Mites are near-microscopic arachnids that inhabit almost every environment on the planet—including our homes. Some, like dust mites, are scavengers, some are symbiotic, and others, like bird mites, rat mites, chiggers and scabies, are parasitic. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of mites are harmless to humans, and for the most part go completely unnoticed.


However, bird mites, rat mites and chiggers, have all been known to bite humans, causing extreme skin irritation. Dust mites, although not a biting mite, can also cause issues for humans, including allergic reactions and asthma complications. Cats, dogs and horses can also be affected by mites, specifically demodex mites and scabies mites, both of which cause the common skin condition known as mange. If you’re currently facing a mite problem, whether on yourself, your home, yard or pets, the following information will help you get the situation under control.

Where to Treat for Mites

Except for chiggers, mite problems are almost always isolated to the home and our pets. Indoor mite populations are best treated through fogging, and because they’re nearly microscopic and can hide anywhere, it’s recommended that you treat your entire home. For pets, applying a pet-friendly pesticide and repellent is the way to go. For outside mites like chiggers, you’ll need to treat your entire yard with a plant-friendly outdoor pesticide. Wearing a non-toxic personal repellent will help keep mites off your person during treatments.

Tips for Controlling Mites

Approaches for controlling mites depend on the type you’re facing. The following tips will help you treat and prevent the most common forms of mite problems:

  • Treat your yard monthly with PCO Choice to kill and repel chiggers and other pests.
  • When fogging indoors, treat every 5-7 days until your issue is resolved.
  • If you fear you have mites on your person, consider applying Cedarcide Original to yourself daily until symptoms improve.
  • Before and after walks, hiking, dog park visits and other outdoor activities, spray yourself and your pet with Cedarcide Original to repel mites.
  • If you suspect your dog or cat has mange, take them to a vet immediately.
  • Regularly wash pet bedding and treat it with Cedarcide Original to prevent mites from infesting your animals and home.
  • Practicing basic pet hygiene has been shown to decrease the chance your dog, cat or horse will get mites.
  • Keep your pets away from other animals suspected of mange, it can be very contagious.
  • Rat mites and bird mites are usually contracted from surrounding rodents or bird nests, so remove these mite sources immediately, and seal your home to prevent them from moving indoors again.

What You Need

Our naturally sourced pesticide and repellent, Cedarcide Original, is our recommended product for personal, pet and indoor use (including fogging). PCO Choice, our non-toxic outdoor pest control concentrate, is what we suggest for treating your yard. Below we have several kits to choose from depending on what your needs are.

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