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CedarShield Deck Dock Fence – Wood Treatment

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The ultimate in wood preservation. CedarShield both repels insects and extracts the moisture from wood, forming leaving you with a harder, more resistant, insect-free fence or deck.

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Product Description

CedarShield Deck, Dock, and Fence is a high quality 100% non toxic and green product that stabilizes and seals exterior wood. It’s perfect for protecting a variety of wooden structures including decks, docks, fences, log structures, outdoor furniture, equine centers and any other wooden or bamboo construction. Don’t let your beautiful wooden structures deteriorate and become a victim of harsh weather conditions, apply CedarShield to stabilize and seal the wood.

CedarShield is a one-application product and provides excellent wood preservation. It penetrates the wood and works to treat old and new wood.  It stabilizes cedar, redwood, pine, fir and bamboo. CedarShield works by displacing free water from the fiber of the wood. Once this free water is stabilized the wood is moisture free which eliminates expansion, contraction and warping.  It will also stops decay and rot in existing structures.

Application can be done a variety of ways, including compression spray, air or airless paint gun, brushes and rollers.  Once CedarShield is applied and dries you can then use water or oil based paints. You only need to apply CedarShield once, no repeat applications are needed like typical stains and sealers.

A great feature about this product is that it is all natural and non-toxic. It is safe around children, pets and the environment. Don’t subject your family to harsh chemical sealers and wood treatments that can also leach into the environment. Instead, choose a quality non-toxic product like CedarShield.

CedarShield is available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. For deck and dock application, we recommend you apply one gallon on product per 100 square feet of surface. For fences and thinner materials, apply one gallon per 200 square feet.

If you are ready to stop rot and damage of existing wood or give a protective boost to your new wooden structure, order CedarShield today. Sizes are available from one gallon up to a 55 gallon drum.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects and stabilizes cedar, redwood, pine, fir and bamboo
  • Only need to apply once
  • Treat pre- or post-construction
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment

Product Information

  • Safe and non-toxic  wood sealing and stabilization solution
  • Size available from one gallon to 55 gallon drum
  • Apply one gallon per 100 square feet for decks and docks
  • Apply one gallon per 200 square feet for fences and thinner wood

CedarShield is our new look for Turner’s Choice, but don’t worry it’s still the same great formula.  CedarShield and Turner’s Choice are the same product.

Additional Information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 10 x 11 x 15 cm

1 Gallon, Case of 4 Gallons, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for CedarShield Deck Dock Fence – Wood Treatment

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very glad to have found Cedar Shield. I used to try to preserve wood as an old child with paint and varnish, but much as I usually like painting and varnishing and am usually good at it, it was not satisfactory. The paint or varnish constantly peels off and you have to reapply it or the wooden structure will rot away. Reapplying this conventional finish is a lot of work what with the preparation, and that is the hard and time consuming part which must be gone through before the easy, fun part of applying. So much easier to be able to apply Cedar Shield and then apply paint or varnish later if desired. And Cedar Shield works better for preservation as well. So this product means less work, better preservation. In addition, paints and varnishes may not stop rot that has already started, they only (at least hopefully) prevent rot, whereas Cedar Shield can do that. So good rot stopper if rot has already started. And this product is also has a very nice cedar smell.
    As a university student, I discovered “Lifetime wood treatment” that comes as a powder you mix with water, and I was pleased to see that as a solution too, but that can only be applied to bare wood, so it’s useless for any wood with any type of coating on it. So finally also a lifetime wood treatment that can even penetrate existing coatings, as half the time or more I have to deal with wood that is painted or varnished already.
    Me and my mother’s carpenters not this past but last spring were also glad to be able to use it, because they say they’ve seen conventional end cut preservatives, and those are toxic and are green in colour and so don’t even look good, let alone the smell and the impact on our health and the environment. They were very glad to be able to use something that preserves the end cuts but doesn’t show and is non-toxic. When they strengthened and extended our fence, I also sprayed some on a wedge that they put in the ground to strengthen the fence. Since the wedge was not pressure treated wood, we had the perfect solution on hand!
    Handy that I was able to spray it on our fence and shed and preserve them better than paint while only having to do washing and rinsing for preparation, no scraping or sanding. It was handy to be able to spray it on my client’s porch railings as well. And I’ll be able to use it to preserve their fence for any slats I don’t replace as well as for the posts and beams, which I’m sure are for the most part fine right now, but if not treated, may well rot sooner or later.
    After having used it, I’ll never look back!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    One of the biggest things that sells me on cedarshield is that it penetrates existing coatings. There are other non-toxic wood preservatives, but that’s the only one I’ve found that penetrates coatings. That’s very useful, as generally half the wood in existence is painted, stained, or varnished, yet needs rot protection. In that case, cedarshield is the perfect answer. If moisture can start getting through paint after like a year, causing decay to start setting in, then why not use that penetrating ability to apply cedarshield as well, which will preserve the wood. On a little piece of wood whose paint was coming off and so I applied cedarshield, some more paint came off, wow! This is not a problem, this is a good thing, as this would make paint, stain, and varnish preparation easier by shaking loose potentially loose paint. And yet any paint that is still truly sound and so doesn’t need to come off will stay on after the treatment.

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