Cedarshield Wood Treatment

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Protects wood from moisture, decay, and pest damage.

✔️  Perfect for fences, decks, woodwork, garden boxes, docks, and outdoor furniture
✔️  Works on all wood types, both treated & untreated
✔️ For decks & docks, apply 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft. 
✔️ For fences & other thinner wood, apply 1 gallon per 200 sq. ft.  


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What is Cedarshield?

Cedarshield, formerly known as Turner's Choice, is a wood treatment that prevents rot, decay, insect damage, and strengthens the wood itself. Cedarshield can be applied to decks, fencing, furniture, garden boxes, docks, etc.

Cedarshield wood treatment strengthens and increases the life of both hard and soft wood, great for any woodworking project!


“I have been using Cedarshield for 10 years in a number of wood applications in both New York, and now in southern Baja, Mexico where I’m doing natural construction and furniture making. It has proven excellent and forms part of my base treatment for all my wood projects.”

- Andrew Jones

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How to Use Cedarshield

Apply with a compression sprayer, brush, roller, or by soaking/submersion. Apply until the wood surface is fully saturated. Wood thicker than 3/4 inch should be treated on both sides and may require additional applications. 1 gallon covers approximately 150 sq ft. of wood. Allow 72 hours for Cedarshield to dry before applying paints or stains.

For best results, apply a second treatment immediately after the first application has dried. Cedarshield works best when applied to semi-damp wood in temperatures above 45°F/7.22°C. Cedarshield does not offer UV protection. Cedarshield can be used on both treated and untreated wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Wood Can I Use It On?

One of the most convenient features about Cedarshield is that it can be used on all wood types, new, old, hard, or soft—it doesn’t matter!

Is it Safe for Garden Boxes/ Raised Garden Beds?

Yep! And it’s one of our fav uses for Cedarshield. No need to worry—Cedarshield will not leach harmful chemicals into your soil or plant life after application.

For more common questions about Cedarshield, check out "The Best Wood Protection on the Market," All Your Cedarshield Questions Answered

Still have questions? Call us Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM or Saturday 9AM-3PM CST at+1 (800)-842-1464

Still have questions? Call us Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM or Saturday 9AM-3PM CST at
+1 (800)-842-1464


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  3. Grant

    I have been living aboard a 1982 40 foot sailboat for 23 years now. It has teak decks. Every six months or so I clean and bleach the teak and it takes about a month to gray again and collect dirt like a sponge. I heard about cedarshield and wondered if it would work on oil based wood, so I called them up. They didn’t have an answer for me but asked me to wait a few minutes while they contacted their “chemist”. He (she) apparently hadn’t considered teak but advised that it should work. Nearly a year ago I received 2 gallons, thoroughly and vigorously cleaned the decks and applied the cedarshield. It was like painting with water and I was very liberal with application. The decks have not grayed. Water tends to run off but eventually the wood does absorb moisture, but to what extent I cannot say. I’m sold on this product and wonder if another application would be of any benefit. I may do it just in case. Now I’m looking for a magic way to redo my caulking.

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