Pest Control Products

They may be small, but even the most common pests can grow into a big problem for homeowners, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. From flies, fleas and cockroaches to scorpions, ants and ticks, it can be extremely difficult to eliminate these pesky bugs once they infiltrate your home, lawn or garden.

Risks of Chemical Pesticides

While traditional pest control can be effective, it can also be quite dangerous. Most pesticides on the market today include toxic chemicals that put your family, pets, and the planet at risk. While most everyone will need an efficient pest control treatment at some point, the safety of traditional insecticides should be a major concern to all.

Natural Pest Control Products

Fortunately, the rising popularity of natural pest control alternatives means you no longer have to choose between your family’s wellbeing and a pest-free home and garden. At Cedarcide, our lineup of all-natural pest control options makes it easy to eliminate unwanted insects from your home, lawn or garden without endangering your health or the environment.

Cedar Oil

Powered by all natural red cedar oil—a non-toxic, naturally derived alternative to dangerous chemicals—our wide range of pest repellants provides proven protection against insects, arachnids and more. With a wide variety of natural pest control solutions for both indoor and outdoor application, we have what you need to keep your yard and home pest free.

What’s Bugging You?

At Cedarcide, we have a variety of pest control solutions to fit your needs. Select which pest is causing your problems to find the right product for you

Natural Tick Control

Natural Termite Control

Natural Mite Control

Natural Scorpion Control

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Natural Flea Control

Organic Ant Killer

Natural Bed Bug Killer
Bed Bugs

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