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Why We Love Immortelle Oil

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Like many, we’ve been hearing the buzz about immortelle essential oil (aka Helichrysum italicum oil) for the last few years. It seems like every skincare blog is raving about it, and every trending beauty brand is adding it to their skincare lines. 

(For those not familiar, immortelle essential oil is sourced from a Mediterranean plant called Helichrysum italicum, which has been celebrated for centuries for its anti-aging and mood-boosting effects.)

But we wanted to see for ourselves if all the hype was warranted. After researching ingredients, reputation, growing practices, and purity, we decided to go with the brand Immortelle Living for our oil. Then, we bought enough of their pure Immortelle Essential Oil and skincare products (all of which include immortelle as an ingredient) for some of our team to try. 

We might have gone into the product testing a little skeptical, but the results spoke for themselves. Now we’re such believers, we decided to add Immortelle living to our own product lineup. Here’s what we found during our testing that impressed us so much. 

Why We Love Immortelle Oil, Our Skin Has Never Looked Better

Before we personally tried Immortelle oil, we heard from both the rumor mill and clinical studies that consistent use could noticeably improve complexion, including reducing and preventing wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, redness, and blemishes like pimples and sun damage. 

Well, they weren’t wrong.

While our team only used the pure Helichrysum italicum oil and the Immortelle Living anti-aging toners and serums for about 4 months, we definitely noticed improvement in the way our skin looked and felt. 

After the first few weeks of applying the pure essential oil (we just added 2-3 drops to our facial moisturizers) and both skincare products twice daily, our skin felt brighter, fresher, smoother, and also, surprisingly, firmer too. We thought we noticed a slight reduction in wrinkles, sun discoloration, and how often our skin broke out as well. 

But once we checked in with our team again, after about 3–4 months of twice daily use, it was clear we had all experienced the anti-aging benefits immortelle oil is famous for. Our complexions just looked younger: the fine lines around our eyes and lips had faded, our skin texture was softer and more dewy, and everyone claimed their typical struggles with blemishes had become less frequent and severe. 

Why We Love Immortelle Oil, It's Shrink Our Scars 7 Stretch Marks

What surprised us the most about immortelle oil wasn’t its anti-aging effects on wrinkles, inflammation and sun damage—even though those were amazing!—but how it helped fade our scars, including stretch marks. 

While the results didn’t come as fast as the anti-aging effects, we started to notice a difference about 2 1/2 months in. At first the scars just seemed slightly lighter, but after 4 months of using the pure immortelle essential oil directly on our scars daily, we noticed dramatic results. While you can still make out our scars, they’ve become way, way less noticeable, to the point where we can barely see them ourselves, which is all we really cared about in the first place. We’re all excited to see how much more they’ll improve over the coming months. 

How did we fade our scars and stretch marks? All we did was add 2-3 drops of immortelle essential oil to our facial moisturizer or 5 drops to our body moisturizer, depending on where our scars were, and applied that once daily. Then, we applied a mixture of 2 drops immortelle oil and 1 tablespoon vitamin E oil to our scars before bed and let it soak in overnight. That’s it! 

Why We Love Immortelle Oil, it fights stress & helps us relax

Kicking off our shoes and throwing on pajamas used to be our favorite thing to do after work—until we discovered immortelle oil. Because immortelle essential oil contains stress-fighting compounds called esters, it’s excellent for soothing mental exhaustion and boosting your mood. 

Immortelle’s stress-fighting effects were confirmed in a 2013 study focused on mental fatigue and feelings of burnout. One test group was given a placebo and the other group a genuine immortelle essential oil blend. The second group enjoyed noticeable improvement and relief from their anxiety and exhaustion. 

We personally have 3 favorite ways to de-stress with immortelle. First, to unwind as soon as we get home, we add pure immortelle oil to our essential oil diffusers. The warm, soothing scent immediately starts to melt our stress away and it’s a fantastic way to transition from our high pressure work mode to a more peaceful mood at home. 

If we’re feeling extra stressed on any given day, in addition to diffusing the oil throughout our homes, we also massage a drop or two directly into the back of our necks. It’s heavenly! 

Lastly—and this is definitely without question our favorite way to de-stress and relax with immortelle—we like to add 10–15 drops of pure immortelle essential oil to our warm baths, in addition to our normals salts and bubbles. Sometimes we even diffuse the oil in our bathrooms while soaking in the tub. Just be ready for the most peaceful and calming bath you’ve ever had, because you’re never going to want to get out! 

Why We Love Immortelle Oil, it's organic and ethically sourced

No matter how great a brand’s products are or how awesome they make us feel, we could never get behind them if they didn’t share our values regarding natural approaches, fair pay, and a love for the environment. Thankfully, Immortelle Living and its natural beauty lineup embrace all three!

We think Immortelle Living says it best, so we’re just going to leave this right here: 

We carefully control the quality of our products from growing and harvesting to processing and distillation in order to guarantee your oil is not adulterated in any way, at any step of the process. Our oils are USDA Organic and Ecocert certified organic, meaning they’re both organically farmed and manufactured and that we only use eco-friendly farming practices from start to finish.

We believe in putting people and values over profit, which is why we work closely with our organic farmers to ensure they get the fair pay they deserve. Because we’re an actual distillery not just a dispensary, we can offer the highest quality immortelle essential oil on the market at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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  1. Barbara reitz

    This all sounds so interesting. We have been loyal CEDARCIDE users for years so i believe I would trust these statements. Thank you.

    1. Jonathan At Cedarcide

      Thank you for the comment, Barbara!

      We absolutely love the Immortelle products! If you have any questions call us at 800-842-1464, we’re here for you 🙂

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