Cedarshield Wood Treatment | Seals & Protects from Water Damage

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Protects wood from moisture, decay, and pest damage.

✔️  Perfect for fences, decks, woodwork, garden boxes, docks, and outdoor furniture

✔️  Works on all wood types, both treated & untreated

✔️ For decks & docks, apply 1 gallon per 100 sq. ft. 

✔️ For fences & other thinner wood, apply 1 gallon per 200 sq. ft.



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Note: Cedarshield does not provide protection from UV damage

Cedarshield was formerly known as Turner’s Choice

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 15 in

63 reviews for Cedarshield Wood Treatment | Seals & Protects from Water Damage

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  1. Doug B. (verified owner)

    Pine wood fence, Cedar was Prohibitive in cost. Let it weather one year and then put on The Cedershield. This is the 4th year. Still looks great, no bows, splits or warping. Doing the new deck this year.

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  2. Mari (verified owner)

    Arrived in good shape, was afraid it would have leaked but was well packaged. So glad to have a treatment for the raw wood deck that also will repel unwanted vermin. Can’t report back on how it will withstand the test of time, yet, but we know where to get more if we need it.

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  3. Leon S. (verified owner)

    The shipping time was excellent, can’t wait to try the product!

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  4. Merdina Gores (verified owner)

    Fantastic company to deal with. Great products and unbelievably fast shipping with excellent customer service.

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  5. Jan Nickerson (verified owner)

    Ordered late afternoon and product shipped the following day. Great product. I use a sprayer and apply to the outside if my log cabin about every four years. Exemplary service, too!

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  6. Kurt K. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and very good service. I love the product! Thanks to John & Dave for reminding it.

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  7. Shelley Long (verified owner)

    We were very happy with the information and the product.

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  8. Rhonda (verified owner)

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  9. Rosemary Habarka (verified owner)

    Ordered CEDARSHIELD to put on our log home…it covers everything we were looking for. Kill any pesty bugs and help add moisture to the logs. I have used CEDARCIDE before as it is can be safely used for humans and pets. I apply some before I go to work in my garden so the flying bugs won’t bother me.

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  10. Joe Lyddon (verified owner)

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  11. Robert Terpak (verified owner)

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  12. Holly Faubel (verified owner)

    The shopping experience was GREAT, I could have had a shipping problem and the folks at Cedercide jumped right on it! Stay tuned for a product review…

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  13. Amanda Jones (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product that I have used before. It was easy to order and I received it in 2 days.

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  14. Tim K. (verified owner)

    Shipped product the same day it was ordered. Free shipping arrived in only 4 days. I use Cedar Shield to stabilize wood bowls I turn from wet/green wood. It is the best product I have found for this purpose

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  15. Kay (verified owner)

    Super quick shipping—within hours of ordering, my order was confirmed and ready to ship. That was on a Saturday so this is worthy was the highest rating. The coupon helped too. GreT company

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  16. Lisa C. (verified owner)

    I love this product so have re-ordered it several times. It is easy to use, non-toxic, preserves our fences, siding and decking nicely and also smells nice.

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  17. Gregory S. (verified owner)

    Got here really fast

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  18. John (verified owner)

    easy to order, very fast delivery and easy to use.

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  19. sharon morley (verified owner)

    great product! great company to work with!

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  20. Jon W. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and a great product. I called with a question during the order process and they addressed it quickly.

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  21. Dan Moreau (verified owner)

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  22. Kay (verified owner)

    We are using this to treat our new oak wood vanity countertop before staining as recommended by John and Dave on their Saturday morning radio show on WBT in Charlotte, NC. Good ventilation is a must. Very easy to apply.

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  23. S C (verified owner)

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  24. Jacki (verified owner)

    Your customer service is excellent! On a late Sunday afternoon your staff was contacted via email about a promo code not working. The glitch was corrected & I was able to purchase the wood treatment that night.

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  25. Bryan Barta (verified owner)

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  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  27. Stephan Cole (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and in good condition!

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  28. JAMES JONES (verified owner)

    fantastic customer service

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  29. Martin (verified owner)

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  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  32. Albert Malenfant (verified owner)

    Great product , we use it wherever wood touches ground . Much better than treated wood from lumber co.

