Cedarsuds Pet Shampoo

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Cedarsuds gently removes mats and tangles, leaving your pet with a shiny, clean, and great smelling coat

  • Gentle formula
  • Helps remove mats and tangles
  • Cleans and moisturizes
  • Choose from 7 different refreshing scents: Original Cedar (contains cedar oil), Pure Rain, Orange Cream Vanilla, Stormy Night, Cucumber Melon, Honeysuckle, and Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Available in 4oz., pint (16oz.), quart (32oz.), and gallon (128oz.) sizes

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Active ingredients:
Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,  Cocamidopropyl, Cocamide DIPA, Water, Fragrance

Questions about our ingredients? View our post on SLS.


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4 oz, 1 pint (16 oz), 1 quart (32 oz), 1 gallon (128 oz), 4 pack of 4 oz


Original Cedar, Pure Rain, Orange Cream Vanilla, Stormy Night, Cucumber Melon, Honeysuckle, Japanese Cherry Blossom

7 reviews for Cedarsuds Pet Shampoo


    This stuff works great. Love the cedar scent but am excited to try the new scents also. My dog is very clean and I dont have to worry about fleas jumping on him using the cedar shampoo…Why didnt we think of this sooner?

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Great shampoo! Beats anything else I’ve tried by 100%. It’s the only flea product I’ll need all summer. I only have to leave it on 2 minutes as opposed to 5-7 minutes for all the other brands. I don’t even have to spray between bathes because it lasts all week. I bathe my 2 dogs once a week and it leaves their coats soft & shiny and their skin in wonderful condition. Can’t say enough about this wonderful product!

  3. Kathy Centrone

    This is the first flea and tick season that I used cedar suds on my dogs and I am happy with the results!
    No more harmful meds. I am very happy and so are all of my pups. Living in northeast Ohio, the weather is anything but predictable, but the summers are hot and humid.
    Lots of mosquitos!! Fleas and ticks are in abundance, as well. I also used the cedar spray on the dogs, cats, myself and the yard. Great stuff! Thank you for making our bug seasons less of a problem.

  4. Sally Mueller (verified owner)

    Love this product but miss the labels with the pet pictures!!

  5. Kelly Elmore (verified owner)

    I just received this today after just ordering it yesterday (crazy fast delivery!!!) I rescue dogs and have one with a severe black fungus on its coat. He’s a miniature spitz, and he’s been treated by vet with absolutely no success. I used tonight as soon as I opened my shipment. It literally was making the fungus start rolling off. I soaped up again and it did it again. I didn’t go a third time, I towel dried and applied D.A.S. to him and swept him off to the golf cart to air dry him. All I can say is it looks SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY!!!!! I don’t know if I should do the same tomorrow or wait a day or two. But I had to share tonight after the first treatment. And if anyone has anymore feed back or ideas I’d love to hear and I will keep you updated.

    P.S. Before this treatment, when I’d apply the original cedarcide to the area and rub in it would always like foam up where the fungus was as I rubbed it into his coat as if I was smothering it out but never looked better or came off. So something in cedarcide is definitely having an effect on it!!!

    • Sarah at CedarCide

      Thank you so much for sharing! Glad your pup will be feeling better!

  6. Noelle

    Does all the shampoo have cedar oil ?

    • Sarah at CedarCide

      Only the Original Cedar scent has cedar oil.

  7. Connie H.

    For any dog with FUNGUS…you need to feed a STRICT prey model type CARNIVORE diet. NO kibble. It is loaded with carbs and chemical supplements. The best food for dogs and cats…RAW meat, small amounts of RAW organs, and RAW green tripe…simple and easy to do. Read WORK WONDERS by Dr. Tom Lonsdale. 20 YEARS of RAW feeding here…with my PACK of Aussies. LOVE the Cedarcide products…saved my sanity…

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