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Is Cedar Oil Toxic to Cats?

Cats are special to us here at Cedarcide. They work alongside us all day, everyday—sleeping in our laps, lounging on our desks, watching over us as we hand-bottle & package your orders. (We’re now going to shamelessly show off our office cats, because who doesn’t keep 500+ pet pictures on their phones for these exact opportunities, right?)

C1 and C2 doing their weekly peanut inspections.

(Fun fact: We use pet safe, biodegradable peanuts that are made from corn starch.)

18222162_1027821854018112_1228522503686226215_n.jpg          18581686_1039669659499998_5349200645494928310_n.jpg
“I think maybe I can fit in here like dis.” -C2

unnamed (1).png

Conan enjoying a mid day cat nap.

OK, enough pet pictures (for now.)


Occasionally we’re asked, “Is cedar oil toxic to cats?” The short answer is No. We wouldn’t let our furry friends hang around—much less use—our products if they were toxic or otherwise unsafe for cats. But there’s more to be said about the relationship between cedar oil and cats. Let us explain.


Cedar Oil And Cats

Cats—being highly sensitive to both odors and many essential oils—can suffer adverse side effects from improperly formulated cedar oil. Phenols, which are naturally present in several essential oils, can be outright fatal to cats, especially smaller individuals such as kittens. An inability to metabolize this common ingredient is what renders some types of cedar oil harmful to cats. Furthermore, some species of cedar—like Western red cedar—are naturally toxic to both pets and people, and should never be used in topical pet products.


How Is Cedarcide Cedar Oil Different?

Firstly, Cedarcide cedar oil never contains any phenols or phenolic compounds. Secondly, because we use only the highest quality cedar oil sourced from only pet-safe cedar trees (Juniperus ashei, to be specific), our products are always non-toxic, all natural, and safe for pets. Using a multi-step filtration process, our cedar oil is purified of all unnecessary contaminants—including any potentially harmful ingredients like phenols. However, as with any topical pet product, you should test your cat for possible sensitivity or allergy to cedar oil with a small first application.


How To Use Cedarcide For Cats

At Cedarcide, we offer three products for cats and cat owners: our all natural insect spray, Cedarcide Original, our non-toxic pet shampoo, Cedarsuds, and the all new Flea + Tick Brush.  

Tips for Using Cedarcide Original On Cats
Because cats like to lick their fur, and because they’re also extremely sensitive to scents, it’s best to test for possible sensitivity with a light initial application. While Cedarcide Original is non-toxic and cat-safe, on rare occasions smaller cats and kittens have found the natural cedar scent of Cedarcide Original too strong for their liking.

If like most cats, your furry friend takes no issue with Cedarcide Original, apply the formula by lightly misting your hands and massaging the spray into your cat’s coat. Be sure to apply Cedarcide Original all over—including armpits, in between toes, and around the ears and tail. Using Cedarcide Original in this way will not only kill any hidden pests, it will also provide protection against additional fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Cedarcide Flea + Tick Brush
The Cedarcide Flea + Tick Brush is the safest, easiest and most effective way to protect your cat from fleas, ticks and other biting insects. Designed to dispense Cedarcide Original insect repellent directly to your pet’s skin, the Flea + Tick Brush takes the mess out of keeping your cat safe from harmful pests. The moisturizing quality of Cedarcide Original will also help with tangles and matting.

Our pet shampoo is a favorite among cat owners. Simply use it as you would any other pet shampoo—It will leave your cat with a shiny, clean and great smelling coat.


  1. Sharon on November 23, 2019 at 8:43 PM

    Do you, or would you possibly in the future, sell cedar cat litter?

    • Jonathan At Cedarcide on December 16, 2019 at 10:52 AM

      Hi, Sharon, great question!

      We do not currently sell cedar cat litter nor do we suspect we will anytime soon. Raw cedar chips, while cat-safe to use around the home or yard, is not suggested for use as litter, as some cats can be sensitive to the aroma of raw cedar trees, and using it for their litter will put them in unavoidable contact with it on a regular basis. Let us know if you have any more questions, we’re always here 🙂

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