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  33. constance lederer (verified owner)

    I only prefer not to have “styrofoam peanuts” in the packaging! why not old newspapers? For the rest I am very happy with Cedarshield.

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    • Whitney (store manager)

      Hey there! The packing peanuts you received are actually made out of corn and are biodegradable. You can rinse them with water and they will dissolve. 🙂

  34. Lisa C. (verified owner)

    We’ve re-ordered cedarshield may times since it continues to work great for our decking, siding and fences

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  35. constance lederer (verified owner)

    My Permaculture friend Ray Cirino always uses this on his many beautiful wood work creations. He has recommended your product to many people. Ray just finished my new garage door, made mostly of recycled wood, a true piece of art!

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  36. RICK BROWN (verified owner)


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  37. Isidro & Flora CHAVEZ (verified owner)

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  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  39. Mitzi R. (verified owner)

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  40. JAMES DOLAN (verified owner)

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  41. FRANCIS SPALLUTO (verified owner)

    Superb and useful product

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  42. Thomas G. (verified owner)

    As advertised. Completely satisfied.

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  43. RICHARD BIRDWELL (verified owner)

    Soaks up pretty fast

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  44. Michael Kerkvliet (verified owner)

    Fabulous product

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  45. Dr S. C. Benanti (verified owner)

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  46. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Love this stuff

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  47. Tom Jecker (verified owner)

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  48. Georgi (verified owner)

    performs as promised

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  49. steve-8533 (verified owner)

    I own a Log Home Restoration Company and we often use Cedarshield as a wood stabilizer prior to staining. We also use it to spray carpenter bee holes prior to caulking them. It is a great product.

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  50. Andrew Jones (verified owner)

    I have been using your Cedarshield product for 10 years in a number of wood applications in both New York, and now in southern Baja, Mexico where I’m doing natural construction and furniture making. It has proven excellent in this context and forms part of my base treatment for all my wood projects. I’m currently preparing an 8′ slab of local oak for a kitchen prep table. In order to seal it and make it sanitary for kitchen use, I intend to use a bar top epoxy. I have no experience using epoxy products at this point – would there be any problem applying cedar shield a few days before I intend to do the epoxy application?
    Thanks for your advice and for continuing to make a great, natural and not-toxic (to humans and pets) product.
    Best wishes,

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    • Sarah at CedarCide

      Sounds great! Allow 72 hours for Cedarshield to cure before applying any top coat. Thanks!

  51. Lynn J

    We have put log siding on our cabin. How line should we wait to apply Cedarcide to the new wood? We stained the back of the logs, but were told to wait to stain the front until the wood dries out. Is that the same rule for Cedarcide?

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    • Sarah at CedarCide

      You can apply the Cedarshield to new wood/green wood. It will help speed up the drying process greatly. Wait at least 72 hours after applying Cedarshield to apply a stain or paint on top. It may take longer than 72 hours for the wood to completely dry out if it is new, so keep an eye on it and use your best judgement. Thank you for the question!

  52. BobChesley (verified owner)

    I’ve been using cedar shield on all my outdoor log furniture and chain saw carvings for several years. It does a great job of keeping the bugs out and repelling rain and snow damage. I recommend it all my friends on the chain saw carving sites. I let the pieces set for a few days before applying polyurethane when I want that glass coated look. Thanks for a valuable addition to my go to tools.

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  53. Robert Niclas

    A year and a half ago I had a very large carve to make out of a slab of Western Maple. It was 4″ thick, 7′ tall and 42″ wide. The log had been cut down roughly three months previously, and then we cut the portion of the log we selected into slabs. Selecting my slab I took it home and put it in my shop. I walled off a room in the shop and installed 3 large fans, a small heater and a large commercial dehumidifier. Everyday I was emptying a bucket of water and after a week I noticed some significant cracks starting. I called my friend from whom I bought the slab from and he instantly said, didn’t I give you a gallon of CedarShield. I did not even know what CedarShield was. I went out to his house and picked up a gallon of CedarShield, took it home and immediately painted it on both sides of the slab. I left the fans running, the heater on, and the dehumidifier running. To my surprise, I did not get another drop of water out of the dehumidifier. The Cracking stopped, and I carved the slab into a large picture of Christ as I was commissioned to do. This product is great.

