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Pet Releaf 1700 — 500 mg Active (for Large Dogs)

$85.99 $77.39

Does your dog suffer from joint pain or mobility issues? What about epilepsy, seizures or anxiety? Want to improve your pet’s overall quality of life? Introducing Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 1700, a Certified USDA Organic, Full Spectrum hemp oil grown specifically with natural pet care in mind.

Using only organic, whole food, human grade ingredients, Pet Releaf crafts the highest quality CBD oils on the market. Pet Releaf controls their entire manufacturing process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet. This oil is sourced from a proprietary strain of hemp grown in the largest Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States. Pet Releaf products are independently tested by third party laboratories for quality and efficacy.

  • Formulated for large dog breeds
  • Made from organic, whole food, human grade ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • A complete protein containing all 20 amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids
  • Excellent source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids
  • Loaded with antioxidants including vitamin E and beta-carotene
  • High in easily digestible fiber
  • A great source of B vitamins
  • Rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium and many other important minerals
  • Made using the safest and most natural extraction method: Solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Completely safe even in large quantities
  • No known contraindications and has no known negative side effects
  • Will not get your pets “high”
  • Each bottle contains 1700 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 500 mg being Active CBD
  • Independently tested by third party laboratories for quality and efficacy


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Natural CleanAll purpose safe and effective cleaner (3)

How to Administer

Hemp Oil 1700 — 500mg

Dog Weight                   Hemp Oil 1700 Usage             Bottle Usage

26-50lbs                            0.5 full dropper/day                          60 days

51-75lbs                             1 full dropper/day                              30 days

76-100lb                            1.5 full droppers/day                         20 days

101-150lb                           2 full droppers/day                            15 days

150+ lb                               2.75 full droppers/day                       11 days

Split the recommended usage between the AM/PM and administer on an empty stomach.


Active Ingredient(s)

Organic full spectrum hemp extract including naturally occurring CBD

Inactive Ingredient(s)

Organic Coconut Oil (MCT)

Bottle Potency Composition

Each dropper contains 57mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 17mg being Active CBD

Each bottle contains 1700mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 500mg being Active CBD

About Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil 1700 (for medium to large breed dogs)

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 1700 is a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that is Certified USDA Organic and extracted using a solvent-free super critical CO2 method. This product is perfect for medium to large breed dogs experiencing more severe illness or injuries. It has no known contraindications and has no known negative side effects.

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 9 in
Ingredient List

Certified USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil and Organic Coconut Oil (MCT)


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