Turner’s Choice Wood Stabilizer

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  • Drying agent prepares wood quickly and surely
  • Grain enhancement and water proofing
  • Provides strength
  • Cutting aid and sanding assistance
  • Permanent one time treatment
  • Easy to use


In wood science, the absence of moisture is the absence of issues. Prior to treatment with Turner’s Choice, wood contains two types of water content. Free water, that is harbored in the fiber structure of the wood and Bound water, which is harbored in the cellular/molecular structure of the wood. Turner’s Choice is a solvent based formulation. Our green Solvents will immediately displace free water when applied to wood.

The Silicones in Turner’s Choice are NANO sized water scavengers that penetrate the molecular sidewall of the hydroxyl (hydrogen/oxygen) group molecule triggering the release of the internal water and catalytically replace it with a silicone and cedar oil gel which forbids the uptake of water into the wood’s cellular structure.

Wood that has zero moisture cannot support wood rot, insects, expansion and contraction. The wood is water resistant from the inside out. Wood fiber without moisture and deposits of silicon represent the early stages of petrified wood. Dr. Ben Oldag Wood Scientist KES Scientific Technology Report published 2005.

Turner’s Choice has a new look it’s labeled CedarShield, but don’t worry it’s still the same great formula.  CedarShield and Turner’s Choice are the same product.

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Weight9 lbs
Dimensions10 x 11 x 15 in

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1 review for Turner’s Choice Wood Stabilizer

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have used turner’s choice for a few months now, what I do is rough turn the bowls then set in a vat with turner’s choice with a couple inches in the bottom of vat then fill the bowl soak for at least 24 hrs or more for bigger bowls then let dry for a few weeks till between 5 and 6 % they do crack or check but so far they do not warp after I return them. don’t go by time use a meter have finished about 30 or 40 bowls so far with another 50 or so roughed out and used about 5 gal. of cedarside. i’m ordering more right now the cost is worth it to me to keep bowls stable I can deal with the cracks

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