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Our products are designed with people, pets and the planet in mind.




Our Inspirations

The Latest Science

Our products are backed by green chemistry and thorough research.  We work closely with chemists and entomologists to deliver the best naturally sourced pest control products on the market.

Personal Experience

Just like you, making our homes a safe environment free of pests is a top priority. Our lives as parents, pet owners, outdoorsmen, and homemakers inform our product line just as much as our years of industry experience.

Customer Feedback

Your feedback matters
The Cedarcide family would be nothing without our amazing customers. Your feedback make us better every day.

Our Products


Protecting your pets and family should not have to involve toxic chemicals.  We personally use every product we make. We will never create or sell anything we wouldn’t use on or around our own families and pets. If for any reason we lose confidence in a product or ingredient, we will discontinue it. That’s our promise.


Safety and efficacy are not mutually exclusive.
We rigorously engineer our formulas for efficacy and efficiency. Our products get the job done without compromising the safety of pets, people or the environment.

Our Formulas

Ingredient Selection

We carefully select our ingredients for safety, performance and availability.  Naturally sourced, plant-based, non-GMO ingredients form the backbone of our formulas. Carefully selected synthetics are sometimes added to stabilize formulas or prevent separation. We highly refine our ingredients, making them more hypoallergenic and skin-safe.

Efficacy Testing

Our formulas are thoroughly tested for efficacy and dependability. We carefully test every product to ensure quality and effectiveness for people and their pets. Cedarcide is a cruelty free company—We never test on animals.

We're Always Improving

Our aim is to never stop getting better. We’re proud of every product we offer. We believe our solutions are the most responsible pest control products available, and would never use anything else around our families or pets. But at Cedarcide, product development never stops. We’re always seeking out new ways to improve our ingredients and advance our formulas.

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