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  54. Gregg Reilly

    I have a large (30′ by 25′) 25 year old deck and have replaced the decking 3 times and the Cedar planking was showing wear and would need to be replaced again within several years. This after sealing with various product ever 1 to 2 years. There had to be a better way. I found Cedarcide did some research, and decided to give it a try. Well it performed exactly as advertised. I completely sanded the deck to rid it of the splinters and spalling. When I applied the Cedarcide, water was bubbling out of the planks, even though there had not been any rain for over a week. This was 6 years ago and there has been no spalling, splintering and minimal additional wear on the deck planks. I can now walk on the deck with bare feet and not be concerned about splinters, warping or screws backing out of the decking. I am looking forward to many more years of an attractive and safe deck. I also tested Cedarcide on my split rail fence 30 years old (spruce rails and Locust posts, The treated posts have shown absolutely minimal wear, the old posts and rails have shown little additional degradation and the replaced ones are as strong as when installed. Great product, I am no longer a servant to my deck and fence.

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  55. Grant

    I have been living aboard a 1982 40 foot sailboat for 23 years now. It has teak decks. Every six months or so I clean and bleach the teak and it takes about a month to gray again and collect dirt like a sponge. I heard about cedarshield and wondered if it would work on oil based wood, so I called them up. They didn’t have an answer for me but asked me to wait a few minutes while they contacted their “chemist”. He (she) apparently hadn’t considered teak but advised that it should work. Nearly a year ago I received 2 gallons, thoroughly and vigorously cleaned the decks and applied the cedarshield. It was like painting with water and I was very liberal with application. The decks have not grayed. Water tends to run off but eventually the wood does absorb moisture, but to what extent I cannot say. I’m sold on this product and wonder if another application would be of any benefit. I may do it just in case. Now I’m looking for a magic way to redo my caulking.

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  56. Paul (verified owner)

    I build custom tables and furniture from Reclaimed barn wood for a living.This 100+ yr .old wood can be alittle crazy .Since i started using Cedarcide to treat my table tops and other finicky pieces,I haven’t had a single top warp or returned for repairs.I ‘m not sure if all the clais are true but the proof is in the pudding .As long as the pieces are stable and aren’t being returned,The small cost is money well spent.I’ll continue to use Cedarcide moving forward.thanks

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  57. Joseph Halsted

    My 30’ X 60’ old redwood deck looks like it was just pressure washed yesterday – 6 months after 4 coats of CEDARSHIELD. It’s also broken the rust bond with the old deck screws so they can be tightened or replaced easily. GREAT STUFF!!

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  58. John Doe

    Just like the old saying says “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”. Wallcoat Architectural Coatings routinely uses Cedar Shield to protect wood surfaces when they may be exposed to corrupting influences. Nothing lasts forever, but taking appropriate measures to protect surfaces from deterioration ensures that surfaces look fresh and new as long as possible and can be easily rehabilitated when it becomes necessary. We aim for long lasting and resiliently beautiful results….less work, more fun!

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  59. Lewis

    I am the structural repair and maintenance supervisor at Fort Lewis Military Installation in Washington State.
    I have contracted Virgil Pelton to seal with CedarShield at least 3 buildings that have had major water issues, Example: when it rained the water would literally run down the inside wall of our buildings. This has been an ongoing problem for many years some of them 10 to 15 yrs. The Cedar-Shield product has sealed up all of the areas it has been applied to and we are no longer having water issues. I am currently having Virgil seal as many buildings as I can under my authority this product works on CMU block, Brick, Wood as well as EFIS or Stucco coverings.

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  60. Alan Clark

    One of the biggest things that sells me on cedarshield is that it penetrates existing coatings. There are other non-toxic wood preservatives, but that’s the only one I’ve found that penetrates coatings. That’s very useful, as generally half the wood in existence is painted, stained, or varnished, yet needs rot protection. In that case, cedarshield is the perfect answer. If moisture can start getting through paint after like a year, causing decay to start setting in, then why not use that penetrating ability to apply cedarshield as well, which will preserve the wood. On a little piece of wood whose paint was coming off and so I applied cedarshield, some more paint came off, wow! This is not a problem, this is a good thing, as this would make paint, stain, and varnish preparation easier by shaking loose potentially loose paint. And yet any paint that is still truly sound and so doesn’t need to come off will stay on after the treatment.

