bride and I decided to live the summer at our brand new lake home in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. We had the home built over the winter and just moved in after a June 2 wedding. I never dreamed the Mosquito’s would be so bad. It was horrible. And to make it worse, I let that California outfit talk me into buying some of that internet advertised Garlic Spray to treat the house and area with to get rid of the Mosquito’s. The smell was so bad it made both Danniel and I gag. We had to go to town to sleep that night. She left and went back to Pittsburgh for ten days. Nice Honeymoon. Thank god it rained for three days that week and washed that horrible smell away. I never got the smell out of our new house. I went through three cleaning ladies trying to get it deodorized. I am told I will have to replace the carpets. My new neighbors complained and said they would take action if I ever used it in the yard again. I sent CedarCide’s Dr. Ben a email and asked him what to do about the Mosquito’s. He told me about a Cedar Oil product called NOCDOWN III that is used in the Agricultural business to control Citrus Rust Mites and insects of all sorts. Ben said it is used by the Cities and Munincipalities for Mosquito spraying. I called Danae and she shipped me a gallon with a hose end sprayer. Unbelievable results. Not a Mosquito in sight. I am going to do what Three Rivers Kay did and use a Pestigator to feed some sprinkler heads scattered about the property. Then I wouldn’t have to hose things down anymore. I love the smell of the Cedar Oil. And so does my wife (back here now) and the neighbors. Thanks CedarCide. You saved my marriage.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Anthony Riebinstien

To Dr. Ben at CedarCide. I really enjoyed our conversation several weeks ago. As you said it would, the MSC works great in my mosquito misting system. As I told you, I was instructed for several years not to use anything but the Pyrethrum Poison in the system. My wife made me turn it off last year after going to Google and reading about the issues with Pyrethroids and then finding the EPA report stating the Pyrethrum is a estrogen mirroring compound linked to breast cancer. Smart move. I have 4 females living in my house. The misting system was a 5000 dollar investment I could not use. As you well know, I was not happy. The prominent Metroplex installer refused to return my phone calls. It seems that is the rule of the day with those kind of folks. I put one quart of the MSC in the barrel and filled it with water. I had to clean all of the nozzles that were plugged from the chemical. It took me all day to do so. After 4 weeks I still have the smell of the toxins on my hands. No wonder the house, plants and everything around the spray area turned yellow. Thanks for the advice Ben. The Cedar Oil works better than the chemical ever did. It smells good. And it is a whole lot cheaper. I should save enough money over the next few years to get the irrigation pestigator. Then these ugly nozzles all over the house are coming down. I can’t wait.

Dallas, Texas

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Norman Avendale DDS

To the fine folks at CedarCide. I am a Pest Control Operator in upstate New York that primarily takes care of Dairy operations and milking parlors and a few Equine centers. I can watch the flys get off the cows when they come in the facilities and get back on when they go back outside. Your NOCDOWN III is an amazing product. I spray on a 30 day interval. Believe me, it is sure a relief not to have to handle those nasty chemicals anymore.

UpState, New York
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Elmer Jorgenson

To CedarCide: I was listening to Dr. Ben on his radio show several years back. One of the call ins related that she was using the Cedar Oil sprays to kill the powdery mildew on her Crape Myrtle. I bought some YardSafe and tried it myself. It worked. And it never came back. My brother has a vineyard in the Napa Valley of California. His grapes have been plagued with the powdery mildew fungal problem for many years. I sent him a bottle and he tried it on a area. It worked great. He now sprays his whole 120 acre vineyard with CedarCide once a year. Claims it is the best kept secret in Napa County.
Bay City, Texas

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Marilyn Lea Mornson

Hi CedarCide. I was referred to your products by Howard Garrett, a organic guru in Dallas. He suggested I try some cedar oil solutions inside the house to get rid of the silverfish and moths I have. I purchased the big bottle of DAS because I wanted enough to bathe my little dogs with. I am very pleased with the results. The big surprise was all of the dead roaches I found in my house after I treated it. How embarrassing. Where did they come from ? I will call in on Howards radio show and tell him he was right about the cedar oil.

