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Top Cute Puppy Names

Your puppy needs a cute name to match their equally cute appearance. Whether your dog is a small cute breed such as a Pomeranian, or a larger but equally cute fluffy dog such as Bernese Mountain dog, we’ve rounded up some of the best names out there for you to take your pick from. 

Choosing a name for your puppy is one of the first puppy-parent choices you’ll make, so make sure you pick wisely. 

Try to choose a name which suits their appearance and personality, but also keep it short enough so that you can call their name across the dog park with ease. 

Here are forty of the cutest puppy names out there. 

Top Twenty Cute Female Puppy Names

  • Amber – Name your beautiful girl after a jewel, even better if she is the same color,  a warm honey shade. 
  • Angel – Originating from the Greek word ‘angelos’ meaning messenger. 
  • Annie – A beautiful woman’s name of English origin, meaning grace. 
  • Bella – Relating to the French, Italian, and Spanish words for “beautiful.” Perhaps you’d prefer Isabella or Belle?
  • Chloe – Derived from the Greek Goddess Demeter, Chloe means blooming or fertility. 
  • Daisy – A pretty name after a white flower. This could be perfect for a cute white dog. 
  • Ellie – A shortened version of Ellen or Eleanor, this name is of Hebrew origin, “el” meaning god and “or” meaning light. 
  • Flower – Why not name your puppy after one of nature’s most beautiful creations: flowers
  • Ivy – A really simple and charming name for a female puppy. The Ancient Greeks such to give newlyweds an ivy wreath to symbolize faithfulness – perfect for a faithful pup. 
  • Kiki – This is a really cute name meaning new beginnings. It has French, Japanese, Spanish, and German roots. 
  • Lola – Short for the Spanish name “Dolores,” which means “sorrows.” Lola is also short for the German name “Aloisia.”
  • Mia – A shortened version of the name “Maria,” which has Latin origins meaning “mine” or “wished for child.”
  • Minnie – Name your cute black and white pooch after the lovable Minnie Mouse, Mickey’s adorable sweetheart. 
  • Molly – An Irish name meaning star of the sea. This would be a great name for a dog who loves to be in the water. 
  • Nala – After Disney’s “Lion King” main female character. This name has multiple origins, African, Latin and Sanskrit. 
  • Poppy – If you have a cute dog with red fur, this name would be the perfect match. Its Latin meaning is “red flower.” 
  • Princess – A very sweet female name. If you want your pooch to be a pampered princess, this is the perfect name. 
  • Rosie – This lovely name is of English origin meaning “Rose.” If you prefer the original name, why not name them after the beautiful flower? 
  • Sugar – Is there possibly a sweeter name than “Sugar?” 
  • Willow – Willow trees have a graceful appearance, which is why it’s a perfect name for a graceful dog. 

Top Twenty Cute Male Puppy Names

  • Alfie – A really sweet boy’s name meaning “wise counselor.” 
  • Bear – This boy’s name is of English origin and would be a cute name for a large teddy bear type dog. 
  • Benji – Hebrew origin meaning “son of the right hand,” or “son of the south.”
  • Charlie – This is an English boy’s name meaning “free man.”
  • Chocolate – A cute name for a chocolate-colored dog such as a Lab. 
  • Frankie – Short for Francis which was derived from the Latin word “Franciscus,” meaning “French,”  this would make a great name for a French dog breed. 
  • Harry – This name is the medieval form of Henry, derived from the German world “heim,” meaning “home.”
  • Henry – Perhaps you prefer Henry to Harry? This is an equally cute name for your sweet boy.
  • Leo – Does your dog look like a lion? If so, Leo would make a perfect match for them as it is Latin for “lion.” 
  • Louie – Does your pup have a spot of regal blood in them? If so, choose the name Louie – 18 French kings have had this name in the past as well as numerous saints. 
  • Lucky – Meaning fortunate. Name your pup after one of the cute puppies from 101 Dalmatians.
  • Oliver – From Latin origin, meaning “olive tree,” you could shorten it to Olly, which is equally cute. 
  • Monty – A shortened version of the name Montgomery, which means “hill of the powerful one.” 
  • Peanut – This is a really cute name for a small pet dog. 
  • Rex – The Latin meaning of Rex is “King.” Ss your dog fit for a King’s name?
  • Romeo – Does your puppy have a romantic streak in them? If they’re always giving you cuddles and kisses why not name them Romeo?
  • Sammy – A cuter version of the name Samuel which is of Hebrew origin meaning “God heard.” 
  • Simba – A boy’s name which is of Swahili origin meaning “lion,” also the name of the cute but fierce star of “The Lion King.” 
  • Teddy – There are plenty of teddy bear dog breeds which you could give the name Teddy to. 
  • Ziggy – This cute name would be a perfect match for any cute dog. 

We hope you’ve managed to find the perfect cute name for your new puppy somewhere in this list!

Author: John Woods


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