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Get to Know the Cedarcide Horse Rescue

Every year, over 100,000 horses are transported out of the U.S. for slaughter. After learning more about this atrocity, we at Cedarcide could not sit back and do nothing. So, in 2016, the Cedarcide Horse Rescue was born. Our mission is not only to save horses, but to increase awareness and spread our own passion for animals in the hopes of promoting change. The Cedarcide Horse Rescue began with Piglet (aka Cowboy) and Legacy, two graceful and gentle geldings, but has since grown to a team of six beautiful horses. With the continued support of you, our customers, we hope to save even more horses in 2018. 

While the hard work of our employees and generosity of our customers gave us the means to build and maintain the rescue, for us the Cedarcide Horse Rescue is all about the horses, each unique personality in the bunch. Today, in celebration of National Day of the Horse we’d like to introduce you to our awesome crew of horses! (Some of the horses are still getting settled in, so they declined to be interviewed for this blog post). 


Piglet (aka Cowboy)

A quirky ten-year-old gelding, Piglet is the charismatic jokester of the Cedarcide Horse Rescue. With his playful attitude and positive spirit, he always finds a way to keep his fellow horses and the Cedarcide staff on their toes. Piglet is the type of horse that warms to new people quickly, wowwing everyone he meets with his keen intelligence and infectious enthusiasm.



If there’s an alpha in the group, Legacy is the man. An eight-year-old gelding, Legacy spent several years on the race track, winning over $150,000 during his illustrious career. Draped in a stunning rusty-red coat, Legacy moves with a powerful and regal stature that instantly commands respect. Sharing a carrot with this vegetable connoisseur is the quickest way to Legacy’s heart.


Beaming with curiosity, Starboy is the most charming horse in our rescue. Voted “most popular” by his peers, Starboy lives for two main purposes: apples and meeting new people.



Mystery and cool surround Rusty, the “lone wolf” of the Cedarcide Horse Rescue. As a mature, twelve-year-old gelding, Rusty’s just as peaceful and contented as you might expect. Rusty is wise, savoring life through casual grazing and leisurely strolls through the rescue grounds. He might seem aloof at first, but once you’re in his good graces you’ve got a horse companion for life.

If you’re interested in adopting a horse from the Cedarcide Horse Rescue, please email us at questions@cedarcide.com

If you want to learn more about the horse slaughter industry, visit the ASPCA website.

Vet’s Choice Vs. DAS Whats the Difference?

Vet's Choice Vs. DAS Whats The Difference-.jpg

At Cedarcide, we offer several pest-control solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. From concentrates to ready-to-use formulas, from personal & pet use to lawn & garden care, we have what you need to keep your home, yard and animals free of pests.

But which products are right for you? To make your shopping experience easier, we’re launching a series of blog posts to help you better understand the differences between our most popular formulas. Today we’re talking about our two all natural pet & livestock solutions: Vet’s Choice and D.A.S.


What is Vet’s Choice?

Vet’s Choice is an extra strength, all natural and highly versatile concentrate designed to control insects and parasites commonly found on pets and livestock. Vet’s Choice eliminates and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, mites, gnats, ear mites and dozens of other biting insects. Vet’s Choice can be mixed with water for use as a bath, spray or dip. Vet’s Choice can be used in stables, barns and kennels to reduce flying insects, or used as a treatment for mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders.

Dilution Instructions

  • Dilute Vet’s Choice with warm/hot water; shake to mix until milky white
  • For Direct Spray: Add 4 oz. of Vet’s Choice per 1 gallon of water
  • For A Bath: Add 2 oz. per 1 gallon of water
  • For A Dip 1:200 ratio of Vet’s Choice to water


What is D.A.S?


DAS (Domestic Animal Spray) is an all natural and highly versatile solution designed to control insects and parasites commonly found on pets and livestock—think of it as a ready-to-use version of Vet’s Choice. Like Vet’s Choice, DAS is ideal for use in stables, barns and kennels to reduce flying insect populations, and can be used as a bath, spray or dip. DAS eliminates and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, mites, gnats, ear mites and dozens of other biting insects; it can also be used to treat mange, hot spots and other animal skin disorders.

To useDAS works best when animals are thoroughly wetted with the product and then allowed to air dry. Apply directly to your animal’s skin or simply add it to their bath for lasting protection against pests. For additional protection and prevention, dilute DAS with water at a 3:1 ratio and apply to your pets’ bedding using a spray bottle.


How Are They Different?

DAS is simply a ready-to-use, pre-diluted version of Vet’s Choice. Vet’s Choice contains 90% cedar oil; DAS contains 3% cedar oil.

Who Should Buy Vet’s Choice?
Those treating many animals—such as in agricultural use or for facilities like animal rescues—should choose Vet’s Choice because it’s concentrated, meaning it will last longer than the same amount of DAS. Vet’s Choice is also more customizable, allowing customers to dilute the solution to whatever concentration they prefer.

Who Should Buy DAS?
Those looking for a quick and convenient solution to protect pets or livestock from biting insects. While Vet’s Choice will last longer because it’s concentrated, DAS is easier to use, with less need to dilute.

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