Ardomore, Oklahoma

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Nancy Perdue

Hi Ben, I met you at a Home Show in the Astrodome some years back. I took your advice and started using the Cedar Granules in my yard. You were right. Since then I have had very few insects in my house. It seems that the cedar keeps them away. Thanks for the advice
Pearland, Texas

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Linda Weller

To CedarCide Industries: I live on the lake and for years have been plagued by spiders. They were all over the side of the house, boat shed and everywhere. I took your advice and sprayed everything with the cedar oil concentrate. It took about two weeks but the spiders all moved on to the vacant house next door. I didn’t want to kill them because I know they are beneficial and eat the bugs. Thanks to CedarCide, no bugs here ! It is a excellent product.
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Joann Miller

Hello CedarCide. I want to tell you my story about fleas and perhaps someone else can benefit from it. My brother and his wife came to stay with us for a few weeks while their home was being completed. He brought his Chocolate Lab dog with him. Since I do not allow animals in my house, the dog had to stay on the porch. Several years later I noticed black things on my white slippers in the morning. I didn’t think a whole lot about it until my husband started complaining about bites on his ankles from something. That very same day I got dressed in white slacks and as I walked through the house I noticed the pants legs were covered with black fleas. I immediately called the exterminator and he went through the house and sprayed something with a terrible odor. He promised me that would be the end of the flea problem. Unfortunately it wasn’t and after about four recalls and a sinus infection from the spray I came to the conclusion that whatever he was spraying was not going to work. In fact, I think the fleas liked it. I had more fleas after treatment than before. I decided to take the matter into my own hands and went to the internet to find out what I could do to get rid of this terrible flea infestation I had acquired. I found CedarCide’s advertisement and sent a email to Dr. Ben. He called me ! I could not believe that. I got a quick education on fleas and for a 100 dollars using cedar oil, cured the problem. I would have gladly paid 1000 dollars. I already spent 620 dollars with the exterminator. I know now that the fleas were laying dormant in my carpet for several years. They obviously migrated into the house from the porch. I have never had a re-occurrence or have I seen any insect of any sort in my house. I did as Dr. Ben said and treated the yard just in case the Squirrels were carrying the fleas. I know now that a flea infestation cannot be linked to cleanliness and want other folks to know that if they experience the same problem I did, call CedarCide first. Thanks Dr. Ben.
Greensboro, North Carolina

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Loretta Yunker

We love you Doctor Ben. My Boxer and I love you. If he could talk he would say, thank you very much for getting rid of the mange I have been suffering with for three years. It is all gone now. The Vet stuffed me full of medicine and charged my master over 2000 dollars for steroids and all kinds of other junk. Then he told him he could not help me and wanted another 100 dollars to put me to sleep. That same 100 dollars bought a bottle of Vets Choice Cedar Oil and a month later I am a new dog and I got hair. And, since I am still alive, my master took me into get my shots and the Vet could not believe how good I looked. Boss man told him about the Cedar Oil but it fell on deaf ears. He remarked that his medicine must have finally took hold ! That’s a trip to denial land if I ever saw one. Thanks Dr. Ben.


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Bill McLean for “Sanger the Dog”

Hello to CedarCide. Dave asked me to talk a testimonial and so here be it. I have been using NOCDOWN III to put fog in the oilfield tool supply warehouse for 4 years. We are located in Lafayette Parish. We have lots of bugs here in the south and this be the only way to make them be gone. The mosquito and spiders they leave. We turn it on summertime saturday every week for 15 minutes. No bugs.

Broussard, Louisiana

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Harry Meir

I have a covered awning between the house and the garage. We call it mud alley. Hundreds of mud dobbers find excitement in covering the bottom side with their evil work. I spent a afternoon cleaning the tunnels off the ceiling and then sprayed some PCO Choice there and all around the area. To date, 1 month later, no dobbers. Hallelejuia. I like this product !

