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Cedarcide has been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years. We make an all natural alternative to chemical-based pesticides that’s safe for people, pets and the planet.

At Cedarcide, our values are in our DNA. They direct the way we work, live and play.


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66 thoughts on “Meet Cedarcide

    1. I’ve personally used Best Yet when my son had head lice and it worked great. Customers have told us similar stories. However, none of our products have been approved by the FDA to treat head lice.

  1. Does it kill the American, brown-banded, field, German, Oriental, Surinam, Turkestan, etc. cockroaches? I have a seasonal springtail attack in the bathtub/bathroom. We use a carpet drier to dry up the area & this help a bunch but we don’t want to see the at all. Also, hot to apply for termites? Dig or drill the earth near foundation & apply?

    We live in the SW Valley near Phx, AZ & were infested one time with Oriental & American. I believe they came when I purchased discontinued leather sofa’s… 15 pieces that were stored in their warehouse for God knows how long. Then I noticed them around everywhere outside & in stores they were spraying for them (saw some already dead). Basically, I moved to a roach/termite happy state.

    1. Any response? A rental home is near a home infested with german roaches, how will it work on preventing them or worse case how to get rid of them if they visit & decide to stay?

      1. The best way to ward off an infestation is to treat not only inside your home, but the outside. I recommend using PCO to treat your yard surrounding your home, and also using cedarcide original to spray inside where bugs could hide or gain access. Worst case, if you do get infested, fogging with cedarcide original will help you with a full eradication. Thank you for the question.

    1. It is when used as directed. We recommend applying CedarCide Original to cats by first spraying your hands then rubbing them to avoid overtreating.

    1. You can safely use DAS on a cat daily. The fur does not need to be very saturated so spraying the cat 2-3 times and then rubbing its fur should be enough.

    1. CedarCide Original Biting Insect Spray is our most popular product for dogs. TickShield is a stronger product that may be more appropriate if your dog spends a lot of time outside, but the CedarCide Original is better if your dog is sensitive. Feel free to give us a call!

  2. I just got a little information on “Cedarcide” and would like a bit more data pertaining to my needs, not just general stuff. We live in central Texas where it is dry and HOT, I have come to loathe some of the natives to our area, i.e. Roly Poly bugs (pill bugs, seed bugs etc.) can your product eliminate, eradicate or reduce their population? (bazillions)…mosquitoes, bee, fleas and other ‘biters’, how well does Cedarcide work on them? Last but certainly not least, eww, snakes? What I’ve seen so far are what we up north call garder snakes, I think, kinda brownish grey or dirt colored backside with a tan to yellowish belly, 8-12 inches long, thin, creepy, ugly and unwelcome. (you know..snakes). Can Cedarcide make these disappear? Please?
    I’m not looking to go into the poor house trying to make my environment pest free. I’ve deduced from other comments and remarks that your product is costly. Being a disabled vet doesn’t leave me much play money month to month. I also see that folks have had issues with customer service. To me that right there is a deal breaker. I insist on dealing with friendly, smart, loyal companies and in turn give you a friendly, smart loyal customer.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lorri Sprague

    1. CedarCide used to be located in the Houston, TX area and now we’re outside of Dallas, TX. So our products work well in the Texas heat because that’s where they were developed. Please give us a call at (800) 842-1464 and we’ll help you out.

  3. I have used Best Yet (now called CedarCide) for a couple of years now for fleas and ticks and I won’t use anything else!!! It takes a little more effort than the once a month spot treatments but in my opinion is well worth it. I don’t like putting that poison on my dogs!!!! During flea and tick season, I spray my dogs before going to places where I know they could come in contact with fleas or ticks. I haven’t seen a flea or tick on them since! And it does wonders for their coats!! I also use it to kill stink bugs. It kills them dead before they have a chance to stink you!!! Works on ants, too!! THANKFULLY, I have not had a chance to try it on bed bugs, but I have no doubt it will kill them deader than a door nail! I’ve sprayed it on walls, clothing, leather, wood, lampshades, carpet, my paver patio and a LOT of other things. It absolutely does not stain or leave an oily residue. I bought a gallon a couple of years ago and still have about ¼ left. Time to order another!!!

  4. Is this safe to use around chickens? I want to spray this in my barn and I have younger chickens in there.

      1. Im curious about this also. Chickens are not mammals so I still dont know the answer. Is there any danger to using any of the cedarcide products in an area where chickens free range and are likely to come into contact with it and possibly eat grass or bugs that may have cedarcide product on them?

        1. Ingesting a small amount of cedar oil is not going to harm the chickens. By the time that the PCO is diluted and spread around, there is not enough cedar oil to cause harm.

          1. What about the cedar fumes? I have read that cedar fumes can be very damaging to the chickens’ respiratory systems.
            How long might cedar fumes remain in a coop after spraying PCO for mites?

          2. You wouldn’t want to spray the coop with the chickens in the coop. However, once you have sprayed the PCO the fumes will dissipate quickly because it is an outdoor area with plenty of open air flowing through. I think you can expect the coop to smell like cedar for a couple of hours, but it won’t be at a level that is harmful to your chickens.

  5. What is best to use for ants in house. Also, what is best to use for horses and cows to fend off nats and flies

    1. CedarCide Original Biting Insect Spray is best for ants in the house. I spray it on my doorframes and windows and that solves the problem. For horses and cows, check out PHL. It’s designed to go into baths for large animals. CedarCide Original will work on them as well if you want a direct spray.

