Natural Flea control and Repellent For Dogs

Summertime, and the living is easy. Fleas are a-jumpin’, and your dog is about to be miserable. But that does not have to be the case. You can protect your canine companion from the irritating torment of biting fleas, and protect your family and household as well, with the organic, all-natural arsenal of flea control products from CedarCide.

A Bit About Fleas

Tiny as they are, fleas can be a big problem. They are parasites, feasting on the blood of their host animal, with bites that are a painful and irritating nuisance and that can become sores open to infection from the incessant scratching that follows. And though they prefer dining on dogs and cats, fleas will not hesitate to visit and feed on other animals and humans. While killing the adult fleas is one way to control them, there is a better way. Repelling them and keeping them away is a smarter approach.

Natural and Organic Controls are Better for Everyone – Except Fleas

Creating an inhospitable environment for fleas is the best method for controlling them. While pesticides may kill adult fleas, they may not kill the eggs and, once the toxicity of the insecticide has diminished, the eggs hatch, and the cycle begins all over. The real problem here is the toxic nature of most pesticides – these poisons can do far more damage than good, as they can cause health problems for dogs and people, as well as damaging the environment.

All-natural, organic flea repellents are a preferred approach to flea control in dogs and other pets. CedarCide has several products that, when used on a regular basis, will drive fleas away, and keep them at bat.

The CedarCide Approach to Flea Control in Dogs

Taking a step-by-step approach, you can eliminate the fleas that torment your dog(s) and your family (fleas will jump from dogs to people and bite us just as readily). Cedar oil, the active ingredient in CedarCide products, drives fleas away and keeps them away. For best, and longest lasting results, follow a regular program of:

  • Bathing your dog with Cedar Sudz pet shampoo. Available in several scents, it will get rid of the fleas that are already bothering your pet. Because it is cedar oil based, it can be used on a regular basis without fear of toxic ingredients.
  • Spraying your dog’s coat with Vet’s Choice, CedarCide’s concentrated insect repellent. Do not overlook your pet’s bedding, either; Vet’s Choice will drive away the fleas that may be hiding there. You can also follow up with between-shampoo spritzing using Best Yet, another of CedarCide’s safe, organic products formulated to kill and repel any fleas or other pests that may be present.
  • Spreading CedarCide’s CampSafe granules across your lawn and garden. This safe, organic product is made from cedar trees and its high-concentration of aromatic cedar oil is a natural flea repellent. Use it liberally without fear of harming your lawn, your pets, or family members.

Fleas are a biting blight upon the land, your dog, and you and your family. The best solution to eliminating them from your household is to drive them away permanently using the CedarCide line of flea and pest control products.

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4 thoughts on “Natural Flea control and Repellent For Dogs

  1. I spray the cedarcide on my dogs then they like to lick it from each other. I try to apply it only when we’re about to take a walk so they’ll be distracted, but that’s not always practical

    Is it ok to injest (still going to not allow as that would defeat the purpose)

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