Jackson, Mississippi

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Pricilla Majors

Thanks for making CedarShield. We had just completed the construction of a boat dock and a very large deck on the backside of our Log Home overlooking Lake Lanier. After payment for the work the contractor we used informed us that we needed to treat the wood with something to keep the green copper fungicide from coming out of the wood and onto our feet, or in the alternative wear shoes when on the surface. I could not believe what I was hearing. The contractor pulled a tag off the end of one of the boards and on the backside where no one could see it there was a warning label. It suggested keeping children and pets off the wood before the surface was sealed. He wiped some of the wood with a white napkin and showed us how the green would come off. I know now why they wore gloves and masks the whole time they were doing construction. My husband and I were devastated. I called Lowe’s first and received no satisfaction. I then went to Home Depot where we had purchased the wood and asked what product they recommended we seal it with. They politely suggested we go to the CedarCide website. They offered no suggestion for a sealer other than CedarShield which they did not offer for sale. They had many coatings like Thompson’s water sealer but made no guarantees they would stay on green and wet treated wood for any period of time. Bad news, good news. When I talked to Dave at CedarCide I realized that not only would the CedarCide product encapsulate the nasty copper fungicides in the wood it would stop the normal weather related cracking and splitting these types of outside structures experience. Wow. It was easy to apply using a garden sprayer. The improvement has been finished for a year and it looks as great as the day it was complete. I am told I will never ever have to treat it again and in time the wood will become petrified and last forever. Next project, treating the Log Home with the CedarShield. My family thanks you for them not having to wear shoes ! Thanks for being a Green Steward and making environmentally friendly products. Corporate America should steal a page from CedarCides book.

Gainesville, Georgia

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Pete and Dana Sousley

I have a small 15 acre ranch that until now belonged to the Fire Ant World. At one time I counted over 100 mounds. Some as big as a washtub. Not any more. I did what Dr. Ben suggested and strapped a 55 gallon drum in horizonal position on the bed of the John Deere Gator. I have a hose and a shovel, that’s all I need. I level the fire ant mound and then drench the area with about 5 gallons of the 55 gallons of water mixed with a quart of cedar oil from the faucet and hose on the drum. That spells the end of the ants. I enjoy watching those rascals die. One of my mama cows dropped a calf in a mound recently and the ants killed it instantly by crawling up its nose. They will never get a chance to do that again. I do not experience any reoccurring mounds with this method like I did with the Amdro and other chemicals. I always felt like all I was doing was moving ants around. You might want to put this information on the CedarCide Website so other ranchers can do the same to control their ant problems.

RB Ranch Rosenberg, Texas

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Roger Bourchard

Just a note to thank you for Dr. Bens advice on how to rid my yard of Chinch bugs. It worked. I used the Yardsafe hose end sprayer on the yellow areas and in a week the grass was growing back. I went ahead and did the whole yard and it ran off all of the mosquito’s. I had two Fire Ant mounds I had been fighting for years. Never could get rid of them. I used Amdro and all the other chemicals. Didn’t help. One good soaking with the cedar oil spray and it was over. Next stop, Moms house. We will see if it will work on the horrible brown patch issue she has. Ben said it will stop those fungal organisms as well. We’ll find out soon !
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Jerome Fitzgerald

To whom it may concern at CedarCide. I did the barrel soaking trick you recommend for getting rid of fleas on dogs. It works. I have a Albino Shepherd and as you may or may not know they are plagued with dry skin issues. To make matters worse, because they are white they attract every flea in the county. At first Whitey wasn’t so sure about the soak but after a few minutes he learned to like it. I can honestly say, he looks forward to the periodic dips he gets and sometimes will go and sit by the barrel hoping I will put him in to soak. The cedar oil moistens his skin which before would tighten up and crack. There is not a flea on him and his hair is gorgeous. This dog has won many trophies in his 10 years even though it is recommended that albinos be eliminated at birth. Just wanted to let you know that the Pet Horse Livestock concentrate is a awesome product. I will send you a photo.
Des Moines, Iowa.