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  61. Alan Clark

    Very glad to have found Cedar Shield. I used to try to preserve wood as an old child with paint and varnish, but much as I usually like painting and varnishing and am usually good at it, it was not satisfactory. The paint or varnish constantly peels off and you have to reapply it or the wooden structure will rot away. Reapplying this conventional finish is a lot of work what with the preparation, and that is the hard and time consuming part which must be gone through before the easy, fun part of applying. So much easier to be able to apply Cedar Shield and then apply paint or varnish later if desired. And Cedar Shield works better for preservation as well. So this product means less work, better preservation. In addition, paints and varnishes may not stop rot that has already started, they only (at least hopefully) prevent rot, whereas Cedar Shield can do that. So good rot stopper if rot has already started. And this product is also has a very nice cedar smell.
    As a university student, I discovered “Lifetime wood treatment” that comes as a powder you mix with water, and I was pleased to see that as a solution too, but that can only be applied to bare wood, so it’s useless for any wood with any type of coating on it. So finally also a lifetime wood treatment that can even penetrate existing coatings, as half the time or more I have to deal with wood that is painted or varnished already.
    Me and my mother’s carpenters not this past but last spring were also glad to be able to use it, because they say they’ve seen conventional end cut preservatives, and those are toxic and are green in colour and so don’t even look good, let alone the smell and the impact on our health and the environment. They were very glad to be able to use something that preserves the end cuts but doesn’t show and is non-toxic. When they strengthened and extended our fence, I also sprayed some on a wedge that they put in the ground to strengthen the fence. Since the wedge was not pressure treated wood, we had the perfect solution on hand!
    Handy that I was able to spray it on our fence and shed and preserve them better than paint while only having to do washing and rinsing for preparation, no scraping or sanding. It was handy to be able to spray it on my client’s porch railings as well. And I’ll be able to use it to preserve their fence for any slats I don’t replace as well as for the posts and beams, which I’m sure are for the most part fine right now, but if not treated, may well rot sooner or later.
    After having used it, I’ll never look back!!

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  62. Log Home

    We have been log cabin builders for quite some time. Dan has traveled all over Montana and other states setting up his log cabins. We were in the chinking stages on the outside and had already spent a lot of money on Penofin. Then we discovered your web sight and read about the wood stabilization process. It just sounded to good to be true. So we called you to see if the claims your web site was making about eliminating the twisting, checking and warping were really true.

    We know Log cabins are high maintenance. If we could protect the logs on our home from twisting and other moisture related issues, the $1500 would be money well spent. We now know the CedarShield works. It easily goes to the core of the wood. We watched sap seeping out of the logs after putting the treatment solution on the wood. Dan accidentally left a piece of board in the hot sun and it warped within an hour. The next day we were both amazed as he ripped another board off and applied CedarShield to it, then left it in the hot sun for a test. You know, that board didn’t warp one bit. We have former clients calling us occasionally for maintenance issues. We plan to tell them about Cedar Shield.

    4 out of 4 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  63. Bob Littlejohn

    I had read the articles, the various reports and scientific data and so, it was now time to put this apparently miraculous product to the ultimate test. A good friend of mine who specializes in the hand crafted manufacture of Ash furniture gave me the suggestion that we could try it out on a freshly cut slice of Ash tree. Normally he fills the trees, removes the branches and they are then stacked for periods of up to twenty years to completely dry out the wood and make it suitable for use in the manufacturing process. What he now suggested was that we cut a large slice from a recently felled and still wet tree, then apply this cedar oil based product to it and see what happens and if there is any noticeable difference.

    Armed with a five gallon bucket of the product, an extremely long chain saw, some gasoline and a couple of saw horses, we set off in my friend’s truck towards the site where his Ash trees were kept. After about forty minutes we drove up a bumpy gravel road and turned into an area that appeared to be an abandoned stone quarry. We stopped his truck and got out to view some well stacked piles of huge trees, all set out in neat rows to both sides of the truck. We commenced by emptying out the truck box of all the items we had carried with us. My friend set up the two saw horses in the middle of the gravel yard and then proceeded to gas up his chain saw and give it a first start. Now convinced that everything was in good working order, we headed off towards one of the log piles.

