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   Our Mission Since 1998

Join us on our mission to make the world a safer place for families and their pets.

We believe everyone deserves a life free of dangerous bugs and painful bites, and that you shouldn’t have to resort to scary chemicals to make that happen. 

Helping you protect your family, pets, lawn, home, and community from harmful bugs and harsh chemicals is our top priority.

We Promise to Never Stop Getting Better for You

We believe our household products are simply the best available. But for us, progress never stops. We’re always seeking new ways to improve our ingredients, our formulas, and your shopping experience.

Only Family-Safe Pet-Friendly Ingredients

Our products are backed by green chemistry and thoroughly tested for efficacy and dependability. We work closely with chemists and entomologists to deliver the best, family-safe goods on the market. 

We carefully select our ingredients for safety and performance—naturally sourced, plant-based, non-GMO ingredients are the backbone of our formulas.


Service & Community

Serving others is what gets us out of bed in the morning. From helping solve your bug problems over the phone to partnering with animal shelters, rescue organizations, pro-veteran non-profits, and local charities, service and community mean the world to us.

We Reeeeaaaaally Love Animals

Our passion for animals inspires every decision we make. Every Cedarcide purchase supports rescue and foster animals, including the Cedarcide Horse Rescue. Cedarcide is a cruelty-free company—We will never test on animals.


Personal Development

Fostering an environment that prioritizes physical, mental, and emotional wellness is incredibly important to us. A focus on self-improvement is instrumental in making our company, our team members, and our handcrafted goods the best that they can be.


Without you none of this would be possible. The Cedarcide family would be nothing without our amazing customers. If you think we can do something better, let us know. Your feedback makes us better every day.

Tickshield being used to repel bugs outdoors
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