Scorpion Shield Indoor Protection

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Scorpion Shield is a naturally-sourced insecticide and repellent for indoor scorpion control.

  • Made from all natural cedar
  • Ready-to-use
  • Dries quickly and will not stain
  • Fresh cedar scent

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1 review for Scorpion Shield Indoor Protection

  1. Elizabeth M

    Last year, my stepmom almost died from multiple scorpion bites to her arm that occurred while sleeping. She went into shock and was sort of catatonic and taken to the hospital. When my dad relayed this story to me. He told me they see scorpions in the house frequently. Once while visiting, there was a centipede in the house under the couch.

    I searched the internet for something he could use to take care of his problem. I found Cedarcide. I read the testimonies and watched your video. It was hard to spend that much money not knowing if it would work, but I took the chance. I purchased the Best Yet Kit for inside the house and the PCO Choice with the Hose Sprayer for outside. He sprayed the exterior of the house and inside and has not seen any more scorpions. That was about a year ago. He redid the treatment this spring before my visit as I certainly didn’t want to see any scorpions.

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