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Mike Young

I was ordered to the Shreveport, Louisiana Army Ammunition plant in 2005. The US Army provides housing for its foreign army program participation guests. I am from Sydney, Australia and a civilian member of the Australian Army. I arrived in the middle of July and my wife and I were taken to the house we were to stay in for the next 6 months. The home had been vacant for 6 months without any heat or air. We proceeded to start the air conditioners and get some relief from the heat. We quickly found we could not stay in the house as the fleas were unbearable. My wife is sensitive to chemicals so I could not let the base maintenence workers spray in the house or the yard. I went to the local feed store to purchase something that was not chemical to spray the lawn and structure with. The store man said he didn’t have anything like that on hand but gave me your phone number. I called and you were nice enough to send me 2 quarts of the Pet Horse and Livestock concentrate overnight. The product worked well and after treatment, and in 24 hours, we were able to move in to live. I am going back to Australia in 30 days and would like to take a case of that product with me. You should have my credit card on file from the last order. Ship it to me at the same address on the base please. Thanks for making the USA stay more comfortable for my wife and I.

Sydney, Australia
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Winston Norwalk

I just wanted to let you know at CedarCide what a wonderful product your Cedar granules are. Dr. Ben was right when he said that the roaches were getting in my house from the attic. I never would have believed him but I did what he said and used several pails in my attic. I just threw them out over the top of the insulation like I was feeding the chickens. My attic smells like one big cedar chest. I don’t see any of those big Roaches in my house anymore. To think that for all of those many years I could have stopped the problem for under a hundred dollars makes me wonder where my head was ! I wonder why no one else ever told me to do this? Tell Dr. Ben thanks for the advice.

Biloxi, Mississippi

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Emily Jean Nabors

We have a ten unit mini storage facility on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. Each unit has approximetely 50 storage cubicles. The buildings were all built on old rice fields that were once home to millions of Crickets. When the first invasion occurred we called the local exterminator. He sprayed a chemical in all of the buildings and outside the structure to kill them. This was a big mistake. The stench of thousands of decaying crickets was overwhelming and subsequently did considerable damage to the contents stored in the building by my customers. I now treat the inside of the facility with CedarCide PCO Choice prior to the move in by any new tennant. I treat the outside area of the building every thirty days with the same product. The cedar aroma keeps any insects from inhabiting the building or for that matter even getting near the facility. I have never had a Cricket issue again. I know they are still around because I hear them singing all night. They just won’t come near the buildings. And that keeps all of the Snakes away that came to eat the Crickets.The use of a chemical control agent was a very costly endeavor for my company and I wanted to let other people in the storage business know not to make the same mistake we did. Use a cedar oil solution like I do and you won’t experience any problems. Even when insects come with the customers storage items the aroma inside the building will drive them out or kill them.

Houston, Texas

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Dayton Denton

Our property backs up to the woods with a creek and somewhat swampy area. Lots of mosquito’s here year around. I called last week and bought a gallon of the PCO Choice and the hose end sprayer. I got the shipment the next day. Good service, thanks. I did as the lady suggested and sprayed the side of the house, the shrubbery, flower beds and the lawn. I also sprayed the fence and as far as I could into the woods and onto the neighbors property. I soaked everything well and to my satisfaction the mosquitos and a lot of other insects dissappeared. I have tried a lot of different products to get rid of the mosquitos but none ever worked as well as the PCO. Most of them only worked for a hour at best. It has now been three days and the mosquitos are still somewhere else. I like this PCO Choice. Feel free to pass this testimonial on to your customers if you wish.
Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Melodie and James Fisher

I love my CedarCide Fogger. I was somewhat reluctant to buy one because of the flame up issues associated with Foggers. When I was a child my father burned his arm real bad using one when it exploded on him while fogging the yard. When I read on your website that yours was a non thermal cold fogger and that it used water instead of kerosene, that caught my undivided attention. I purchased your special number three on the website with a gallon of the MSC. I fogged every room in the house, then went to the attic and fogged up there. I did the heat and air vents by running the air conditioner while I held the fogger in front of the cold air return duct. It sucked the fog into the system and I ran it until I saw fog coming out of all of the air ducts in every room. That was neat. It seems to make the air in the house easier to breathe and not so stale smelling. (my husband is a smoker) I guess it killed any dust mites that were there. I have not seen a bug in the house since I used it. It even killed the cereal beetles I constantly fight. I used it in the pantry for only a minute and then closed the door trapping the fog in the room. The Fogger stays on the front porch now. In the evenings we sit on the porch and watch the sun go down over the Razorback Mountains. All I have to do is turn the fogger on for a minute or two and not a mosquito in sight. My husband says it’s the best investment we ever made.

Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Mary and William Thornberry

We love your CedarCide Products. Where have you been all of these years. Our private nursing home has residents over 90 years old and I have grandchildren under 1 year in age. The elderly folks like to go outside and sit on the veranda but have never been able to do so until we started using the CedarCide products. We treat with the hose end sprayer once a week to keep the mosquito’s away. I would not dare do that with chemicals since the elderly folks and babies are very sensitive to anything toxic. I have one lady that insists I spray her with the BEST YET just to make her skin feel soft and smooth. I made the mistake of letting her take the bottle with her to the 4th of July Church Picnic. Older folks emit much more carbon dioxide than younger people do and they always require more mosquito protection. She refused to give the spray back ! Before this product we used the Avon Skin so Soft but it never appeared to do much good. The BEST YET works great.

Rochester, Minnesota
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The folks at the Sundown Manor

Hello. My name is Lisa and I am a New customer of yours and now I always will be. I wrote concerning my kitties and if the odor would be offensive to them. My cats were rolling in the shavings and they love it. I haven’t put the liquid on them but I don’t see it as a problem. Thanks so much. Your newest loyal customer. I have told everyone in my class about this stuff. I am an environmental college student and since this is all natural, you may have some more new customers.

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Lisa Rooks

CedarCide….I had a tick infestation! With 6 Cats, 3 Lap Dogs and a Huge German Shepherd. I was about to lose them one by one from the pesticides when I found your product. I sent for it immediately, received in a few days and with just a few treatments of all with the dip, and spraying the house and yard the ticks were gone. I appreciate the warning about the lizards because I have pet Iquanas (one is 13 years old, my Grandsons 1st grade pet) I would hate to lose. I was attracted to your product because it is not only Non Toxic to humans and many household pets, but has also been effective in treating a skin allergy to fleas in one of my Teacup Pomeranieans. Her Skin has completely healed and the fur is thick and luxurious again! Your product is truly an answer to a desperate prayer to save my beloved pets.

Lantana, Florida
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Jeanne Zurdema

Danae: Hello, I have to tell you so far the Best Yet works. I had been outside from 6 to 8 pm this evening and the mosquito’s were awful. Those little ones that bite hard and they hurt. I had a few land on me but they wouldn’t bite. It appeared to make them paralyzed and I just brushed them of. I will let you know the results when I am out there for 10 hours on Saturday. This is the first product I have ever used that keeps the mosquitoes off me. I am a magnet for attracting them. You have some other stuff on the CedarCide Store I want. I think you have a customer for life.

Whitingham, Vermont

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Jersey Joe

I just have to tell you CedarCide. It worked. You got a winner with this product. I had so many moles in my yard when you walked on it you would think it was a sponge. At first it was hilarious watching my husband chasing them with a pitch fork, jabing at the tunnels hoping he could kill them. He never got one that we know of. Then he got obsessed with getting them. Roman candles in the tunnels, smoke bombs, high pitched ultrasonic squealers, Juicy Fruit Gum ! He tried it all. Dr. Ben was right. It was the Grubs the moles were after. We gave the yard a good soaking with the Snake-Mole-Grub Control concentrate just before a rain. It leached down into the soil and killed those rascals. Ben was right. The juveniles were about 1/2 inch deep and the adults about 3″ down. We had a average of about 15 per square foot. What a smorgasboard that was for the moles. They must have called up all of their partners in crime. All were in my yard. Not any more! Nothing to eat here! Thanks for the tip Dr. Ben.

