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Kill and Repel Mites

Parasitic mites like bird mites, rat mites, and chiggers often bite humans, causing extreme skin irritation and discomfort.

Others, like demodex and scabies mites, can give our pets the painful skin disease known as mange.

If you’re currently facing a mite problem, we can help you find relief. Here’s how to do it:

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How to Control Mites & Prevent Bites

1. Treat Yourself (and Pets)

Apply Cedarcide Original to yourself daily (and pets if necessary) to prevent bites and repel mites. Repeat daily or as needed until you no longer experience mites. 

2. Treat Your Home (and Outdoors)

Spray mite trouble areas like bedding, linens, furniture, and carpeting with Cedarcide Original daily to kill and repel mites (larger mite issues may require fogging your entire home with Cedarcide Original). Repeat daily or as needed until you no longer experience mites.

If your mite problem originated outside or you’re dealing with chiggers, apply PCO Choice to your lawn, shrubbery, and bases of trees monthly to kill and repel mites.

3. Prevent Future Mite Problems

For detailed instructions on both preventing and solving a mite problem, check out our step-by-step guide How to Get Rid of Mites

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