Insect-Repelling Cedar Granules

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Safe for families and pets, Cedarcide Granules are an excellent way to protect your lawn and home from harmful pests.

Broadcast throughout outdoor spaces or select indoor locations to repel fleas, mosquitoes, mites and ants. An effective pest-repelling mulch, too!

Works best with PCO Choice or Yardsafe. Treats up to 3,500 sq. ft.Β  Approx. 8 pounds of granules per bag.

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How To Use

Broadcast throughout outdoor spaces and select indoor locations to repel fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and mites. They work as an effective pest-repelling mulch, too. For indoors, use in planters or place the granules inside stockings and hang in attics, closets, etc.

What Are Cedarcide Granules?

Cedar Insect Repelling Granules are made from 100% cedar shavings sourced from the heart of the cedar tree. They repel fleas, mosquitoes, ants and mites. Each bag covers approx. 3,500 sq. feet. Reapply every 6–8 weeks.

Serious Lawn Troubles?
Consider pairing withΒ PCO Choice

PCO Choice and Yardsafe are both family-safe lawn sprays for use on lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. Both kill and repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and mites. Because PCO Choice and Yardsafe are non-toxic, no downtime is required, meaning you can enjoy your lawn immediately after application.Β Β 

PCO is a concentrate that usually provides multiple applications (1 quart treats approx. 1 acre or 40,000 sq. ft.). Yardsafe is a ready-to-use spray that usually provides 1 application (1 quart treats approx. 1/8 acre or 5,000 sq. ft.).

Additional information




Insect-Repelling Cedar Granules

Active Ingredients: 100%
Cedarwood Oil – 1%, Red Cedar Chips – 99%


How to Use:

Broadcast Cedarcide Granules throughout yard and long the edge of your house, garage or outbuilding to create a repellent barrier. Cedarcide Granules can also be used sparingly in interior locations like atriums, closets and planter boxes for additional protection. Each bag covers about 3,500 sq. feet. Apply every other month, or as needed.

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  1. Erika R. (verified owner)

    I love the Cedarcide granules. Easy to apply-just cut the corner of the bag and pour around the outside perimeter of the house. It smells great and is re-activated by rain. It’s cedar chips infused with cedar oil. Non-toxic bug control for outside. Also using the Original spray inside along baseboards. Definitely deters bugs.

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We have a home surrounded by acreage. We are constantly finding scorpions in the house regardless of what insecticides we put down in the yard or spray in the house. I tried this product because I have three dogs, birds, and butterflies, and didn’t want to keep using more poisons. Believe it or not it seemed to work! This is my second order. I’m going to keep putting it down aroud the perimeter of the house to keep the scorpions at bay.

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  3. William Renkart (verified owner)

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  4. Kristen D. (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet, waiting for the season to warm up and dry. But excited to get it laid around my porches and perimeter.

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  5. Lee Sapp

    Fast shipping

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