Apartment Treatment Kit

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The Cedarcide Original Apartment Treatment Kit is an all-purpose solution to your indoor pest control needs.
Designed to control unwanted populations of Mites, Fleas, Ticks and Mosquitoes. This kit treats up to 1,200 sq. ft.

  • DIY Pest Control
  • Made from cedarwood oil
  • Kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and mites in all stages of life

Kit includes:
1x Gallon of Cedarcide Original
1x Pump Sprayer
1x Empty Quart Bottle
1x 4oz. Cedarcide Original (Treats 1-2 pets for up to one month.)


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Halloween 15% off $69.00 + 1 - 50 15 %
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Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 10 in




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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  2. Rolland (verified owner)

    I’m impressed…

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  3. Rose

    Thanks. Bedbugs gone !

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  4. Rose

    Best Yet is an excellent product to fight bedbugs. I am a Satisfied customer !

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  5. Robert Silvester

    I have been using Best Yet in my rooming house for 3 yr. Just one spray in the room when bugs are detected and no more bugs. They come in with the tenants, who often come from hostels in other large cities. I know they kill within seconds, but what is the residual protection after the initial kill? I called in the pros for my first infestation, and watched as the bugs went from room to room, under the watchful spraying of the pro. Found your product, sprayed 15 infected rooms, next morning bugs gone, every room.

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  6. Loyal Customer

    I am so amazed with your products the “Best Yet Kit” and D.A.S. Kits!
    I had bed bugs a few months ago and was so afraid that I moved out of my apartment for two months until the apartment management hired a company to rid my apartment of the critters!

    I was allowed to return to my apartment by the next day but I was so frightened by this experience that I moved out for two months!
    It seems that the bugs returned and began biting me once again due to being exposed to then now from work, that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown if I had to move out again! I prayed for guidance and stumbled upon your website one morning looking for a natural product to use here for my apartment so I wouldn’t harm my cat or myself. I ordered the “Best Yet kit” & the D.A.S. kit for my cat and I am at peace and do not fear my apartment any longer!!! I will order the fogger kit soon and keep it forever to have a peace of mind. I plan to fog my apartment at least once a month to rid my apartment of any critters that my cross my threshold! I tell everyone about your products because it seems that here in NYC, NY our outbreaks are commonplace.
    Thank you for making the best product EVER!!!

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  7. Janelle

    Purchased your best kit and am using the cedar spray everywhere! No more ticks on the dog or spiders in the house! Smells great. Now I need to treat my deck with the Cedar Shield. The deck is three years old with two previous year treatments with a stain. This morning I washed the deck with water and scrubbed off all the green mold. How long should I wait, letting the wood dry, before applying the CedarShield. Thanks for a great product. So glad I found your website.

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  8. Jeff

    I truly would like to thank you for your amazing product. I live in NYC – bed bug central. I had a bad case of bed bugs in March. I hired a “Bed Bug Expert” with a dog and paid $1000 for the service. They sprayed some “non-toxic” chemicals about the place. I threw out the mattress and I still continued to see bed bugs. I did some research and came across your product through a google search. I ordered the product and hoped for the best. I hazed the entire apartment, as instructed in the included information. I also continued to spray with the extra 2 gallons I bought and waited. I have been vigilant in respraying cracks, etc. I slept on the sofa (which I sprayed daily) for 3 months. I have NEVER seen another bed bug since my initial application.
    Having bed bugs is a painful and costly experience that I NEVER want to endure again. My only regret is that I did not find your AMAZING product before I spent money on the exterminator. Two other apartments in my complex have had them and are currently in battle. I am contacting my building manager to alert them to the wonders of CEDAR OIL…and I have told MANY others about the properties of your product (that it also gets rid of other bugs).
    Happy and Bug free in the Big Apple!

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  9. Danielle

    When I moved into my apartment in New York City, I was greeted with all sorts of pests including bed bugs, lice, roaches and fleas. I got Best because I have children and at the time was pregnant planning a home birth and I wanted a safe, organic way to treat my home and get rid of these nasty invaders. I’ve used Best for a year and it works! When I first got it, I was skeptical, but after finding a bug on my floor and spraying Best which killed it INSTANTLY, I was sold. This kit lasted me a year. I’m going to get a new kit and treat the whole apartment again like the first time since autumn brings bed bugs from other apartments in my building. Although the smell reminds me of the hamsters I had as a child, it is not offensive and even while pregnant it wasn’t overpowering. I’m happy with this product and the service was great. Quick shipping.

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  10. Nona


    I am a Best Yet customer I’ve bought the product 4 times! Recently this July, I found bed bugs in my apartment in 2008. I was sandwiched in between apartments that had severe infestations and my landlord basically ignored the problem. I was 7 months pregnant, and had just bought a brand new bed and mattress set that I spent a lot of money on. We found that I didn’t have an infestation yet, so we acted quickly.

    I did research on the little critters the first day we discovered them and found your website. I took a chance on your product. It saved our sanity, but because I lived in a building where it was spreading like a slow simmer, coupled with a landlord who didn’t see the handwriting on the wall it has escalated currently to 45 apartments out of 96 with bed bugs. Those are just the apartments that are honest and admitting it.

    I live in Brooklyn, NY which is the No.1 borough for bedbugs in NYC and NYC being the No.1 state. My neighborhood has a high concentration of immigrants from the Caribbean and now Mexico. My building has a large number of immigrants from Haiti. Many immigrants from these countries are familiar with bedbugs and just endure it. I am the president of the tenant committee in my building and I am spreading the word about Best Yet. Several of the tenants in my building are using it and love it! And don’t have bed bugs. I sent out newsletters to my tenants with your name, number, and website address explaining the merits of your product. In my tenant meeting Sunday and tomorrow I will be bringing the product down as a selling point, I want to make sure everyone has this product and know how to get rid of bed bugs.

    That is the biggest problem in NYC the govt. city and state are not educating people on how to fight them, and most people especially poor people are at the mercy of their landlords waiting for them to exterminate their apartments. I took the expense out of the rent and sent him the receipts after sending him letters and making phone calls. I finally convinced him during a meeting this June to exterminate everyone’s apartment that has bed bugs, in which I put together a list. I know that this will not completely eradicate the problem that is why I’m holding meetings, sending out newsletters, and will soon be going door to door with your product, I lost my job last August through the massive layoffs that occurred around the country but I’m looking to eventually purchase the fogger for my own apartment and for my neighbors should they need me. Do you have any coupons that you can send me? I am waging a bed bug war that I am going to win at least in my own building with the help of educating my tenants and through the use of your products.

    Thank you sooo much, you saved me and my family with Best Yet.

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