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How to Kill Mites and Prevent Bites: 3 Steps

Bug bites with no obvious source? Does nothing seem to help? You could have mites

Without treatment, biting mites like bird mites and rodent mites can cause years of agonizing skin irritation, emotional distress, and a heavy financial burden.

Whether you’re struggling with mites or simply looking to prevent that from happening, we can help. Here are 3 steps to repel & kill mites and finally find some relief.


Protect Yourself

Tired of itchy skin? Apply Cedarcide Original to yourself daily to repel mites and prevent painful bites. Repeat daily or as needed.

Treat Your Home and Laundry

Spray mite trouble areas like bedding, linens, furniture, and carpeting with Cedarcide Original daily to repel and kill mites. Repeat daily or as needed.

Larger mite issues will require fogging your entire home with Cedarcide Original every 5-7 days until the problem improves.


For added protection, we suggest washing bedding and clothing with an ounce of water-soluble PCO Choice.

Prevent Future Mite Problems

For detailed instructions on both preventing and solving a mite problem, check out our step-by-step guide, How to Get Rid of Mites.


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  1. Will washing my clothes and bedding with an ounce of pce hurt my small dogs in any way?

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