Flea + Tick Pet Brush

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Pre-Orders come with bonus 2 oz. of Cedarcide Original!

Designed to dispense Cedarcide Original directly to your pet’s skin, the Flea + Tick Pet Brush is the easiest way to protect your pet from fleas & ticks! 

  • New and improved durable design
  • Easily apply Cedarcide Original directly to your pet’s skin
  • Comes with 1 oz. of Cedarcide Original




The Cedarcide Flea + Tick Brush works best with slow, gentle strokes. This brush is not intended for detangling or removing mats.


A Note About Essential Oils and Cats: Test for sensitivity with light initial application. On rare occasions, some cats have shown moderate sensitivity. Not designed for use on newborn cats.

*Not available for sale in Indiana

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Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 3 in

Flea + Tick Brush, Flea and Tick Brush + Pint, Flea and Tick Brush + Quart, Flea and Tick Brush + Gallon

2 reviews for Flea + Tick Pet Brush

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This paired with Cedarcide original is great! I didn’t receive the 1oz cedarcide spray with this like I was supposed to, but luckily I had already added a bottle of cedarcide original to my order. I got this brush expecting it to be the best solution to the flea and tick issue (I refuse to use chemical topicals on my pet) but I’ve found there are many added bonuses I hadn’t expected.

    First, in terms of the flea and tick issue, I’ll start by saying my pet didn’t have fleas to start with, so I can’t comment on the brush’s effectiveness in distributing the product to kill fleas. However, it seems to do a great job evenly spreading the product to the skin of the animal, so assuming the product does kill fleas as it says, I think it would be a beneficial try for somebody with a double-coated dog looking for a natural way to kill fleas. I use this as repellent and have been extremely happy with it thus far. I have a Pyr so anything meant to be sprayed onto the coat is usually ineffective for us…he just has too thick of a coat to be able to get the product to his skin, particularly on his back just above his tail where the fur is thickest. This product enables me to get the product throughout his entire coat.

    My main concern was ticks; in addition to brushing this product through his entire coat after baths, I’ve been spraying my legs and his (+ his belly) with the cedarcide original spray right before hikes and have yet to find a tick on him since then. This is saying something– two weeks before my order arrived, I took him hiking at our usual spot and came home to find 52 ticks on him. I spent all night brushing them all out before they could find skin and attach. I’ve taken him hiking in that same place a few times since starting with the cedarcide and have yet to find any on him.

    I bought this for the ticks, but even if it hadn’t worked for that I would have continued to use it as a grooming tool. One of the unexpected benefits I mentioned was how soft it makes his coat. The cedarcide original makes his fur so insanely soft (yet clean feeling at the same time– it’s not greasy at all). Professional grooming doesn’t even come close to it. Another great plus is how perfectly it removes mats! The structure of the brush (the metal bristles) combined with the cedar oil makes brushing out mats a breeze; it works better than every dematting comb I’ve tried.

    The brush does leak a bit, but it hasn’t ever leaked enough to change the measured amount of cedarcide inside the brush (there are measuring lines along the translucent back of the brush.) I can’t really figure out for sure where it’s leaking from, but it hasn’t been too big of a problem or waste, so I don’t consider it much of a hindrance. I keep it sitting flat on a bookshelf and this seems to largely eliminate the issue.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Julie Rider

    Not sure what to set the milliliter at?? Poor instructions.

    • Sarah at CedarCide

      No need to set that for pet application. Just brush one coat onto the pet ensuring that you get even, all-over coverage. Thank you for the feedback!

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