Scorpion Kit

Scorpion Control Kit

Keep away scorpions with this combination of Best Yet and PCO Choice. Tools included.

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Seeing a scorpion in your yard, garage or home can cause an unsettling feeling, especially if you have young children or pets. Scorpions occur in a variety of habitats and scorpion sightings are becoming more commons as our developments stretch into the urban/wild land fringe.

Getting rid of scorpions takes a comprehensive approach. The first thing is to minimize the places that scorpions like to congregate, namely piles of debris, stacks of wood or other areas where scorpions can crawl in and hide. If you need to store these kinds of things, move them as far away from you house and foundation as possible. Then, do a walk around of your home and look for any cracks or holes in the exterior walls. These could be potential entry points for scorpions and other nuisance pets. Caulk up these cracks to reduce entry points to your home.

Next is the application of our cedar oil products. This kit comes with one quart of Scorpion Shield and one gallon of Scorpion Defense.

Scorpion Defense is a concentrated product that can be diluted by using our hose end sprayer, which is included as part of this kit. It is EPA classified as a “minimal risk pesticide” and is safe to use near children and pets. It kills and deters nuisance pests, including scorpions, but will not harm beneficial insects like lady bugs, butterflies and geckos.

For the interior of your residence, to get rid of scorpions and to keep them from coming back you will want to use Scorpion Shield. This kit comes with one gallon of Scorpion Shield and a hand-pump atomizer to impart a fine mist in your home.

If you want a natural and safe solution to rid your home of scorpions, our Scorpion Control kit of Scorpion Defense and Scorpion Shield should be your first choice. Scorpion Defense and Scorpion Shield are formulated with Texas cedar oil, a natural pesticide that is safe for children and pets.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive approach to getting rid of scorpions
  • Natural and green products formulated from red cedar oil
  • Safe for humans, pets and the environment
  • Fresh cedar scent

Product Information

  • Kit contains:
    • 1 quart Scorpion Defense
    • Hose end sprayer (to apply Scorpion Defense)
    • 1 Gallon Scorpion Shield
    • Hand pump atomizer (to apply Scorpion Shield)
    • Spray Bottle for diluting product
    • Use instructions
Weight15 lbs
Dimensions10 x 11 x 15 in


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