  6. I am trying to keep deer from eating our outdoor plants. Do you have any product that deter deer from eating up our plants? (Maryland)

    Thank you,

  7. Why are mosquitoes still alive and well after spraying two days ago?
    I wish you had the application data on your site, easier for me to access/read now.
    I had this done last October, spraying the yard/deck for fleas and mosquitoes using PCO
    and had to have it done again by my yard guy using his sprayer. He said he was surprised how little the hose applicator bottle you sent used.
    I am a disabled, elderly, low income female. I need to know the most economical and thorough way to apply this product so I can advise my new handyman who sprayed the other day. I believe the PCO qt bottle was full or almost full and now it is empty. I have a small yard and deck, maybe max 2000 sq ft. I live in a mobile home. I think there is some water pooling under the deck from the hose bib and my handyman will look for leaks. I have had under the home sprayed before especially for fleas and believe varmints were living under there before I moved in leaving lots of fleas. I do not have domestic animals but we have LOTS of squirrels. I live in the great Pacific NW. We are having an unusually hot/dry summer. But I have this problem every year with mosquitoes, some years no fleas, but usually fleas as well. I am afraid to step out on the deck. They love me and I am allergic. They are biting through my heavy knit clothing. One just flew in the house when I opened the door. It looked like an animal of unknown origin wrapped itself in the small rug I have by the back door after the rug was sprayed. Smart!

    Too much info here, please tell me the most economical and effective solution of PCO to use for my yard/deck.

    Thank you. Judith

    1. Howdy Judith,
      The correct ratio of of PCO concentrate is, 8oz of PCO concentrate to 1 gallon of water. The hose end sprayer takes 4oz of PCO concentrate to 22oz of water. That should fill the 26oz sprayer.One quart of PCO concentrate will make 16, fully mixed, hose end sprayers. One sprayer full should cover 1/8 acre or 5,445 sq feet. For a yard your size you should get about 2.5 treatments per one full hose end sprayer. Hopefully that information is easier to understand. Please let us know if you have any further questions
      Thanks, Sarah

  8. Could you please tell me exactly how you recommend applying CedarCide Original to dogs and how you recommend treating the inside of a house to get rid of fleas?

    1. Here’s a link to our video that shows how to use CedarCide Original on dogs: We don’t have a video for treating the inside of the house, but the general idea is to spray in a few key places: where the fleas are (to kill them), where the dog often lies down such as a couch or their bed, and anywhere you think that fleas may get into the house like doorways and windows. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 842-1464 if you would like a more detailed answer.

  9. We found 3 snakes just this past weekend. We have 2 dogs that run in and out of the house.
    Do you have a product that will keep the snakes away yet not harm my fur-babies?
    If so, specifically which product and how is it used? And will it work on other pest such as mosquitos or do I need another product for that?

    Also, I was told that this product can be purchased in Spring, TX near Old Town Spring, but I’m not sure of the name of business or address. And is this still true?

    1. Use PCO or Yardsafe (ready to use PCO) to treat your yard and keep snakes out. You can also use our cedar mulch granules in addition to add to your residual. Both are totally safe for your pups and non-furry family members. Our products will help repel snakes as well as biting insects including mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, etc.. We are no longer in Spring, TX we are in Lewisville, TX near Dallas.

  10. It is great to find you again. You disappeared after whatever happened in Spring. I could never decipher what was going on with the product and then I could not tell who was selling what…. I am glad to have found you again. We are finally ready to get another quart of product. Lasts a long time. Is the product sold on Amazon yours or is that a knock off that is NOT yours?

    And how does this do for bed bugs??? They are going around in Texas.

    Thank You.

    1. Our product is sold on Amazon, so it’s probably our product that you’re looking at. Our product works very well on bed bugs, and we even have independent lab tests to show it.

  11. Used this on my dogs and it works great for ticks .I have had a problem with ticks the last 3 years when we walk them on the trails and we haven’t had one tick since we started using this product last fall . I recommend to everyone and thanks for a product that says and does what it proclaims . Our dogs thank you also .
    Thank you;
    Rick and Nancy Manion

    1. Cedarcide Original is effective against body lice like scabies and is safe to use on human skin as well as all around your home, including bedding and other upholstered furniture. Thank you for the question and hope you find fast relief.

    1. Tickshield is not recommended for small dogs. Use Cedarcide Original for dogs less than 15 or so lbs. Otherwise Tickshield is great for people of all ages and sizes and for larger dogs. Thanks!

  12. Can I use the product by pouring it into the fogmaster jr? Am trying to rid my house of biting mites. Thank you in advance for a speedy reply 🙂

  13. Can I use the tickshield on my yard and wooded lot? If so, what is the best way to apply? We are in Massachusetts and ticks are beyond belief. Our lovely fur baby was recently diagnosed with Lyme and is currently undergoing treatment but I cannot bring myself to use chemicals. Advice? Thanks

    1. Tickshield is made for use on human skin and clothing to repel insects. It is not a plant safe product. To treat your yard and wooded lot choose PCO Choice. It is plant safe and will help kill and repel ticks and many other non-beneficial insects. Thanks!

  14. I have a small dog, 20 lbs. I want to treat her so she does not get ticks on her walks.
    What do you recommend and do you ship to Ontario, Canada?

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