Indoor + Outdoor Scorpion Treatment Kit

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Protect your family, home and lawn from dangerous scorpions without poisonous pesticides, all with one convenient kit.

This bundle saves you up to $47.85

✔️ Everything you need to control scorpions both inside and outside your home  
✔️ No harmful chemicals, pet and family-safe
✔️Also kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites & ants


Small Kit ($99.95)Small Kit ($99.95)Medium Kit ($199.95)Medium Kit ($199.95)Large Kit ($289.95)Large Kit ($289.95)

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Looking for an Indoor and Outdoor Scorpion Control Solution?

Check out our Indoor + Outdoor Scorpion Treatment Kit. 

Our non-toxic formula is safe around kids and pets!

Keep your home, lawn, and garden scorpion-free without the use of harmful chemicals.

Free shipping + satisfaction guarantee.

What is Scorpion Shield?

Scorpion Shield is made of 10% cedar oil that deters and repels scorpions. Considered a Minimum Risk Pesticide and is formulated with FDA food-grade ingredients and Cedar Oil. For optimal results use as part of a full scorpion control strategy plan. Chemical-free and made of Natural Cedar Oil, this product is safe for children and pets.

How to Use

The pheromone interrupting agent and scent of cedar oil will help create a deterrent for entry. The spray will not stain and can be used on many surfaced including carpet, wood, and even skin.

When to Use: Weekly, monthly, or as needed. Spray when scorpions are most active such as nights, hot temperatures, new moon phases, rains, after yard maintenance, etc.

Interiors: Spray at baseboards, entry, voids, and other sights. Do not spray around electrical components.

Doors: Spray inside and outside of thresholds, weather stripping, and framing. Windows: Spray around panes and seals when leaving windows open.

Other Uses: Controls and repels other pest species, such as bed bugs, ticks, mosquitos, and more.

total home coverage
seals out scorpions up to 1 month per application

What is Scorpion Defense?

Scorpion Defense is a concentrate of 85% cedar oil that deters and repels scorpions, snakes, and rats.

Safe for plants and vegetation, although in very hot weather it is recommended to spray the product at dusk or dawn to avoid burning on the leaves.

This product is meant to be diluted before application.

How to Use

Apply with a Hose-End Sprayer. Initial treatment, pour 8 oz. in Sprayer and fill to the 26 oz. line with hot water. Attach to water hose, agitate and initiate spraying. Use 4-8 oz. for subsequent treatments. Liberally soak treat yard, lawns, gardens, and grounds, including shrubs, trees, and structures from foundation to fence line. First application of the season is important with the objective to liberally soak all areas including concrete. During the hot season, spray during the new moon phase and at dusk/night, if safe to do so. Coordinate appropriately if using other insecticides. For optimal results use as part of a full scorpion strategy plan. May cause phytotoxic burn to plant life when over 90° Fahrenheit.

Scorpion defense gallon with hose end sprayer

Additional information

Active Ingredients

Cedarwood Oil

Scorpion Shield Inactive Ingredients

Silica Hydrate

Scorpion Defense Inactive Ingredients

Ethyl Lactate

Scorpion Kit Size

Small Kit ($99.95), Medium Kit ($199.95), Large Kit ($289.95)

Scorpion Kit Size

Small Kit ($99.95), Medium Kit ($199.95), Large Kit ($289.95)

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  1. April C.

    Just bought a house in southern Texas, and am new to scorpions. I was concerned about using chemicals to spray for them. After some research, I found Cedarcide–one of the only chemical free methods of repelling them that I have found. After reading further, I wish I had found this product sooner to treat for ticks, chiggers, fleas, and mosquitoes!! Bonus: your house smells great after using the indoor spray!
    Customer service has been outstanding. They take their time answering all questions to make you feel comfortable with your purchase. Above all, they answer honestly and authentically. If they are unsure, they will tell you whether particular insects have been tested with their product.
    Overall, love these products and plan to purchase more Cedarcide products!

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  2. Juan

    Received items very fast!! Thank you.

    1 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Anonymous

    It arrived the next day! Thank you so very much!

    1 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
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