Scorpion Defense Outdoor Pest Protection

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Scorpion Defense is a naturally-sourced concentrate for scorpion control. Dilute with water and spray on lawns, pet spaces, sports fields, gardens, barns, agricultural land, foundation barriers, and countless other outdoor spaces.

  • Hose-end sprayer included (one per unique order number)
  • Highly concentrated
  • Kills and repels
  • Fresh cedar scent

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10 reviews for Scorpion Defense Outdoor Pest Protection

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  1. Jessie L (verified owner)

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  2. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Extremely fast delivery

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  3. Kele Doran (verified owner)

    A year of use and we haven’t seen a single scorpion in our yard. We do not have a problem with them but our neighbor will have one or 2 in their yard a year. It has a strong but pleasant smell and to our amazement also keeps the mosquito population under control. We sprayed our neighbors front door where they were over run by them and didn’t want to open their front door. Great product and love that it is kid safe!!

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  4. Kim (verified owner)

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  5. Brenda R. (verified owner)

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  6. Deborah Patterson (verified owner)

    Order only so far. Excellent customer service.

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  7. Joseph K. (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. It works. Great product.

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  8. Robert Campbell

    In a house that I have lived in for 28 years, we had a serious scorpion infestation almost over night. We never had a scorpion in our house, or found them outside until 2015. We started spotting them first in our garage, so to gauge the extent of the problem I put sticky traps everywhere, 10 in the garage alone and one in every room of the house. To my utter astonishment we trapped scorpions in every room of the house and very many in the garage. The first thing we did was get the house professionally sealed to help prevent further entry , then thanks to a recommendation from Seal Out Scorpions in Phoenix we started using Cedarcide Scorpion Defense spray inside our garage, all around the outside foundation and I spray about a 15 foot radius all around the house and also I spray the block walls around our backyard. I continue to be amazed at how well this works to repel scorpions. I know this for a fact because I still keep sticky traps out to monitor activity and also I go out night hunting with a black light flashlight. Almost immediately after we started to use Cedarcide Scorpion Defense we stopped finding scorpions in our traps and when I go out at night with the black light, I rarely ever find any close to the house. I see them on the walls of my neighbors house and the perimeter of my property but the Cedarcide has pushed them away from our house. We also have grandkids and a small dog and were concerned about using highly toxic insecticides on our property. Something I learned is that scorpions follow the pheromone trail of other scorpions that went before them, Cedarcide covers their pheromone scent as well as being naturally repellent to scorpions.
    One other thing I must comment on is the excellent customer service that Cedarcide provides. I always get my shipment promptly and recently there was a mistake made on an order, I called on a Saturday morning thinking nobody would probably be there but the phone was answered right away by a real human being who apologized for the inconvenience and I had the correct order delivered to my door only three days later.
    I am a true believer in both the product and the American company behind it! Thank You Cedarcide!

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