5 Reasons We love CBD Oil

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CBD Oil—aka cannabidoil, a non-intoxicating cannabis extract—is quickly becoming a hot topic in the natural pet care industry. From cardiovascular wellness, cancer, chronic pain and anxiety, CBD Oil is said to have countless benefits for canine health. After doing some research, consulting with industry experts, along with personal experience with our own pups, we’ve fallen in love with this multi-purpose natural alternative. But why do we like it so much and why is CBD oil so great? We’re glad you asked. Here are 5 reasons we love CBD Oil.


There’s Evidence it Helps Fight Cancer

One of the most fascinating (and also controversial) aspects of CBD oil is the belief that it might help combat canine cancer. While such claims should not be taken lightly and there are no significant clinical trials involving CBD Oil and canine cancer, there does seem to be evidence suggesting CBD oil can help dogs suffering from cancer.

Firstly, studies have found that CBD oil can help prevent existing cancer cells from spreading further throughout the body. Furthermore, CBD Oil has been shown to actively help kill cancer cells, by both boosting cells that fight cancer development and preventing cancer cells from receiving the necessary nutrients for growth. Also, CBD oil is believed to improve the efficacy of traditional cancer treatments. Lastly, according to the National Cancer Institute, CBD Oil is known to support a healthy appetite and decrease nausea, two common cancer struggles that can slow a successful recovery from the disease.


It’s Said to fight Chronic Pain…Naturally!

Chronic pain is a common struggle for pet parents, especially for those with adventure pets that enjoy activities like hiking and camping. On principle, we believe it’s important to seek natural alternatives to traditional, chemical-based pain treatments, which is a big reason we’re excited about CBD oil. Thankfully, studies suggest CBD oil might be an especially successful natural approach for addressing such issues. Not only has CBD oil been shown to decrease general and chronic pain, it’s also known to reduce inflammation as well as the negative impacts inflammation can have on premature aging.


Experts Argue it’s Good for Heart Health

Many veterinarians argue that CBD oil can help support a healthy canine heart. Studies have linked CBD oil to the reduction of blood vessel damage, increased artery health, lower heart rates and reduced blood pressure. Additionally, CBD oil has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, two factors instrumental to cardiovascular wellness.


It’s Said to Help Anxious Pups

From depression to separation anxiety to aggression, CBD oil is commonly used to relieve anxiety in stressed canines. Because anxiety can lead to barking and biting, not to mention destructive behaviors like urinating and severe scratching & chewing, CBD oil could soon become an essential staple in most natural pet care routines.



It’s Used to Improve the Lives of Aging Dogs

Arthritis, seizures, chronic inflammation, neurodegenerative disease, autoimmune disease—CBD oil is said to help with all these health concerns, making it an especially useful health tool for aging pets. By reducing chronic pain, alleviating epilepsy symptoms, limiting free radicals and helping relieve general inflammation, CBD oil is also commonly used to prevent and slow premature aging. A natural approach that makes life easier and more fun for senior pups? Yeah, we’re on board!

A Note on CBD oil: Cedarcide has not verified the claims above. We suggest consulting a vet before using CBD oil on your pet.


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