Indoor + Outdoor Pest Control Kit

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Our best selling kit for knocking out active flea & tick problems both indoor & outdoors. This kit will quickly and safely eradicate fleas, ticks, and hundreds of other unwanted pests and is safe for pets, children and food preparation areas.

Cedarcide Original & PCO Choice:

  • Kills & repels on contact
  • Dries clear & will not stain clothes or furniture
  • Kills larvae, eggs & adult insects
  • Fresh, Cedar smell

Kit includes:
1x Gallon Cedarcide Original (Treats 1,000-1,500 sq ft)
1x Quart PCO Choice (Treats up to 43,560 sq ft.)
1x 4oz. Cedarcide Original (Treats 1-2 pets)
1x Hose end sprayer, 1x Spray Bottle, 1x Compression Sprayer

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 10 x 10 in

2 reviews for Indoor + Outdoor Pest Control Kit

  1. Jan Evans

    You have created a wonderful product!!! Bar none it is the best for my dogs and kennel. Some of my dogs are highly allergic to topicals, pills, spot on products etc. They used to get red ears, red foot pads and chew themselves when applying those products in the past. No more! I dip the entire kennel in diluted according to instructions and presto!!!! Quiet sleeping non scratching happy dogs. They can finally rest from being totally bug free! I spray the entire home, porches and yard areas as well the same day (sometimes using the left over dip to double use!!) Had to spray my car on the inside as well we had fleas so bad!

    I cannot thank you enough for this superior product which has saved me $1,000′s on unnecessary for “hire” type eradication. I used to spend over $150 per month for this hire out guy and I STILL had fleas on the dogs, me, the patios, yard etc. I have finally got this under control with your products and my dogs loved to be dipped because they now know that the fleas will instantly STOP BITING!

    The fun part was I wasn’t thinking of scorpions here in S. Texas and whammy…out they came like they were stunned…and died!! Lots of other critters too, couldn’t name them all if I tried, they are just dead everywhere, have to vacuum them up.

    While it’s not pleasant to have or let anyone know you have tons of bugs I have been a great supporter of your product and would love to have extra on hand because several friends are kennel operators or have multiple dog venues! I am ordering today the largest size in gallons to keep my home, kennel and yards bug free!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mona Norris (verified owner)

    My daughter and I have been using Cedarcide for 2 years, mainly to get rid of fleas inside our houses and to treat her cat. Pita is finally looking and feeling so much better since my daughter has been more diligent about applying Cedarcide to her coat every other day. On another note, I noticed part of your ad text may need to be corrected: “PCO Choice is a concentrated product that is used in the exterior of your home to create a barrier to get pests from getting into your home.” Shouldn’t it say: PCO Choice…used ON the exterior of your home to create a barrier to KEEP pests from getting into your home?

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