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Customer Favorites




Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or BBQing in your own backyard, our Original and Extra-Strength formulas will protect you and your family from pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mites and ants. Handcrafted in small batches using essential oils, our non-toxic solutions have been protecting people, pets, and homes for over 20 years.








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Cedarcide Blog Post Image, 9 Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety

9 Tips for Dealing With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

February 9, 2018

Does your dog bark or howl excessively when you leave? Do they chew and scratch…

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Cedarcide Blog Post Image, What You Need to Know About Ear Mites

What You Need to Know About Ear Mites

February 6, 2018

What Are Ear Mites? While there are several kinds of mites that can live in…

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cedarcide blog post image, How Cedarwood Oil Kills Bugs

How Cedarwood Oil Kills Bugs

February 1, 2018

In case our name didn’t give it away, cedarwood oil is the driving force behind…

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Cedarcide blog post image, 7 Ways to Freshen Your Dog's Breath Naturally

7 Ways to Freshen Your Dog’s Breath Naturally

January 29, 2018

We’ve all been there. You come home to an excited, jumping dog only to get…

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