Eugene, Oregon

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Mildred Kanonski

I operate a 300 room Motel in North Carolina. I was down to only being able to rent 25 rooms per night because of the flea infestation in the other rooms. Not only did I have fleas, I had bed bugs, mites and seed ticks. Not to many folks get the opportunity to fight all of those evils at once. My local exterminator bailed out on me. No answers other than putting a tent over the whole Motel and fumigating it with methal bromide. Then it would not be able to be used for a minimum of 30 days. The cost, 62,000 dollars. I saw bankruptcy looming on the horizon. All because of Fleas. I was devastated. I called the State of North Carolina. No one wanted to address the problem. I turned to the USDA and saw the BEE’s Report posted to their website. It appeared that the BEST YET invented by CedarCide received the highest rating for a BIO flea control for use by the Army in Iraq. The Army could not use it until the government gave the chemical companies enough time to object to use of a non chemical formulation. What rubbish that is. I called Dr. Ben and he shipped me a 55 gallon drum. The cost, $2750. The Mexicans and I personally treated all 300 rooms in one day using the six Tri-Jet Foggers Ben Sent us. The cost, $900. We just stripped the linen, opened the door of each room, set the fogger on the floor, turned it on and and let it run for 5 minutes. Mission acomplished. Vacuumed the rooms, wiped down the tables, installed clean linen. etc., turned on the AC and 12 hours later we were renting the rooms. No offensive Chemical odor, no fleas, seed ticks, bed bugs or mites. And lots of dead roaches. I don’t know where they came from. Do the math folks. It cost me $12.16 per room. I want you to post this to your website so other Motel Owners don’t have to be on a learning curve like I was. The BEST YET is a lifesaver for me and might be for them. It has been a month now and not one pest in site. Thanks for the advice Dr. Ben

Asheville, North Carolina

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Waynette Hendrickson

We want you to know CedarCide. The Pestigator is a dream come true. It has now been installed at our home for 1 year and a month. It has changed our lives. We can now enjoy the backyard. We even had a pool put in and enjoy it even more. Our property backs up to a Bayou and the Mosquito are horrible. I am so happy we chose the irrigation system for delivery of a insect control instead of the misting system our neighbor chose. We both did the installations at the same time. He hates the misting system. His plants are all yellow and the side of his home is permanently stained, grass won’t grow and he still has Mosquito everywhere there is not a nozzle. Now they tell him he has to put more nozzles on sticks all over the yard to get rid of the Mosquito. It already smells like a chemical plant over there. I think it’s funny. He paid twice as much for what he has than we did. And it costs him twice as much more than we pay to operate it. The misting nozzles are plugged up all of the time and they have to put a new pump in that goofy looking barrel every month. His whole property is ugly with those pipes and sprayers all over everywhere. No problems here at our home. The Pestigator is set to come on at 4PM, about the time the Mosquito wakes up to do its evil. The irrigation system comes on for a minute in each zone, The sprinklers pop up and we just chase the bugs away, right to the neighbors yard I guess ? Oh Well ! We love our Pestigator Mosquito Control System.

Houston, Texas
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Twiala and Jeff Sandstrom

Dear Dr. Ben…. When I first discovered the CedarCide website and the products there I said to myself, now there is some real first class snake oil marketing. You see, I had been there and done that. I had been tricked by the biggest and best. Then as I read the testimonials I realized that it could have been me writing them as I identified with nearly every issue the different folks talked about. Several years ago I was told I picked up a wheat mite skin infestation in the Midwest. The creatures from hell is what I called them. I tried all of the cures recommended by friends, fools, family and doctors, including the prozac routine suggesting that the problem was all in my head. I even greased myself up with the toxic permethrin lotion the Doctor prescribed. I ended up having nervous convulsions and almost died. I had all but decided this horrible itching and crawling feeling is something I would have to live with the rest of my life. Not a nice thought. What I couldn’t understand was why the mites did not affect anyone else, only me. My husband was not affected at all. You have no idea how often I prayed I could get this mite issue in my past. Then I spoke to you and you dumped cold water on all the numerous theories the Doctors and others had led me to believe. I realize now that the mites are good guys and are a intricate part of the human body. My problem had nothing to do with the Midwest or the wheat mite. Some folks are more reactive to mites which are in everyone’s skin. When a body produces extra bacteria and that often happens from aging, stress or without any defined reason, the mites become aggressive, destroying that bacteria element. This creates high fecal matter and urine discharge from the mite which in turn creates the itchy crawly feeling as the dirt attempts to exit the skin. Your BEST YET product kills the epidermal bacteria which determines the mites behavior. I had no idea that Cedar Oil was a natural bactericide. For years I have suffered from Rosacea. Everything you say about the mite I now find is acknowledged by the Mayo studies related to this incurable disease. Today, because of your product, I no longer suffer from Rosacea or Mites. I don’t know how to thank you Dr. Ben. I know I am preaching to the choir. I just want you to publish this writing on your website. I never want this treatment to be my best kept secret. Perhaps someday one of the pharmaceutical companies will see the error of their chemical dependency and promote one or more of your dynamic products as a alternative to the Snake Oil they insist on peddling to unsuspecting folks like I was. Thanks Again and Again Dr. Ben. Because of you, life is good.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Lillian McGovern

