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9 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Pesticide Exposure

Our environment is filled with harmful contaminants. Widespread use of chemical-based pesticides plays a large role in our planet’s ever increasing toxicity. Because avoiding daily pesticide exposure is now all but impossible, it’s important to take steps to decrease the amounts of these toxins in our bodies. By lowering pesticide levels in the bloodstream, you can decrease your chances of experiencing the many horrifying effects of pesticide exposure—including cancer, diabetes and infertility. Here are 9 things you can do to lower your risk of pesticide poisoning.


Eating organic has been shown to greatly decrease pesticide exposure. For instance, in one Swedish study, which looked at pesticide levels in the bloodstream both before and after switching to an organic diet, it was found that eating organic foods lowered certain pesticide levels by nearly 95%.

Reducing dairy and meat intake has also proven helpful. Because pesticides and other harmful chemicals accumulate in fatty cells, and because meat and dairy are more likely to be contaminated with GMOs than produce, limiting your intake of animal-based foods is a fairly easy way to lower your risk of pesticide poisoning.


Clearly, personal pesticide use represents the most direct source of pesticide exposure. Switching from chemical-based pesticides to family-safe alternatives is a smart choice, not just for you and your family, but also for your pets and the environment.



While not all experts agree on dry brushing’s effectiveness, many swear by it as a method to detox the body of chemicals—including pesticides. Considering how many pesticides we’re exposed to daily, the concept of deep cleaning the skin to remove residual exposure seems like a no-brainer step to take. For more info on dry brushing, and how to do it properly, click here.


Shoes are a common vehicle for pesticides to enter our homes. We walk around every day unknowingly collecting pesticides on our clothing and shoes, and when we bring those things into our homes, we’re bringing the toxic chemicals along with them. An easy way to decrease this source of pesticide exposure is to take your shoes off before, or just after, walking through the door.


Switching from tap to filtered water, and drinking lots of it, is a smart way to ensure your body’s capable of naturally detoxifying itself. Sufficient hydration is essential to that process.


Cilantro isn’t just delicious, it’s good for your health, too! Several studies have shown the herb to be an incredible detoxifier—including the removal of heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.


Exercise and a healthy organic diet are crucial to your body’s detoxifying processes. Firstly, regular exercise increases healthy blood circulation, which in turn increases the rate at which toxins are flushed from the body. Secondly, toxins like pesticides are often stored in our body fat, and regular exercise is a natural way to break up fat cells and eliminate the stored contaminants.


Fiber is conducive to digestive health. In short, it helps things move more quickly through your system—and that includes chemical contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides. For a list of fiber rich foods, click here.


Eating more citrus is an easy way to encourage your body to flush insecticides and herbicides out of your system. Pectin, a fiber naturally abundant in citrus fruits, has a long history of medicinal uses. From helping prevent colon and prostate cancers, to diabetes and acid reflux relief, pectin offers countless health benefits. But above all, pectin is known as one of nature’s most gentle yet effective detoxifiers, heavy metals and pesticides included.


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