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Australia’s Bushfires: How You Can Help

Australia’s ongoing bushfires have been nothing short of devastating. 

Since September, over 20 million acres have burned, an area of land larger than last year’s Amazon rainforest fires, and over 80 times bigger than the infamous 2019 California wildfires. Every state in the country has been affected, including national parks and protected nature preserves. And there’s no end in sight. 

27 people have lost their lives, including volunteer firefighters. And an estimated 1 billion animals have died, a figure many experts consider conservative. The Australian ecosystem may never fully recover, especially not without our help. 

Below you’ll find 3 ways you can help the people and animals of Australia during this unprecedented disaster.


Donate to Support Those in Need

Donations to support those most severely affected can be made to the Australian Red Cross or American Red Cross, Salvation Army Australia, the St. Vincent de Paul Society Australia, and more.

To directly support firefighters and firefighting efforts, donations can be made to Victorian Country Fire Authority and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has also set up a donation page for the families of firefighters who have lost their lives this bushfire season.


Donate to Support Australian Wildlife

Donations to support wildlife can be given to WIRES (The New South Wales-based Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service), the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Wildlife Victoria , RSPCA Australia, Zoos Victoria, and the World Wildlife Fund Australia 

Raise Awareness

It’s simple: the more people that understand and care about the ongoing crisis, the more help those in need will receive.

How can you help raise awareness?  Spread the word by simply sharing this article and info with friends, family, or over social media to show others how they can help Australia, too. 

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