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5 Natural Ways to Recycle Fallen Leaves

Fall and winter leaves might seem annoying at first, but they’re really a nutrient-rich blessing from mother nature! Instead of trashing this gift, which can leave your soil less fertile over time, why not repurpose it for a more beautiful and healthy lawn?

Here are 5 natural, eco-friendly ways to recycle your fallen leaves:


One of the best ways to recycle leaves is also the easiest: Mow them!

Switch your mower to the mulching setting, then simply shred those leaves throughout your lawn for an evenly spread nutrient-rich mulch.


Whether inside or out, potted plants can get a major boost from fallen leaves, which will slowly feed the plant as they decompose.

For best results, fill your chosen pot ⅓-½ full of densely packed leaves, then top off the remaining space with the appropriate potting soil.


Composting fallen leaves is an easy, free way to produce your own organic fertilizer.

Mix shredded leaves with grass clippings or other greenery and toss them in your compost pile. Mix the pile with a shovel every 5 days or so, keeping it warm with a tarp when necessary, and you should have ready-to-use fertilizer in about 2 months. Neat, right!?


Did you know fallen leaves can help suffocate stubborn weeds?

After shredding your leaves, mix them with grass clippings and Cedarcide Granules. Then, add a thick layer of this mix on top of your garden soil wherever you’re struggling with weed growth.


Surrounding vulnerable plants like smaller shrubs and perennials with mounds of unshredded leaves can help protect them from the winter cold.

When spring rolls around and the weather warms, simply remove any extra leaves as needed.


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