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CedarCide has teamed up with Seal Out Scorpions to bring you professional products, advice and services dedicated to helping residents get and keep scorpions out of their homes. Scorpions can be very frightening, dangerous and difficult to keep out of the house. Georgia, William, Mike and the team at Seal Out Scorpions fully understand the fears, frustrations and effective methods of control related to bark scorpions.

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CedarCide products are effective on scorpions, but the method of use and expectations should not be the same as they are with insects. Scorpions are very resilient creatures with no nest or colonies to eradicate. Also, the scorpions that plague our homes do not live or burrow in the ground, but tend to live in trees and other large plants. They are avid climbers, follow pheromone trails, and prefer living in our block fences and frame wood homes over the vegetation. This pest is a problem within the neighborhood, not just the individual property. Where there is one, there is often many more. When one is killed another one (or more) will take its place. This changes the focus from just killing individuals to repelling the neighborhood population from your home.

Scorpion Shield is an excellent product to help protect doors, which are just one of the many entry points for these pests. Scorpion Defense can provide great benefit to the control efforts outside by helping to move and repel scorpions from the home structure, yard and fence line. Seal Out Scorpions provides comprehensive sealing and supportive services in Arizona. However, they also provide courtesy consultation to residents from other states that have failed in their control efforts and are frustrated and fearful in living with scorpions. Feel free to email Georgia Clubb at Seal Out Scorpions for advice and to learn how to most effectively use Scorpion Shield and Scorpion Defense as part of your scorpion control plan.

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