Cedarshield 4X Concrete & Wood Sealer

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Cedarshield 4x is a high-performance, bio-based concrete and wood sealer formulated from advanced green chemistry. Great for use on Concrete, Garage floors, Brick pavers, Masonry, Natural stone, Tile grout, Wood decks, Wood trim, Plaster, Stucco and more.

  • Easy to use
  • 30-60 minute dry time
  • 1 Gallon covers about 400-700 sq. ft.
  • Natural Matte finish
  • Will never flake or peel
  • 4x more coverage than our original Cedarshield formula
  • Made with natural oil derivatives



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Apply to completely dry surfaces in temperatures above 45ยฐ F/ 7.22ยฐ C. Stir contents before each use. Use a microfiber mop, foam pad applicator, brush, or airless sprayer to apply. Work into the surface in small sections, removing all streaks and lap marks before proceeding to the next section. Do not leave a topical film or puddles.

Dry time is typically 30-60 minutes. Perform a water test after a minimum of 1 hour after application. If water beads and does not darken the surface, you have achieved effective sealing. Efficacy will continue to improve throughout the cure period.

If water still absorbs into the surface, apply an additional coat. One coat is typical, however, a second may be required for more porous surfaces. Full cure is 3-5 days depending on environmental conditions.


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