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  1. Cailtin Adair

    How about flower and vegetable gardens? Is it safe to spray living plants?

    1. Jonathan At Cedarcide

      Hi, Cailtin!

      Our outdoor products, such as Yardsafe and PCO Choice, are formulated specifically for plant safety and for applying directly to lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces πŸ™‚

  2. Janis Dale Simpson

    I’m using this product to spray wasps that seem to be getting into my home somehow. Works well. I use it on my dog, too. Found out by experience that it isn’t good for plants…

  3. I’m wondering if it kills spiders, or at least keeps them away. Thanks

    1. Check out our Ridaweed! Thanks!

  4. Karen Henrickson

    Greetings… Do any of the outdoor products harm earthworms, honeybees, bumblebees, lightning bugs, lady bugs, moth/butterfly adults and/or larvae? Thank you.

    1. Sarah at CedarCide

      Be sure not to purposefully spray those beneficial insects directly. Our products can kill them if they get a serious direct hit with it. However, generally our outdoor products, PCO and Yardsafe, are not harmful to those bugs and will not deter them from pollinating and benefitting your garden.


  5. sara baiza

    Using for bird mite infestation of home and self

  6. Does your product kill deer ticks?

    1. Sarah at CedarCide

      We have several different products that are effective at killing and repelling deer ticks. Use PCO Choice to treat outdoor spaces and use Tickshield on yourself to deter them or kill them on direct contact. Thanks!

  7. magsretired

    Looking forward!

  8. Trying the new stronger version the tick sheild… this time- hope it works on the same bugs as original formula but requires less spray. I will report on the quality and effectiveness! Excited about the “dries quickly” claim does it sweat off? Lete know please I hope it does the trick. Wish me luck thanks!

  9. rick kattine

    I am out of Best Yet and need some more. Thanks.

    1. Whitney Teague

      Hi Rick,

      We are happy to place an order for you! You may call us at 800-842-1464 and one of our staff will be glad to help you. If you would prefer ordering online, here is the link to what you are looking for on our website. (Note, Best Yet has been renamed Cedarcide Original)



      1. This is my first order. Do I also get the 15% off? Thanks.

        1. Dave at CedarCide

          You sure can! Just sign up for the email newsletter, you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription and once you have confirmed you will receive a follow up email with the coupon code to use at checkout to get your 15% off! Thank you

  10. froggyacres

    does the yard spray hurt the tree frogs and other frogs and turtles and toads.

    1. Dan at CedarCide

      PCO Choice will not harm frogs, toads, or turtles unless you spray them directly.

  11. christinekmbll

    Do you sell or distribute customer information or do you maintain the privacy of customers?

    1. Dan at CedarCide

      We don’t sell or distribute your information. We respect your and your email’s privacy.

  12. Judith Weaver

    love the biting insect spray

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