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The Cedarcide Horse Rescue was established to rescue and rehabilitate abused and abandoned horses.

Meet Our Rescue Horses


Name: Toby
Nickname: Star Boy & Sweet Boy
Age: 17
Breed: American Paint Horse
Trained: Yes, but only suitable for light riding with kids due to arthritis

Toby loves attention, being brushed, and most of all getting bathed. He’s incredibly polite and gentle with people and an instant favorite of everyone who meets him. If you’re looking for a new best friend or companion horse, Toby’s your guy!


Name: Mulie
Nickname: Mule Man, Mules,
Age: 5
Breed: Unknown
Trained: Green broke to ride, stands for farrier, loves human interaction!

Mulie is a gorgeous gelding who was rescued from the Kaufman kill pen. His curious and quirky personality makes him a ton of fun to be around. He came to us with no training, but over the last year we’ve taught him several fundamentals, including halter training, farrier work, round pen, and light riding. Mulie is a fast learner and would be a great project horse for the right owner. He has a beautiful color pattern that changes throughout the season—which we think is super cool! Mulie is easy to catch and loves human affection.


Name: Piglet
Nickname: Cowboy
Age: 14
Breed: Pinto
Trained: Yes!

Piglet is a beautiful paint horse with a massive personality! He will do just about anything for a treat—which is how he earned his name. Piglet is a ton of fun to ride and has an incredibly comfortable gait. He does best with semi-experienced riders who can manage his charismatic attitude. He loads in a trailer, stands for a farrier, and has superb ground manners. Piglet would make a great ranch horse for the right home.


Name: Legacy of Truth
Nickname:  Legacy
Age: 11
Breed: Thoroughbred
Trained: Yes! Legacy was originally trained as a racehorse but he’s smart and willing to learn any discipline.

Legacy is tall, dark and handsome! He’s got an awesome personality and gets along equally well with both people and horses. He also has excellent ground manners. He was formerly a successful racehorse, winning more than $150,000 before he was eventually sold at auction. He’s a seven-year- old registered thoroughbred and stands about 16.5 hands tall. We think he would make an excellent hunter/jumper project horse, but with his amazing attitude he could probably be trained for just about any discipline.


Name: Scout
Age: 4
Breed: Quarterhorse
Trained: Halter, round pen, and farrier trained but not yet trained for riding


Name: Rusty
Age: 16
Breed: Quarterhorse
Trained: Yes! He is trained to ride and has excellent ground manners

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