Hello Dr. Ben….. Thanks for the tip on the Head Lice. We solved the problem in two hours. I did what you said and sprayed the boys head with the BEST YET. I put the shower cap on his head and sent him to watch TV while the solution did it’s magic. WOW. I easily combed out every louse and nit, put him in the shower and that was the end of the horrible head lice episode. I am not so sure why these harsh chemical treatments are reccommended for head lice issues. They won’t work ! I spent a lot of money on that snake oil the school nurse had me buy. I think I own part of the Drug Company now. That crap is really expensive and all it did was make my kids head raw and sore and kept him throwing up all of the time. His hair turned to straw from the stuff. After two rounds of that I decided I better not use it anymore. My friend suggested I call you and see if there was a Non Chemical way to get rid of these parasites. I did, thank god. As to the boys hair, the BEST YET made it come back soft and natural. In fact, I think I will put some on my head to stimulate my hair condition ? Anyway, thanks for the advice and I will be sure to pass the word about this wonderful product.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Janice Mitchum RN

Okay CedarCide, I am a believer. I drove down from Austin Saturday Morning, stepped up to the plate and purchased a case of the BEST YET solution and the Tri-Jet Fogger. I got back to Austin by 2:00 PM and started fogging the Motel Rooms. Got all 120 of them done by 6:00 and had full occupancy by 2 AM this morning. Folks are checking out as I write this and not one flea bite complaint. That is the first time in many months. Everyone is full of compliments about how fresh the rooms smell ! You win folks. I like this comfort level. Since there is no license required to fog this substance my house keepers can do the treatment. I already sent a email to the exterminator we have used for 15 years and bid him farewell. I wish I had the money I spent with him all those years. I don’t even want to tell you how much that is. I am going to do as Dr. Ben suggested and fog the rooms once a month as a preventative maintenance agenda. Also, for what it is worth, the smoking rooms took on a whole new aroma. I instructed the cleaning ladies to do a quick fog in those specific rooms at least once a week to keep the tobacco odor under control. Thanks for a greattttttttttt product. I would love to give the name of the Motel in this testimonial but cannot because we are a member of a National Chain. But I want you to post this to your website so other motel operators can experience the awesome results this cedar oil agenda provides to the hospitality industry. And to be sure they know it will save them a whole lot of money in the end.

A Motel in Austin,Texas
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Maureen O’Riley, Manager

I just wanted to pass this tid bit of infomation on to folks that have dogs suffering from Ear Mites. Several good streams of BEST YET into the ear canal along with a quick ear massage put a end to my Shepherds suffering. I could tell he got instant relief from the treatment. I had already killed every flea on him using the product. Perhaps this news will help someone else who is experiencing a ear mite problem with their dog.

