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How to Control Mosquitoes and Prevent Bites

In addition to the many diseases and parasites they spread to humans, mosquitoes can give our pets heartworms, too! 

Taking a few simple precautions can prevent mosquitoes from ruining outdoor activities and the peace of your own backyard. Here’s how to protect your family, pets, and lawn from mosquitoes:

1. Treat Yourself and Pets

Apply Cedarcide Original to you and your pets before walks, hikes, dog park visits, and other outdoor activities to prevent mosquito bites.

Need deep woods protection? Try Extra Strength Tickshield instead (only for use on animals over 20 lbs.)

2. Treat Your Lawn

Spray your entire yard, shrubbery, and bases of trees with PCO Choice monthly to kill and repel mosquitoes. For larger mosquito populations, spray twice, two weeks apart, and then monthly after that.

Because PCO is both family and pet safe, you can start enjoying your yard immediately after application.

3. Prevent Future Mosquito Problems

In addition to applying PCO Choice monthly, there are several non-toxic approaches you can take to limit mosquito populations. For detailed instructions, check out How to Mosquito-Proof Your Yard.

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