Cedarcide blog post image, How to Apply PCO Choice and Yardsafe when rain is an issue


At Cedarcide, our family-safe outdoor lawn treatments are among our most popular products. Our outdoor concentrate, PCO Choice, and its ready-to-use counterpart, Yardsafe, both help keep your yard free of troublesome pests without endangering your family, your pets or the environment.

While application is rather straightforward (they’re best applied early morning or late evening, and can be used throughout your entire yard to kill and repel insects) there’s one issue that can complicate the process: Rain. We’re often asked questions like these: 

  • “It rained after I used PCO Choice, do I have to apply it again?”
  • “It rained yesterday, can I apply Yardsafe today, or should I wait till the soil is dry?”

To simplify things, Here’s an outline of when and how to use PCO Choice and Yardsafe when rain is an issue:


If the forecast is predicting heavy rainfall in the next 24 to 48 hours, it’s best to wait to apply PCO Choice or Yardsafe until after the rain has passed and the soil has adequately dried (moist soil is fine, but soil saturated with water is too wet for application). Similarly, if heavy rain occurs less than 24 to 48 hours after you’ve treated your yard, we recommend an additional application. Note: light to medium rains do not necessitate additional applications.  


Let’s say it just rained, maybe a few hours ago or the day before. If the soil is dry or only slightly wet, you’re fine to apply PCO Choice or Yardsafe to your lawn. However, if the soil is muddy, saturated with water or otherwise extremely wet, it’s best to wait until the soil has had more time to dry.


Using the included Hose End Sprayer, it takes just 4 oz. of PCO Choice to treat up to 1/8 acre of outdoor space. Avoid applications during peak sun hours—early morning or late evening is best. Apply monthly or as needed.


  • Dilute PCO with warm/hot water; shake to mix
  • For the included Hose End SprayerAdd 4 oz. of PCO per 20 gallons of sprayed water (treats up to 1/8 acre of outdoor space).
  • For tank sprayers and compression sprayers: Add 2 oz. per gallon of water
  • For motorized backpack sprayers: Add .5-1 oz. per gallon of water
  • PCO can be diluted down to 1:1000 for larger, agricultural use



Simply hook up the Hose End Sprayer directly to the bottle, attach it to the hose, and begin spraying. Avoid applications during peak sun hours—early morning or late evening is best. Apply monthly or more as needed.





  1. Teresa A Hobbs on April 20, 2020 at 2:12 AM

    5 star rating.
    We ordered the outdoor kit for 1 acre and. it arrived in 24 hrs. We were impressed it came so fast and right to the door. We’re anxious to use it but are currently in a rainy time. And freeze warnings at nights. Hasn’t slowed the ants down though. Our yard has standing puddles of water so will have to wait awhile.
    Have read your reviews on the wood treatment product and plan to try it. We have 2 decks, one is 20 yrs old, the other 4. We’ve had to replace some of the planks on the 4 yr. old ramp. So we’re excited to try your product on them.
    How does your bug treatment work on garden pests ie: horn worms, Japanese beetles, aphids, cut worms, cabbage moths and all the other bugs that eat up your vegetable plants?
    Thank you.

    • Jonathan At Cedarcide on May 16, 2020 at 12:02 PM

      HI, Teresa! Thanks for the comment.

      While we do not have testing for Japanese beetles, aphids, cut worms, and other garden pests, ours and our customers’ experience is that our products work very well for them.

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