Boise, Idaho

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Sharon Whitaker

So that everyone knows, the Orkin man came today for the last time. His incompetence was just to much to bear. He gave me some song and dance about not being able to get the fleas under control because they were required to use safe products ! Safe for the fleas, that was obvious. Seven treatments and not one dead flea except from old age perhaps. So I asked him to put down the BEST YET I purchased from Dr.Ben. He said he would have to deduct his cost of the chemical from the $125.00 he charges for the service call. That was a whopping $4.96 he computed. Exterminator charges are based upon a multiplier of 25 times chemical cost. He would have to charge me a fee of $120.00 to do the application. I ran him off, went down to the local hardware store and bought a tank sprayer for $9.95 and came home and did the treatment myself. Quite frankly, I enjoyed the task. I wanted those damm fleas dead more than anything in the World. They are now ! I actually had fun sending them back to hell. You might think about posting this to your testimonial page just to give folks a heads up on the best way to get rid of fleas and exterminators. Same Same to me. I spent $875.00 with Orkin for nothing other than a non stop chemical headache. I spent $225.00 for BEST YET. Headaches gone and so are the fleas. Thank God for that.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Jeanette Rodriguez
Wow! Gone…gone…gone! No ants! No Ticks! (In Arizona!)
Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 3:05 PM
Subject: Cedarcide! Yea! Thank you!

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to thank everyone at Cedarcide for such a fantastic product. We had problems with ants previously, and just recently because we had dogs TICKS! We hired an insecticide companies to get rid of the ants and they were under control, but we still seen a few around the kitchen and dishwasher after several visits. Then came the ticks, probably from the dog park. We hired two different companies to get these pests out of our yard and house. I don’t even think that the spray even had an effect on the ticks. It was like as if they were spraying water! We even had our dogs dipped and then after two weeks the ticks were back and we added Harts drops to try to protect them from the ticks. It looks like all we did was put them in danger with the poison that is in these products. I saw your add on the internet and was puzzled to why if this stuff was so effective why it wasn’t used more. Why did I never hear of cedar oil as a pesticide. I ordered the fogger with your Best Yet formula. I sprayed the dogs with a bottle and fogged the house totally. In the AC ducts, beds attic, closets and everywhere else I could think of. And since I live in Arizona and the rain fall is only once every several months, I was able to use the Best Yet formula outside against the house as well in the bushes.

Wow! Gone…gone…gone! No ants! No Ticks! We were free! TOTAL ELIMINATION! It has been two months and still not ants or ticks!

Thank you…thank you…thank you!

Chandler, AZ
Edward R. Antolik
Hello Dave,

One of your phone receptionists suggested I email you directly to ask the question: “Will spraying our backyard and garden areas with PCO Choice irradicate a serious yellow jacket problem we have been having for several weeks?” We discovered an underground nest outside our fence which we had exterminated and removed 3-4 small visible wasps nests under our eaves but the yellow jackets persist in hovering over our back lawn all day. We have also stopped watering for several days and I this morning sprayed the quart bottle of Best Yet that I have for my dog close to the lawn surface. This seemed to have no affect, so I am ready now to try the PCO Choice on our lawn and periphery garden. Can you guarantee that the PCO Choice will affect this problem? If you have any specific recommendations I will gladly welcome them. Your product seems very impressive; I have avoided using pesticides on our dog and premises and appreciate the alternative you offer.

Thank you very much,
Petaluma, CA


  1. Barbara J Anderson

    I have used your products for years and continue to spread the word. No Ants, fleas or other annoying critters. Always works. Ants need a few repeat sprays. Thank you for making a product I can have around my animals!

    1. Jonathan At Cedarcide

      Thanks so much for the comment, Barbara! We’re here if you need anything else 🙂

  2. Adrienne Szatkowski

    Can I use Cedarcide along with Frontline Plus? The cedarcide seemed to help but we still saw a few fleas everyday mostly in our bathroom. an occasional flea on my dogs head. Frontline Plus made our dog stop scratching but it does not repel; only kill fleas, ticks and disrupt the reproductive cycle. It does not repel or kill mosquitoes or flies. I hate to move up into any more chemicals, so I thought I could continue Cedarcide as a repellant while using Frontline Plus.

    I hate chemicals, but vacuuming and washing the dogs and our bedding as well as vacuuming the couch and recliner everyday has been grueling and we still see a few fleas. It’s not as though we see them jumping in the rug, etc… but we still had them even after the CC and using DE on the rugs and floors. It’s very quiet now with our first application of FL+ and I wondered if the cedarcide could be used to help repel. Thank you.

  3. Ina Lartigue

    An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers


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