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“I have used several products to kill bed bugs in my house but all of them weren’t of any use. It was then my friend recommended this organic bed bug spray, which did wonders in a few days. My family has a peaceful sleep every night”

Andy Stephen

CedarCide’s Products for Bed Bug Control

Hiring a professional to treat your home for bed bugs is very expensive and unfortunately not always effective.  Doing it yourself is less costly and our 100% organic products are not only safe for you and your family, but laboratory tested to be 100% effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs. It’s easy to do too!

Proven To Work by an Independent Lab

i2L Research USA, Inc., located in Baltimore, MD, tested the efficacy of Best Yet on both laboratory bred and wild bed bugs. The findings: 100% of both strains eggs were killed with one application of the cedar oil solution Best Yet! Click here for the full report.

Bed Bug Kit - Apartment

Apartment Bed Bug Kit

Bed Bug Kit - Home

Home Bed Bug Kit

Bed Bug Kit - Home

Travel Bed Bug Kit

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