Hose End Sprayer (PCO Choice addon)


The quickest and easiest way to spray water and PCO Choice to your yard, lawn, garden, shrubs, trees, or other outdoor area. It also works for water-soluble fertilizers and weed killers. Simply fill the jar with the chemicals as directed by the manufacturer, attach the hose, and spray.


This Hose End Sprayer lets you spray insecticide, fertilizer, or weed killer around your yard. Simply fill the sprayer with the chemical, attach the hose, and turn on the sprayer. The contents of the sprayer will be mixed with the water before being sprayed out – making sure that you get the right amount.


  • Holds up to 26 fluid ounces of insecticide, fertilizer, or weed killer
  • Sprays up to 20 gallons before jar needs to be refilled.
  • Easily turn flow on and off
  • Set to “water” to spray only water

PCO Choice Instructions:

  • Pour 4 fluid ounces of PCO Choice into jar
  • Fill remainder of jar with water
  • Make sure that the knob is in the “off” position
  • Attach garden hose to the back and turn on the water
  • Point at yard and turn the knob to “on”
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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4.5 x 9 in
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