DAS 1 Gallon web square
DAS 1 Gallon web square

Domestic Animal Spray

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This water-based product is safe for use on all plants and animals. This is a ready to use version of our Vet’s Choice formula that’s designed to be sprayed directly onto pets. Deters fleas and other pests naturally.


Product Description

There are two primary ways to use DAS. The first is to use in on your animal’s coat. You can add it to your pet’s bath soap or apply after their bath with a spray bottle and let air dry. Fleas, ticks and other nuisance pests are repelled by the natural cedar oil. DAS also works great to eliminate mange and uncomfortable hotspots on your pets. In addition to its pest-repelling properties, the cedar oil in DAS imparts a pleasant smell and leaves a shine on your pet’s coat. The second way you can use DAS to deter fleas and ticks from your pets bedding. Just dilute DAS with water at a 3:1 ratio and put it into a spray bottle. Liberally spray your pets bedding, kennel, dog house or other areas where your pet sleeps. The non-toxic cedar oil will keep fleas from infesting these areas with a fresh cedar scent. DAS is safe, non-toxic and can even be used on newborn animals and their nursing mothers. DAS does not impact the environment and does not cause harm to beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. You can feel good about using DAS on your pet and in your home. Order DAS today and start giving your pets the relief they deserve from nuisance fleas, ticks, mange and hot spots. It’s a great natural and non-toxic solution to common pet pests.

Uses & Applications

DAS is a water-based ready to use formula that is safe to use on dogs, cats, horses, etc. DAS is about 3% Cedar oil which is the active ingredient for deterring insects.

  • DAS works best when the animal is wetted with the product and allowed to air dry. There will be some evaporation, so air drying will allow for the best leave behind.
  • DAS is safe to use on plants as well since it is water based.
  • DAS can be poured into bath water and used as a rinse

DAS VS. Other Cedarcide Products

DAS/Best Yet, Tickshield: DAS is water based and about 3% cedar oil, it works well as a deterrent. Best Yet and Tickshield are oil based so they will cling to skin and fur longer, and they are 10% and 20% cedar oil which makes them great contact killers as well as deterrents. DAS/Vet’s Choice,PHL: DAS is a ready to use formula, Vet’s Choice and PHL are concentrates that need to be diluted with water.

Features and Benefits

  • Natural and non-toxic
  • Apply directly to pet’s coat or add to their bath solution
  • Repels fleas, ticks, gnats and other bothersome pests
  • Helps eliminate mange and hot spots
  • Provides odor control
  • Imparts a shine on your pet’s coat

Product Information

  • Ready to use 1 gallon bottle
  • May be diluted at a 3:1 ratio
  • Made from cedar oil and corn solvents

Additional Information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions10 x 11 x 15 in

1 Gallon, 4 Gallons, 8 Gallons, 24 Gallons

4 reviews for Domestic Animal Spray

  1. 4 out of 5


    Price point is very solid, and the speed in which I received the product was first class. I can’t attest to the effectiveness of the product at this stage, however, I’m not a fan of the smell of the product. I’m a big fan of the smell of cedar, but there’s just something about the smell of this stuff that’s a little off putting.

    • :

      Sorry to hear that. The reactions of people varies a lot. Some of our customers use CedarCide Original to clean their floors because they love the cedar smell so much, and some people don’t like the smell at all.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Plain and simple, we needed a natural way to get rid of pests since we moved to a rural area that has many. Did our research and found Cedarcide. It’s been a blessing. We purchased the Domestic Animal Spray ( gallon ) and it has made our pets more healthy and our home smell of cedar. Thank you Cedarcide!

    The Dodge Family and pets, Porter and Susie Q ( Our Boxers )

  3. 5 out of 5


    It took us over a year to go through a gallon of the DAS but we will be ordering another gallon this weekend! It is awesome to treat our home and animals and see the fleas die within 20-30 seconds. Chemical free and smells amazing! We are a CedarCide home and we tell everyone we know about your products.

  4. 4 out of 5


    When we found that our pets were reacting to the Spot on Products It frighted our family to see them in a lethargic state for about 24 hours till the product kick in, and found that it didn’t even work that well on fleas. Look our pets are part of the family. I would never intentionally place any of our family members in harms way.

    So we got on the web and searched for a natural way to control fleas. We found Cedar Cide. We ordered Best Yet And found it worked great, and what a value compared those expensive Spot on products. So this time we ordered DAS (Domestic Animal Spray). works great even in the carpet, even smells good, and delivery was free. Got to us in no time.

    Can’t beat this deal.

    Thanks Cedar Cide
    The Sand-Wylie Family

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