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6 Fire Safety Tips for Pets

Did you know approximately 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year, and that 1,000 of those fires are actually caused by pets?

To help pet parents prevent and plan for such emergencies, here are 6 essential fire safety tips for pets:

Do Away with Open Flames

Around pets, open flames are just accidents waiting to happen. All it takes is a wagging tail or curious kitty to start a fire.To put it simply: Never leave a lit candle or fireplace unattended around your pet. Fireless alternatives are even better.

To put it simply: Never leave a lit candle or fireplace unattended around your pet. Fireless alternatives are even better.


Use Pet Alert Window Stickers

Pet alert window decals help first responders rescue your pets in the event of an emergency, especially if you’re not at home when one occurs.

Ideally, stickers should be placed at both front and back entrances. To save rescuers time, include critical info like the type and number of pets in your home. For free pet alert stickers, visit the ASPCA website.


Upgrade Your Smoke Alarm

Because pets can’t escape a fire on their own, consider installing monitored smoke detectors.

These detectors work by notifying either you or a local monitoring center at the first sign of trouble, increasing the chances your pet will be successfully rescued.


Address Gas Stoves

According to the National Fire Protection Association, stovetops are the leading cause of fires caused by pets.

Nip this hazard in the bud by using stove knob covers or simply removing the knobs while you’re not at home.


Secure Wires and Cords

Not only can loose wires and cords electrocute your pet, they can also start a fire.

Especially if your pet is prone to chewing, it’s essential to keep electrical wires out of reach of curious cats and dogs. If that’s not possible, cable covers will also do the trick.


Have an Escape Plan

Having a pet-friendly escape plan and running fire drills that include your cat or dog is vital to pet fire safety.

Plan out all possible escape routes and how to retrieve your pet regardless of where a fire might start in your home. Keeping leashes near likely exits and having a reliable recall command is also important.


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