    I was advised that this particular stack of trees had only been felled just over one week previously and as such, they were still as wet as the day they were cut down. My friend studied each of the trees in the stack and then made his decision as to which one would be our subject for the experiment. Marking the end of it with chalk, he picked up his chain saw and climbed up to a suitable position where he could access the tree’s diameter with ease. With ear muffs on and a couple of fast pulls on the chain saw string, that well known buzz burst into life and the long chain was ready to start cutting. He stood firm and straight on the logs and commenced his first cut through a tree with a diameter of almost five feet. Within a few minutes and a couple of position moves on his part, the end of the large tree fell free to the ground. The exposed cut was clean and straight and I could see most of the circles quite clearly. Without hesitation, he climbed back up to his original position and started his second cut. The chain entered the tree about three inches from the newly exposed end and once again he worked away steadily until an almost evenly thick slice again fell free to land on top of the first slice. With that, the chain saw stopped buzzing and he climbed down to explain that this was the slice we were going to do our experiment on.

    Together, we carefully pulled the large tree slice away from the pile and then, with one of us one each side we lifted the rather heavy piece of wood up and over onto the two awaiting saw horses. Placing it carefully on top of the horses, we had to adjust one of them to get it lying more solidly in position without a wobble. After a short five minute rest, we took over the bucket of fluid to start our test. Armed with a three inch brush each, we coated all of the upper side with its first coat of the cedarshield oil. It soaked into the timber as quickly as we applied it and that in itself was quite amazing considering how wet the timber was. We waited another five minutes or so and then commenced applying our second coat in exactly the same way as the first and yet again, it continued to soak in to the wood almost immediately. After this we waited maybe ten minutes before starting our third and final application. This time, by the time we were about half way across the large circle of wood, the fluid started to drip from the underside and onto the gravel below. We completed our application, closed the bucket and placed our brushes tightly into a plastic bag then went back to examine the now actively dripping tree slice. Sure enough, the underside was oozing the fluid we had applied on the surface but it did feel different to the touch. At that point we really didn’t understand what was happening or why the fluid coming through the downward side felt so different to the touch.

    The real surprise came when the fluid finally stopped dripping through the wood and we decided it was time to lift the slice back to the truck. Again, with one of us at each side we grabbed hold of the wood and commenced to lift it. We both stopped in unison and dropped the wood back onto the saw horses for we had discovered it was now very light in weight compared to the time we had placed it in position. After some discussion on this, we again lifted it up and carried it over to the waiting truck for transportation back to my friend’s workshop. With everything now packed up and well secured, we left the site and headed back home with our newly cut slice of Ash tree. Upon arrival at his home and workshop, we were both eager to investigate the treated timber in more detail. Yes, its weight was now equivalent to that of dried Ash of the same dimensions but we had to ask ourselves why? We sent the slice through his planer and thickness machine and out it came fully dressed just like a piece of fully seasoned dry timber I was advised. To my friend who was well used to working with this type of timber, this discovery was truly amazing in itself. However, when we read the technical data for the fluid and found that the wood was now dimensionally stable, that it would not split or warp and that it was also fully protected from all types of fungal attack, rot and insect attack, my friend looked at me and stated “This has to the most miraculous invention for the treatment of wood ever!”

    Upon reading the technical data further, we discovered that the cedarshield fluid contained double tailed molecules within its formulation and upon its application to timber, these molecules would instantly attach themselves to hydroxyls within the timber, acting as a water scavenger and instantly turning the inherent moisture into ethanol gas which immediately evaporated and left the wood totally dry and completely preserved again almost everything. Truly an amazing achievement and even more so when we considered that this fluid is 100% natural organic in its make up and contained no toxins, poisons or hazards of any kind. My friend continued to work on our newly cut circle of Ash wood and now, I am the proud owner of a highly polished and most certainly all natural Ash picnic table that I seen being manufactured literally from start to finish. This unique fluid is now saving my friend from waiting for periods of up to twenty years before he can work his beloved Ash timbers. It is most certainly a wonderful, safe and highly effective product that is likely to be used throughout all areas of the lumber industry.

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