Tickshield with Lemongrass: Extra-Strength Bug Spray πŸ’ͺ for People + Pets

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Lemongrass Tickshield is a family-safe bug spray for use directly on people, gear, larger pets (over 20 lbs.), and indoors.

Ideal for hikers and campers, Lemongrass Tickshield kills and repels biting pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, and ants without harmful chemicals.


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What is Tickshield with Lemongrass

Tickshield with Lemongrass is a refreshing scent option for our popular extra strength bug spray, Tickshield. Because they’re our strongest and longest-lasting bug sprays, Tickshield and Tickshield with Lemongrass are ideal for hikers, campers, and other outdoorsmen. Because they dry quickly and do not stain, they’re perfect for clothing, backpacks, tents, and other gear, too.


Tickshield with Lemongrass is a family-safe, plant-based bug spray for use on people, pets over 20 lbs., and all throughout your home. Tickshield kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, and mites. Because of its stronger scent, we suggest consulting a veterinarian before using Tickshield with Lemongrass on animals under 20 lbs.

Tickshield kit
Tried other natural products for fleas, but they didn't work. This works amazingly well! - Nancy K 5 star review
No ticks on my dogs, me, or in my yard since I started using it. Elizabeth E 5 star review
Used Cedarcide for over 10 years, 3 dogs, no ticks or fleas. Buck M 5 star review

How to Use Tickshield

Spray directly on skin, clothing, and gear to kill and repel insects & many other pests. Use hands to apply to face-do not spray directly. Avoid contact with eyes. Use before and after outdoor activities to kill and repel mosquitos, ticks, and other biting pests. Reapply as needed.

Tickshield shouldΒ only be used on medium to large size pets.Β We do not recommend using Tickshield on cats.

Spray a light mist directly on fur, on a brush, or spray onto hands and massage into coat until solution reaches the skin. Use hands to apply to face-do not spray directly. Be sure to apply all over, including armpits, in between toes, and on and around ears and tail. Use on pets before and after outdoor activities to kill and repel pests like fleas & ticks. Reapply as needed.

Spray as needed to kill and repel insects in all areas of the home: including flooring, counters, furniture, doorways, window frames, and pet areas. Tickshield dries clear and will not stain.

Tickshield with Lemongrass vs. Tickshield

Tickshield with Lemongrass and Tickshield are both extra strength, family-safe bug sprays for personal, pet, and indoor use.

Tickshield with Lemongrass contains both lemongrass and cedarwood oils as active ingredients, whereas original Tickshield uses only cedarwood oil.

Corgi with paw placed on tickshield

How Does It Work?

Insect Dehydration

Bugs are sensitive to moisture loss, which is bad news for those that come into contact with cedarwood oil. Cedarwood oil leaches moisture from insects and other bugs, leaving them dried out and eventually dead.

Pheromone Disruption

Bugs use pheromones to navigate, search for food, and regulate their bodily functions. Cedarwood oil disrupts these pheromones, disorienting them, repelling them, and ultimately killing them.


For more information, check out How Cedarwood Oil Kills Bugs and How to Get Rid of Fleas with Cedarcide.

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