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How to Grow a Successful Movember ‘Stache

Each November, men across the world participate in Movember, a charity campaign where participants grow mustaches to raise awareness for serious men’s health concerns, including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and suicide. 

Whether this is your first Movember or you’re a seasoned veteran, the following 6 tips will help you grow the best ‘stache possible for the cause of supporting men’s health!

Start with a Beard

In those first embarrassing days when your mustache would be a sad, spindly little thing, having a full beard can help salvage your reputation. For whatever reason, a thin in-progress beard just looks way less creepy than a thin, in-progress mustache on its own.

Try growing a beard and then trimming it into a mustache later to avoid weirding out your friends, family, and coworkers. Just remember to trim it fairly quick, Movember is all about sparking conversations with your mustache, goofy looking or not.

Reach for Biotin

While reviews and studies are mixed on the subject, many believe Biotin, the vitamin responsible for nail and scalp health, can stimulate additional hair growth—and that includes your ‘stache. 

Chances are it won’t make much of a difference, but if you’re desperate, it’s worth a shot.

Grab a Mustache Brush

Not only can they make your ‘stache look more full and luxuriant (especially for those of us with puny, patchy facial hair 😢), mustache combs and brushes are essential for styling, too.

Say, for instance, your mustache always grows downward, but you really need it to grow out to the side instead. Daily combing or brushing can help train the hairs to grow the direction you want, making styling much easier in the long run.

Avoid Harsh Face Washes

Harsher face washes—like the types that combat acne, for example—can wreak havoc on your mustache game. From stripping the hair of color to impeding growth, it’s best to avoid chemical-based cleansers if your aim is a healthy-looking cookie duster.

Convert the Haters

Haters gonna’ hate. Thankfully, this month, hating on ‘staches is much, much harder. You’re growing it to support men’s health and combat cancer after all. You’re basically a superhero. 

But seriously, these types of interactions are what Movember is all about. Each joke and awkward stare (they’re just jealous!) is an incredible opportunity to start a conversation about the ongoing male health crisis and the countless men who die prematurely from suicide, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer worldwide. This is your time to shine—make it count!

Wax On

Attention patchy facial hair sufferers: mustache wax is your new best friend! In addition to moisturizing facial hair and helping loads with styling, wax can do wonders for hiding bald spots above your lip. And don’t worry, it won’t look like a combover. 

Even those with thick hair can benefit from mustache wax, especially when it comes to taming those stubborn rogue hairs that always seem to stick out in the wrong direction, or back into your mouth when you’re trying to eat


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