Meet Our Pack

Our Love of Animals Inspires Everything We Do.

From natural pet care to rescue and fostering, our pets are our lives here at Cedarcide.

Meet Our Pack


I’m Lefty.  My dad named me after Willie Nelson’s song “Poncho and Lefty.” I’m shy, but once I warm up to you I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Don’t let my lady-like crossed feet and gentle demeanor fool you though, I work with my sister Jezabell every day to chase all those good-for-nothing squirrels out of our yard.


My name is Pickles, AKA “The Pickles Man”.  I was rescued from a shelter in 2017 when I was about two-years-old. My life before I was rescued wasn’t pretty, but I’ve mostly forgotten all about that. I love my life now, and I’m still learning all the fun things dogs get to do! Like snuggle on the couch, go for car rides, meet new animal friends and go on long walks. My parents say everyone who meets me falls in love with me and my giant, blocky head. My best friend in the world is Ellie and my favorite human is my dad. He and I picked each other at the shelter and we haven’t spent a day apart since. When I’m not following my humans around I like to nap on my yoga mat.

Cash (1)

I'm Cash. My parents named me after Johnny Cash. I'm a full-sized, Blue-Merle Australian Shepherd and I LOVE to jump. My favorite activity is running the agility course at the dog park. I love my mom, but my favorite human is definitely my daddy, I follow him everywhere. My favorite place to nap is under mom & dad's bed, sometimes they think I'm part cat.


I'm Cowboy, the hound dog. My mom rescued me from the Houston SPCA in 2014 when I was about a year old. I was underweight and very afraid of men. Today I am happy, healthy and I love anyone who will give me treats. I wasn't very happy when my mom & dad brought home my little brother Cash, but he's grown on me over the years and we're best buds now. My favorite activities are sleeping, smelling things, and wrestling with my brother... but mostly sleeping.


Hi, I’m Beans, AKA, “Green Beans.” I was rescued in 2014 and had recently given birth to a litter of puppies, who all went to good homes. I’m a lovingly dominant force in my house. I love to play ball. I also hate squirrels but I’m not fast enough to catch one. I love my family, even my 2-year-old human sister.  

Stella is a labrador and shepherd mix with a lot of sass. She’s really smart, knows tons of tricks, and loves rolling around in the mud from time to time. While she can be a handful, she’s always the nicest to be around and really gets along with other dogs.


Guinness was rescued from the Denton animal shelter in June (he was originally found with three other siblings abandoned in the middle of the woods). He is now a healthy happy puppy who is very loyal and protective. Guinness is a little timid, but not destructive like his sister Stella.


This is Gumbo, AKA “The G,” AKA “G-Man,” AKA “Mr. Man.” Gumbo needed a new home and I had just bought my first home, so we were a perfect match! He loves short walks, splashing in his pool, and riding in the truck. He’s very soft and squishy, and likes his ears rubbed and his rear-end scratched. One of Gumbo’s favorite activities is checking the mail and retrieving the newspaper. Once he has the newspaper, he must tear it up a bit before he lets me have it.

IMG_8938 (1)

Hi! I’m Ellie, AKA “Ellie Bellie,” AKA “Ellie The Destroyer,” AKA “Ellie Pee Pot.” My parents rescued me in 2016 and now I live the best life ever! I have four other siblings that are my bestest friends. Actually, to me, everyone I meet is my best friend. I love all animals and people. My mom says I’m one in a million. I don’t know how to count but I sure do love my parents. When I’m not play-wrestling with my friends, I’m in 100% snuggle mode.


Tall Guy
Hi, I’m Tall Guy, AKA “Talls.” I was rescued in 2015 as a puppy. My mom was rescued off the streets and thought to be a dachshund—whatever that means. I tower over my siblings. My dad says I’m the oldest puppy he’s ever known. I’m just a happy go lucky guy. I like to snuggle with my humans and play with my siblings but not too much. Every night Ice Cream tries to get me. He thinks he’s beating me up but I just like letting him win. 

ice man

Ice Cream
Hi, I’m Ice Cream, AKA, “Ice,” AKA, “Cream.” I was rescued in 2013 from a local shelter. My dad says I’m his best friend. I think he’s my best friend too. In the morning, I like to pee on all of mommy’s plants and flowers. The rest of the day I just want to be close to my humans. Once a day, normally at night, I fight Tall Guy. He’s a young dog but I have to show him who’s boss. I always win.


My name is John, AKA “Johnny Ringo,” AKA “Sweet Boy John.” I was adopted in 2011. Some people say I’m quirky, but I don’t really know what that means. I just don’t like to do stuff the way other pups do. Here are things I like to do: nibble on sheets, run zoomies across the yard, try to get the dogs on TV to notice me, sniff all of the places, and I really like to nap on my parents bed. (They have the softest pillows).


Hi, my name is Remington (Remi for short). I was rescued in 2010. My dog parents were some combination of a bird dog and a pit bull, so I’m pretty unique and people are always telling me how pretty I am, whatever that means. I prefer to spend most of my time outdoors— my happy place. Squirrel and bird watching are my specialities. I love my family and would lick them in the face all day if I could.


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