Scorpion Shield Indoor Protection

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Scorpion Shield is a excellent way to repel scorpions from entry points. Great for doors, windows, and any other place where scorpions are sneaking into your home.



Scorpion Shield is an excellent product to help protect doors, which are just one of the many entry points for these pests. Keeping the weather stripping tight is important to help minimize cool and warm air drafts that attract scorpions and other creatures to the doors. However, weather stripping can never be tight enough to fully prevent entry – the pests can still get in. Scorpion Shield will provide the added benefit of masking the pheromones while helping to repel the creatures from the doorways. Scorpion Shield can also be used around windows, especially when left open. This product can also be safely used indoors for pocket doors, voids and vulnerable areas that cannot be sealed or otherwise protected. We commonly refer to Scorpion Shield as the “Interior Repellent”.


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