Cedarcide Products

Personal Products

View our wide selection of personal protection products for adults, kids, and animals. Including Biting Insect Sprays, Tick Shield, Sunblock, Bed Bug Kits, Camping Kits, and many more. Keep bugs away, whether in your home, on the road or hiking outdoors!

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Animal Products

Keep your pets healthy with our top-shelf animal health products, formulated to keep away ticks, bugs, and other pests. Choose from a large array of options, including Sprays, Shampoo, Vet's Choice Products, Pet Horse Livestock (PHL), PetSafe Granules, and more. Keep your pets healthy the natural way!

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Home Products

Choose from our selection of must-have home products for protection against mosquitoes, bugs, ticks, termites, and other insects. Including products to treat your garden, deck, and everything home, office, or even lake house related.

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Outdoor Products

hose end sprayer

Our outdoor product range boasts premium, organic outdoor solutions for all your protection needs against a large variety of insects - all backed by years of intensive research and testing, to ensure they are not only effective, but are also safe to be used around your family and pets.

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