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16 thoughts on “Best Sellers

  1. Hummm. Lot’s of products. Help me make a choice. I have decided NOT to use Frontline Plus or Heartgard on my dog. I know the risks. I want your best choice for mosquitoes, fleas are secondary.
    The breed is a senior Shiba Inu. The recommendation from breeders is not to bathe these dogs. One of my vets wipes your product for horses on her dogs. What do you advise?

      1. I’ve been using cedarcide for many years after my exterminator and I had a discussion about a less toxic protection for my dogs. He suggested cedarcide. Not a flea in years! We live in North East CT Lymes Disease central. Most of my surrounding neighbors and their dogs have had lyme or erlichiosis (sp?) at one point or another…not my dogs. The vet was shocked by the blood tests from my 13 year old Shepherd mix…no signs of any tick born disease. So I will never use anything else (I’ve been using tickshield and it lasted us almost a year!) Need some now!

  2. What do I need for fleas and ticks for a Shih Tzu? Is there one product that can be used on my dog and on myself as well? What about to use in the home?

  3. This is the best product on the market. I use the Best Yet on my animal and myself. Also purchased the yard product and can testify that it keeps the biting insects away. I cannot say enough good things about this product.

  4. I wonder, some people say they are allergic to cedar. How can they overcome this?
    Also, are there mattress companies that use this product and is it safe on that material?
    Is it illegal to sell a used mattress even if its been cleaned and treated?

    1. If you have a cedar allergy, please don’t use our cedar based products. It is safe for mattresses, and we recommend that people spray down their mattress if they have bed bugs. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with laws that deal with used mattresses so I can’t answer that part of your question.

  5. We have baby Copperheads showing up in our yard and along the edge of the house.. what product do you recommend that will keep them away.. also we have spiders getting into the house somehow even though we have had the inside and outside treated already.


    1. Use PCO Choice to spray your yard and siding of your home to help deter snakes. This will also help keep insects away and therefore the spiders that are there to eat them.

    1. It mixes with water at 1000 to 1. If you use our hose end sprayer, put in 4oz of PCO then fill it with water.

    1. PCO is our outdoor product. It will help to deter non-beneficial insects. PCO may help to kill and deter some slugs, but salt is generally the best way to kill them. You can make a border around your garden so they die when they cross it.

  6. Is there some product that can help with head-lice infestation passing around at my grand-child’s school, both to treat home environments, and on their bodies? This is not something we want to share, so it’s wreaking havoc on our social interactions! Thanks for any advice!

    1. Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray is what I used on my son when he had head lice. We put him in the bath, massaged it into his scalp, waited for a minute or two, and then rinsed. The bugs came out and went right down the drain. We did it again a few days later to make sure they were gone, but there were no more bugs.

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